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1635 Hurricane Brought A 21 Foot Storm Surge And 130 MPH Winds

The winds whipped up to 130 mph, snapping pine trees like pick-up sticks and blowing houses into oblivion. A surge of water, 21 feet high at its crest, engulfing victims as they desperately scurried for higher ground. The merciless storm, … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel Powered Early Spring Devastation Arrives In Colorado

Weather Forecast Fort Collins, CO | Fort Collins Weather | Wunderground

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Dems Politely Request A Cover Up Of Their Plans To Confiscate Guns

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Climate Scum Speaks With Forked Tounge

Sea ice loss makes it warmer February 20, 2013 Arctic Sea Ice Loss: It’s Worse Than We Thought Loss of Arctic sea ice is significant because it can contribute to positive feedback mechanisms that can accelerate global warming even further. … Continue reading

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Time For A Team Huddle

Trenberth says the heat has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Hansen says that Chinese aerosols stole the heat. Other imbeciles say that missing ice is causing all the cold and snow. The bottom line is that global warming … Continue reading

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US Navy Shows Twice As Much Ice As PIOMAS

PIOMAS (a key metric for climate alarmists) says that the average Arctic sea ice thickness is about 1.5 metres. The US Navy shows that the entire Arctic Basin has 2-5 metre thick ice.   arcticictn_nowcast_anim30d.gif (740×666)

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10:1 Ratio Of Record Lows To Record Highs

HAMweather: Record Events for The Past 7 Days

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Unprecedented Cold In North Dakota

Temperatures in North Dakota this April are blowing away all cold records, with no relief in sight for the next week.   10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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Hope And Change Comes To America

Kansas City homeless city: Group found living underground and in crude camps | Mail Online h/t to Dave G

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Understanding Obama Dis-Solutions

America needs low cost energy. He could accomplish this by simply signing off on the Keystone Pipeline. Instead, he wants to massively raise fuel prices and pour money into green energy scams. America needs safe schools. He could accomplish this by … Continue reading

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