Messi Ties His Shoes!

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5 Responses to Messi Ties His Shoes!

  1. 🙂

    He did make the goal. Did you get a ticket for Sunday? Nor me 🙂

  2. Mells, a little village just outside Frome, where we’ve been for some time. Country boy now – love it. A place to grow old in, a garden big enough for some veg, some chooks and some garden, a 15th century pub 2 minutes down the road, and fantastic dog walks all around (we have two, and I take dogs in).

    Hope to hit the pub for the semi. Good win for your guys tonight. I’ll be watching Spurs in a mo. My son-in-law is a Spurs supporter, and hopes to brainwash their two year old boy, but I’m already teaching him Blue Moon 🙂 And my 6 month old granddaughter has her first City kit 🙂 I was born up Manchester way in a rugby playing family, but only ever wanted to go watch City. Grandpa a United fan from their Newton Heath days. Good times again. I love it.

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