Try Standing On Your Head

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24 Responses to Try Standing On Your Head

  1. darwin says:

    It’s amazing how the left ignores Antarctic sea ice.

  2. Bob722 says:

    “It’s amazing how the left ignores Antarctic sea ice.” That’s cause it’s just “An Inconvenient Truth”, better left ignored

    • Not ignored:
      1) global SIE is decreasing
      2) the Antarctic SI is less important than the Arctic to the ice-albedo feedback
      3) Manabe et al predicted slowly increasing Antarctic SIE:, page 795.

      • Chewer says:

        GCM #8 and the simulation were a great seller and ended up with a hefty grant (s).
        No where in that paper did they conclude or predict anything we see today!

      • John B., M.D. says:

        What is the dollar cost to the U.S. per degree Celsius of AGW averted if we adopt the green energy policies of the political left? Can you at least give an order of magnitude estimate, please? I opine that it is more cost effective to only spend taxpayer money on R&D but no subsidies of current expensive green energy tech.

      • Ben says:

        RE: David Appell – “Manabe et al predicted slowly increasing Antarctic SIE:”

        Most climate models predicted reduced Antarctic sea ice. That’s the beauty of modern science, no matter your need of the day, there is a paper out there, just for you, to be cited.

        If Antarctic sea ice extent had been decreasing, you would be citing the IPCC models.

        Both sides, David, both sides…

  3. Sundance says:

    I miss Mort Downey Jr.

  4. gator69 says:

    I just finished watching Stossel’s ‘Green Tyranny’ from last night and OMG Gavin came off as such a weasel! Spencer had to physically remove himself from the set for Schmidthead to even walk on camera. Gavin then gave his talking points (dismissing any solar influence whatsoever) in rapid nervous staccato. Stossel then warmly asked Schmidthead if he would care to stay on set as he invited Dr Spencer to return and say a word. Wormtongue beat a hasty and discourteous retreat.

    This is why they hate being questioned, they all have fatal tells.

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      They should have had Morano hiding in the shadows. Gavin would have wet hisself.

    • Gavin on Twitter: “Note that the musical chairs routine was their plan, not mine.”

      • John B., M.D. says:

        Schmidt made it clear on-air he did not want to be on the set with Spencer. I can understand that if Spencer were a blogger without scientific background, but he is a scientist. It is really too bad we could not have witnessed a decent dialog between the two.

      • Streetcred says:

        … and was that a consequence of Dr Schmidt refusing to be ‘onstage’ with Dr Spencer as is reported ?

      • Otter says:

        Not according to Stossel. Pretty sure we know which one is Lying.

      • gator69 says:

        Schmidthead’s stupid and childish behavior spoke volumes shout his lack of character and ethics. The true weasel self to came through loud, ugly and clear. An adult would have handled it better. Schmidthead showed the true colors of the alarmo-grantologist, red and yellow, he made Wormtongue look like Superman.

        Spencer, on the other hand, came across as gracious, knowledgable, and credible. He calmly (without stuttering and sweating like Schmidthead) explained that the Earth is not going to kill us. He explained that a little warming and greening of the planet is not the end of life as we know it, and in the process showed Schmidthead to be a chicken little tyrant wannabe.

        Musical chairs! 😆

      • Me says:

        Gator, do ya have a vid link to that, I’d like to see it, since I missed it.

      • gator69 says:

        Hey Me! I recorded it on my DVR. I don’t see it on YouTube yet, not sure if FOX Business has it, if you have video on demand you may find it there. But it is must see TV! It reminded me of the Kennedy vs Nixon debate, only ‘Nixon’ was stuttering and lying too! 😆

  5. Actually the annual max Antarctic SIE peaked in 2006, at 19.36 Mkm2. It’s been lower every year since.

    Which is a little worrisome, since Manabe predicted increasing Antarctic SIE (at this stage of the game).

    • Chewer says:

      In the 80’s some of the new folks to climatology leaned toward:
      The planet’s climate eventually reaches a heated point that the excess moisture uptake from the oceans leads to a massive shift of the tropopause & mesopause (squeezing the stratosphere) leading to upper atmospheric cooling, hence larger snowfall events and an end to the inter-glacial.
      Could they have been correct?

    • Chewer says:

      We should be addressing the 10,000 X drier than the Sahara area (Mesosphere) and the winds/circulation drafts along with approximately 64,000 dispensable RTD probes distributed around the ocean floors.
      Some atmospheric chemists and atmospheric researchers separate the spheres above from the thermosphere and magnetosphere, which is great in a lab, but unrealistic in planetary studies, especially when you remove the magnetosphere, as gravity has no effect and from molecular to atomic matter are all effected differently depending on concentrations. Circulation and particle mixing are not understood at any level, yet you say the science is settled???

    • Chewer says:

      Resistive thermal device.
      I’m all for funding good science and gaining temperature insight to the ocean floors and -1 to -5M throughout the surface, would be excellent data points.

    • Ben says:

      RE: David Appell – “Which is a little worrisome, since Manabe predicted increasing Antarctic SIE (at this stage of the game).”

      Great, now you can jump Manabe’s ship and cite the IPCC models again. There will always be support for your position, whatever that position may be.

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