Shock News : Sea Level Rise Slowing Since 1940

In 1980, climate alarmists said that sea level had increased at 3mm/year from 1940 to 1980.

ScreenHunter_108 Apr. 08 05.04

Relative sea levels from tide-gauge records

Since 1992, they say that sea level is rising at 2.9 mm/year.

ScreenHunter_109 Apr. 08 05.05

MSL_Serie_MERGED_Global_IB_RWT_NoGIA_Adjust.png (1024×680)

Hansen says that CO2 was at very safe levels in 1940.

If there were any actual scientists working on global warming, they would conclude that man made CO2 has no effect on sea level.


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2 Responses to Shock News : Sea Level Rise Slowing Since 1940

  1. Ben says:


    Tis a pity you can’t splice the Envisat fraud on the end of that graph. Alas, there is only one Mann who is right for the job.

  2. Alex says:

    And if you knew anything about science, you would know what significant figures are. I understand that “significant figures” may be a hard subject for the author, so I’ll explain it so a 5 year old can understand: Your an idiot and know nothing about how the universe works so do us all favor and stop writing about what you don’t understand.

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