Obama Planning To Make It A Felony To Download NOAA Temperature Data

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was passed in 1984 to combat the cracking of huge computer systems owned by financial institutions and the government. Nearly 30 years and seven amendments later, the law is regarded by many lawyers and academics as overly “expansive” and “sweeping,” as it lets the government incarcerate “any Internet user they want,” according to former federal prosecutor Orin Kerr.

CFAA would make it a felony to “lie about your age on an online dating profile if you intended to contact someone online and ask them personal questions,” or if you violate the terms of service on a government website.

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act 2013: New CFAA Draft Aims To Expand, Not Reform, The ‘Worst Law In Technology’

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3 Responses to Obama Planning To Make It A Felony To Download NOAA Temperature Data

  1. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Fair’s fair. Let’s force the spineless House of Representatives to apply the same rules to him for uploading a fake birth certificate, along with hiding his other unconstitutional secrets. Clinton got himself impeached for lying about a blow job. This clown’s trying to blow up our country.


  2. gator69 says:

    A felony to download felonious records?

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