Team Huddle Time!

In their desperation, alarmists continue to destroy the basis of their junk science theory.

During the past couple of weeks they declared that global warming produces increasing northern hemisphere snow extent, and now increasing southern hemisphere sea ice extent.

Both of these would be strong negative feedbacks, which undermine the basis of Hansen’s theory.


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11 Responses to Team Huddle Time!

  1. tckev says:

    Yes, yet more dangerous hubris and b*||$%!t for the sheeple.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Next Hansen announcement will be something like –
    “A new type of global warming Tsunami is thought to be caused by extreme wind speeds across the ocean which are caused by CO2, experts say. “It’s nothing to do with plate tectonics. Melting ice caps also increase the speed of the tsunami through the water since fresh water is less dense” said climate scientists. Global Warming caused Tsunamis could reach as far as Wyoming.”

    Moronic yes but not more so than the latest gumpf hitting the MSM this week.

  3. oldfossil says:

    The essence of a sound scientific theory is that its predictions are borne out by subsequent experience.

    The Theory of Damfool Alarmists confidently predicts that no matter what the weather does, the alarmists will say that this is what their models predicted.

  4. All you need to get a paper published in this field is to pick a data set or two, write a computer model (excel spreadsheet will do) and leap to some fanciful conclusion. Just tie it back into AGW theory somehow.

  5. gator69 says:

    Hansen now claims that increased CO2 in the atmosphere is countering the effects of increased CO2 in the atmosphere. It causes increased greening of the planet, and the added biomass is absorbing the hot/cold molecule.


  6. Laurence Clark Crossen says:

    It is global cooling that causes more extreme fluctuations in temperature, because a colder earth has a steeper temperature gradient from pole to equator. Global warming reduces seasonality.

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