Shock News : Colorado Pine Trees Can’t Exist Without Fire

During his State of The Union address, President Obama promised to end forest fires in Colorado.

Lodgepole Pine

The Pinus contorta as a species is a very dependent on fire as a mode of replacing itself. The bark of the lodgepole pine is fairly thin, minimizing the defense the tree has to fire. The stands are so densely populated that the trees self thin, or out compete, each other leaving dead trees in the stand. These dead trees become a dry ladder fuel to accelerate the fire to the crown of the tree. When the fire reaches the crowns of the trees, it can jump from tree to tree and becomes relatively unstoppable. These stand-replacing fires open the cones, releasing the seeds, and are what most species of lodgepole pine rely on to be able to regenerate.

Lodgepole Pine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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4 Responses to Shock News : Colorado Pine Trees Can’t Exist Without Fire

  1. darwin says:

    Liberals, being the ignorant misinformed people they are naturally believe Obama will wave his hand and stop fires in Colorado.

    These same people also believe CO2 is a pollutant, the economy is doing great, Obama has created trillions of jobs, business is something evil that must be wiped out, and destroying the 2nd Amendment will lead to socialist utopia where everyone loves everyone.

  2. gator69 says:

    Fire ‘management’ ruined many tall grass prairies. They are now called “forests”.

  3. Duby says:

    This is the same way Redwoods renew the forest also–they need fire!!

  4. Mike says:

    Great news for environuts. If they can stop the fires in the name of environmentalism, the trees go into decline, a new environut job group is funded to save them and bobs your uncle, more funding for fraudulent environmentalists.

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