Record Cold Coming To Alaska This Week

ScreenHunter_23 Apr. 04 23.21

Weather Forecast Barrow, AK | Barrow Weather | Wunderground


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3 Responses to Record Cold Coming To Alaska This Week

  1. Otter says:

    Had a bit of a thought this morning, recalling your chart showing satellite date pre-1979, for Arctic Ice…

    The coldest point of the previous cooling phase, was 1963? If I recall rightly. Yet the chart seems to indicate that Arctic ice was climbing (albeit, Rapidly) only from the end of the 60s. Of course we can’t know for sure what the cap looked like in 1963. But I have to wonder: just how long Is the cycle? We’re at a low right now, could it take until the depths of the incoming cooling phase, before it returns to ‘normal’? (recall that the previous phase of cooling began in the 40s)

    If that is the case, the AGW crowd will be screaming about low ice for another decade at least.

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