NPR Bashes The EPA

I was listening to NPR yesterday, and they were discussing the EPA’s push to 15+% ethanol gasoline. It was their usual style hit piece, pushing an agenda while pretending to be neutral and objective.

The gist of the discussion was that EPA is pushing 15+% ethanol fuels at a time when no one (other than corn producers) wants them, and that they can potentially damage your car.


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14 Responses to NPR Bashes The EPA

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Democrats propose $10,000 fine for gun owners who don’t have insurance

    Read more:

  2. gator69 says:

    I got my fill of NPR years ago when a girlfriend had that on her radio nonstop, except for when she played the soundtrack from the ‘Lion King’. There are only so many segments of elephants playing ‘music’, and tinny street sounds under the depressed tones of some pre-suicidal marxist that one sane human can take. And don’t get me started on ‘Diane Rehm’.

    If Hell has radio, it is NPR.

    • Justa Joe says:

      Donk operative Nina Totenberg is the worst.

      Anyway I’m surprized that NPR deviated from the Administration’s party line.

    • Fred from Canuckistan says:

      you should listen to our CBC, the Canadian Broadcorping Castration.

      Then you would know how painful hell really is.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        All the State run “radio” franchises have become that way. No private business would support that Communist shit in a million years, so the Government has to do it.

      • gator69 says:

        “you should listen to our CBC…”

        Isn’t that the ‘The Red Green Show’? 😉

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    I’m rather worried about that 15% mandate. I don’t want that crap in my car. But I live near a reservation, and I can get 100% gas there….tho there would likely be a line. Hopefully, the law will be implemented in places like NY, DC first, so the libs can get a taste of their own medicine.

  4. Me says:

    I hear that ethanol will make all the seals and gaskets brittle and prone to leaks so it means you will be looking for an engine overhaul sooner or later down the line when ethanol becomes common at the pumps, unless you have a vehicle that is already ethanol compliant.

  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    Where are they going to get the additional ethanol. EPA has set limits to corn ethanol, and despite mandates for cellulose ethanol, about 1/2% of all ethanol is made this way (to a huge financial loss). Six years ago additional ethanol was imported from Brazil mostly, until the corn growers could catch up, now there is no more catching up to do.

    EPA makes laws to use things that don’t exist, and fines people for not using them.

    The day that Communist NPR “bashes” an Obama EPA is the day I die. EPA is a shit hole to throw an economy into

  6. Wyguy says:

    The covernment must be subsidizing the E85 as I saw yesterday it was priced 30 cents lower than unleaded gas. Although it may still not be so economical as your mileage will suffer as well as your engine.

  7. Andy DC says:

    The price of ethanol will mirror the price of corn. A hot, dry July would send it thru the roof.

  8. John B., M.D. says:

    Even Al Gore doesn’t support ethanol subsidies.

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