Second Coldest March In North Dakota Since The 19th Century

Only March of 1951 was colder than March of 2013 in North Dakota.

ScreenHunter_96 Apr. 07 10.13


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5 Responses to Second Coldest March In North Dakota Since The 19th Century

  1. Andy DC says:

    Another chart showing no significant warming since at least the 1930’s. Why has David Appell and company been unable to produce charts away from the UHI without adjustments that show catastrophic warming?

    The extent of cold during March was amazing, North Dakota all the way down to Florida.
    Same with most of Europe.

  2. Mark Luhman says:

    Good thing I moved to Arizona, yet today I am in North Dakota, it was a nice day in Williston today fifties” but being in North Dakota it normal weather is if you like the weather just wait a minute it will change, it 36 right now and for tomorrow it is snow and high of 27. I would rather put up with the chilly day at home ( Mesa, AZ) tomorrow it will only have a high of 78. Yet I have spend 55 winters on the northern plains so tomorrow weather is expected.

  3. Old Oiler says:

    Hmm, drilling Earth surface for oil shales – what a new US energetic miracle – has no, absolutely no environmental and climatic influence. Good morning you with Bakken formation and its methane under feet!

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