April 10 Global Sea Ice Area 8th Highest On Record

Climate experts tell us that the poles are melting down, which is why global sea ice area is eighth highest on record for the date.

ScreenHunter_259 Apr. 12 07.29



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8 Responses to April 10 Global Sea Ice Area 8th Highest On Record

  1. Andy DC says:

    Just like as July snowfall is the most important snowfall, so is September sea ice. The alarmists set the rules, so it must be so. Everyone knows July snowfall in Dallas is all important to the well being of the planet. (sarc). Just as lack of ice is in the Arctic during September, once the sun sets.

  2. Peter Simonsen says:

    If all the ice in Greenland and Antartica melted the seas would rise by 3 feet. do the math.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    April Good News Story: Polar Bears are Ecstatic! Spring is late in the Arctic this year and they will get an extra month to fatten up on seals and whales for the lean summer ahead. Our carbon taxes are producing unbelievable results.

    • Chewer says:

      They thrive best with open pockets in the ice, and have a bit of a wait this year.
      140 days till the sun stops heating again and the ice returns, all to the detriment of the raging ass wipe warmers…

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