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Still Waiting For My Big Oil Check

Billionaire pledges to “destroy” climate skeptics – Salon.com To date, this blog has generated exactly $0.00 or $0.00 (Canadian.) I have high hopes that the rumored big oil check is coming in soon.

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Gaia Granted His Wish

In January, this guy in Wisconsin wanted winter. Jan. 17, 2013 Where, oh where, has our winter gone? I blame Mother Nature and Republicans. Think about it. Mother Nature has decided that she wants to warm up the earth and … Continue reading

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Choosing Not To Be Victims

There is absolutely no reason why a few individuals with box cutters should be able to start  multiple wars. There is absolutely no reason why children should be intentionally left defenseless inside a school. Armed pilots and armed security at schools should … Continue reading

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Obama Hoping That The Other 53% Are Stupid Too

In his new book, At the Brink, economist and author John R. Lott Jr., assesses the presidency of Barack Obama and recalls conversations regarding gun laws they had while working at the University of Chicago. In Chapter Three, Mr. Lott discusses gun-control … Continue reading

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Arctic Forgot To Read The NSIDC Report

The experts at NSIDC told us that Arctic sea ice has been melting since March 15, but the Arctic seems to have different ideas, and is very close to it’s winter maximum and 30 year mean. COI | Centre for … Continue reading

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Sea Level Experts Use That New Kind Of Water

Joe Romm tells us that sea level rise rates have tripled since the start of 2011! 2013_rel2: Global Mean Sea Level Time Series (seasonal signals removed) | CU Sea Level Research Group The sea level experts are using that new … Continue reading

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US Surrounded By Dimwitted Politicians

Climate experts Trenberth, Obama and Bloomberg told us after Sandy that global warming had heated up the oceans around the US, which is why almost all of North America is surrounded by unusually cold water. sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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Antarctic Ice – Worse Than It Seems

Not only are they idiots, but they are shooting themselves in the foot. Ocean warming may be a major driver of sea-ice expansion in the Antarctic, researchers report today in Nature Geoscience Global warming expands Antarctic sea ice : Nature … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain For The Permanent Drought

Climate experts have been telling us that they expect worsening drought for the US this spring, but GAIA seems to have different plans. sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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Team Huddle Time!

In their desperation, alarmists continue to destroy the basis of their junk science theory. During the past couple of weeks they declared that global warming produces increasing northern hemisphere snow extent, and now increasing southern hemisphere sea ice extent. Both … Continue reading

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