NSIDC Says That The Arctic Has Been Melting Since March 15

Which is why the ice has continued to thicken at the same rate it was prior to March 15.

ScreenHunter_158 Apr. 09 10.47



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7 Responses to NSIDC Says That The Arctic Has Been Melting Since March 15

  1. Andy DC says:

    Ice not thick enough for polar bear ice skating. They are doomed!

  2. Brian D says:

    And the ice will continue to thicken until May/June. Archives bear that out. No pun intended Andy. LOL

  3. omnologos says:

    Does anybody know if the ice in the Baltic is included in the totals for the Arctic?

  4. joe from Australia says:

    Yes omnologos,i wonder if they have??Certain ones are complaining about it

  5. T.O.O. says:

    The link you posted says very clearly that the data is provisional. Making sweeping pronouncements on provisional data is a bit like asking the bookie to pay you out before the game is finished.

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