Pavlov’s Democrats

Democrats in the US have been cleverly trained over the past four decades to associate high energy costs and low energy availability, with peace, love and happiness.

That is until it actually happens, and then they get hysterical and blame Republicans for not believing that CO2 is the ultimate power of the universe.

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2 Responses to Pavlov’s Democrats

  1. kbray in california says:

    Speaking of Pavlov’s dogs:

    The number of teeth in a Bulldog should be restricted to 7.
    Any amount over 7 is considered “deadly”.

    “The (baby) sea lion later died.”

    • miked1947 says:

      If he can not properly control a Pit Bull he should not be allowed to own weapons! That incident showed a lack of judgement of Kelly’s part. He should not have let his 18 YO try to handle that type of animal in public!
      Now we can expect defenders of the “American Bull Dog”! I owed one and was around a few as other member of my family owned them. I know they can be gentle. But I will not trust one as they are difficult to control. Obedience training only helps under “Normal” conditions.They should have been fined for not maintaining control of the animal!

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