Thing Of The Past Kills 5,000 In The UK

ScreenHunter_244 Apr. 11 17.38

5,000 lives believed to have been lost due to bitter March | Metro News


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9 Responses to Thing Of The Past Kills 5,000 In The UK

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Headline should read – CARBON TAX KILLS 5000 IN UK!
    Here in Australia, pensioners are starving or eating dogfood because their power bills are so high because of the stupid carbon tax. No-one knows how many have died due to their standard of living plummeting. And the ALP , who introduced it, say they are the party for the workers and disadvantaged!!! Absolute crap. They’re a bunch of union hacks and blood sucking lawyers.

  2. I assume this was front page news on the Guardian.

  3. Mike says:

    Environuts and heartless green politicians see these deaths as a good thing, less money being spent by government on the elderly means more money for environmental crack pots and new age science. More debauchery for ExcelPhil and Slingherhook.

  4. tckev says:

    The Bias Broadcasting Comrades (aka BBC) has a most interesting propaganda post on their Newspeak website –

    Apparently it is supposed to be a teaching aid…

  5. ArndB says:

    „The Met Office is calling a meeting of top scientists to look at the “urgent” question of whether the warming of the Arctic is affecting UK weather.”
    If MetOff what to talk about the cold March and April 2013, a look at NS & Baltic SST, far below average :
    ___e.g. 31. March
    ___e.g. 11. April
    ___ today (direct link) :

    may explain a lot to Met Office, and may even force them to consider human input, as the cold from Siberia, which Stefan Rahmstorf (28/29 March 2013) assumes, is not well founded, discussed here: ;
    And the ITV/UK report here:

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