Obama Steals Another $10 Million From American Children, For Fleabag Solar

A Pittsburgh, Pa. solar energy company has shut its doors four years after receiving nearly $10.2 million in tax credits from the Obama Administration as part of the as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

Flabeg Solar U.S. Corp., a $30 million solar plant located near the Pittsburgh International Airport, opened its doors in 2009 and was said to provide 300 jobs. Now, just four years later, the plant has shut down and laid off more than 60 workers. In addition to this, 10 of its former employees have petitioned a federal judge for severance pay after they lost their jobs last month, according to PA Independent.

Another Solar Company Can’t Take The Heat, Closes Despite $10 Million In Stimulus | CNS News Mobile

Hundreds of schools could have hired security guards with that money.


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2 Responses to Obama Steals Another $10 Million From American Children, For Fleabag Solar

  1. Pathway says:

    And Fisker laid off most of its workforce.

  2. Justa Joe says:

    Well at least the Big Donk contributors got their golden parachutes. What else is tax payer money for?

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