It’s The People, Stupid

I was playing poker at a friend’s house tonight. His girlfriend was watching a Toronto news channel, and commented “it seems like there is a shooting every night.” Then they had a story about a brutal knife murder.

It is extremely difficult to obtain a legal handgun in Ontario, but that seems to have no effect on criminals.

Apparently criminals don’t obey the law – an elementary concept which Democrats seem to be incapable of comprehending.


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7 Responses to It’s The People, Stupid

  1. Me says:

    Yeah but if they make one more law, they know the criminals will stop and obey them err something! 😆

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Connecticut has a new gun law. Let’s see how well it stops those criminals out there.
    I’m sure they will all just up and move to Chicago, where it’s much safer for them. :DD

  3. Jean-Paul says:

    “Apparently criminals don’t obey the law – an elementary concept which Democrats seem to be incapable of comprehending.” Maybe because politicians are criminals themselves?

  4. David says:

    They dont care about the murders by gunfire honestly. This is a control issue of the mass populace plain and simple. You can’t screw most of the people most of the time if they are armed to the teeth. They have selectively brainwashed a portion of the population to believe they are helpless. Now they want to make the remaining holdouts be that way. We are in the final stages of a full blown financial collapse, face it sheep are easier to heed

  5. Gamecock says:

    The idea that you can reduce crime by limiting access to firearms in a nation with 300,000,000 firearms is ludicrous. Access control laws are just harassment of the people, and have nothing to do with crime. Saying they are interested in reducing “gun crime” is just chatter to get you to accept further erosion of your rights.

    The Libtards don’t want us to have guns. Period. That is their goal. It doesn’t matter what law is created now, they will continue to work toward their goal. Give up some rights now, and they’ll come after more rights after the next crisis they can exploit. They have had success with this incremental approach in years past, but it was stopped years ago, once the NRA et al realized what was going on.

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