No Sea Level Rise In California For Half A Century

One year ago, government funded climate experts told us to expect a massive rise in sea level in California by 2030.

April 20, 2012

In the 20th century, the sea level rose on average 8 inches along California’s coastline, research by Climate Central and others shows.

Middle-of-the-road expectations are that it will rise 6 to 8 more inches by 2030, 12 inches by 2050 and 24 inches by 2070.

By 2100, it could be 3 to 5 feet higher, said Gary Griggs, director of the Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz.

As Earth Day nears, Calif. worries about rising sea levels | The Republic

The experts didn’t bother to do any research before they published. If they did, they would know that sea level isn’t rising in California.

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Data and Station Information for PORT SAN LUIS


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4 Responses to No Sea Level Rise In California For Half A Century

  1. Windy says:

    New study lowers ‘upper bound’ of SLR from the Antarctic to 5 inches by 2100 suggesting previous estimates were too high.

    About 5 weeks ago Andy Revkin published a DE article that Greenland ice melt was no longer a concern because new evidence from the Eemian period indicated that Greenland was very resilient to melt even when the temperature averaged 14.4 degrees warmer than today. Revkin ended his article by saying we need to focus concern on Antarctica. Well, now we have major scientists indicating that previous Antartica melt estimates were overstated. We’ll see if Revkin follows up with this new Antarctic study but SLR uncertainty is declining and the increasing certainty is lowering the levels of year 2100 SLR from previous values that were far too alarming.

  2. Andy DC says:

    The amount of non-change is worse than we thought! Yes, worse for aspiring climate scientists looking for funding.

  3. miked1947 says:

    It is all being caused by GIA! The ocean floor s sinking faster that anyone thought and they did not include GIA in their parameters! The water weighs more than they first thought! 😉

  4. Brian G Valentine says:

    My kid lives not far from San Luis. I don’t know how she and her family can take Kim Jong Brown’s police state, I couldn’t take it.

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