World On The Brink Of Nuclear War : Obama Fully Focused On Destroying The Bill Of Rights

Is there some reason why Obama isn’t being impeached? He is not working for America.

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47 Responses to World On The Brink Of Nuclear War : Obama Fully Focused On Destroying The Bill Of Rights

  1. A little alarmist perhaps?

  2. Luke of the D says:

    I agree Mr. Goddard. What the hell is going on? I am a conservative… by definition, that means I don’t like waste (I recycle if it is economic and ride my bike/walk when I can), I like the freedom to do what I want (within limits, of course, but I cannot stand others wanting to tell me what to do), I like making my own decisions (I am responsible), I believe in God (but am not bothered if someone else does not nor how someone else wants to worship), I own many guns and lots of ammo (and do not care if you do or not), I believe in science (but also believe that a hypothesis is only so good as the data), I believe in being prepared for any unexpected event (call me a “pepper” if you feel the need to label), I am against murder/abortion (as every human being should be) but I believe in self defense and the freedom to do what you want with your own body (tattoos, breast implants, sex change, sterilization… why should I care as long as I don’t have to pay for it?), I am for the Constitution of these United States (as every patriot should be)… but why do I feel that the elected officials in our government are working against me at every turn? Why does it seem that I am on the wrong side of the argument, when based on what I said above is so obviously not a “hostile” or “extreme” viewpoint? What is so “extremist” about being conservative?

    • Luke of the D says:

      I realize that was sort of a tangent rant, sorry about that. Yes, the whole Chosun deal is very strange and seems very alarming… I have see those who we call North Koreans blather and bluff before, they are good at it… but openly and repeatedly threaten nuclear war??? Something is different this time… so why don’t the politicians seem to be worried?

      • miked1947 says:

        Their “Dear Leader” is little more than a child! A child will throw a tantrum if he does not get his way! That makes him very dangerous! Our Dear Leader is a spoiled teenager that is going to throw a tantrum if he does not get his way!
        We should be concerned!

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    Barry’s party thinks destruction will be good for the country. We have too much. If they Nuke the US, hopefully they will choose DC.

  4. Raindog says:

    The same reason that Bush Jr. wasn’t impeached. Both parties are in cahoots moving the US towards the same goal from different sides of the coin.

  5. nzrobin says:

    The world has gone wrong. On choices: Where we are being told its ok to choose to kill our unborn baby, but we can’t choose a big soda drink or the freedom of a salt shaker on the table, you have to make a special request for shake of salt. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

  6. North Korea is capable of fighting a nuclear war in the same way Saddam Hussein was capable of invading the United States. A better metaphor would be a bug about to be squashed. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent lives would be lost during the squashing process.

  7. Pathway says:

    Our foolish Sec of State and Dept of Defense are running around saying the the NK’s can’t put a nuke on a missile. Seems like someone once said that the Japanese couldn’t make a torpedo run shallow enough to hit our battleships at Pearl Harbor.

    We are in the hands of complete incompetents.

  8. Chewer says:

    This appears to be a choreographed display with help from Mao’s ancestors and our administration as a sweet distraction from the ailments infecting our country now.
    The two or more leaders will avert disaster with publicized extraordinary efforts, showing the greatness of our dear leaders.
    This crap even has Cheney bought and paid for…

  9. George B says:

    Is there some reason why Obama isnโ€™t being impeached?

    Impeachment requires the House to act as the Grand Jury and produce an indictment and for the Senate to act as the jury and try the case. The Senate would never vote to convict so there is no reason for the House to bring charges. Of what charge would Obama be convicted? Impeachment isn’t a recall election, it is a criminal trial.

    • Weird. I thought treason and destroying the Bill of Rights would be an impeachable offense, but apparently not as serious as getting a blow job.

      • Chewer says:

        I’d add to that, he’s systematically destroying the economy and the U.S.A. as a nation.
        Remember, not long ago Spain was our model to a sustainable and green economy and they were leading the world on the right course!
        The past 11 recessions showed GDP increases in 12 quarters of 15% and this baby has averaged 7% and our media keeps telling us we’re gaining with more work to do.
        With Europe on the verge of massive monetary collapse, the world currency reserve (U.S. dollar) has no chance of holding up the world economy, and that is the goal!

      • George B says:

        Yeah, that was pretty ironic. Newt Gingrich bringing charges against Bill Clinton for fooling around with an intern while he himself was fooling around with an intern. The charge, though, was perjury. As for treason, there would need to be a specific treasonous incident. Do you have one in mind? And as for “trampling the bill of rights”, I think that bill of rights has plenty of Congressional footprints on it, too. I don’t like Obama and I believe history will eventually come to see him as the worst President ever, but “because I don’t like you” isn’t enough for impeachment. There needs to be a specific criminal charge and the Senate has to be willing to convict.

      • Another moron determined to change the subject.

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        I’ll be the first to admit that getting a blow job isn’t an impeachable offense (as long as it’s not from Hillary). Lying to Congress, for whatever reason, is a different issue altogether.

      • suyts says:

        George, that’s not what happened. Quit lying. Clinton was impeached because he lied to congress. It was quite a precedent.

      • And apparently Arlen “one bullet theory” Specter, who by his last-minute senate vote got Clinton “off” of the impeachment charge by referring to “Scottish Law” (I thought this was America), would have happily retired before becoming a stand-up comedian, and further embarrassing himself. They all blow.

  10. What is Obama supposed to be doing? Steve, what would you be doing if you were president?

  11. Chuck L says:

    I can’t think of a single thing that Obama has done well, as President. We have had some terrible Presidents but never one where ideology trumps everything and all else, including the wealth and security of the United States

  12. stephen says:

    The funny thing is if this fool in Korea does go to war then the western governments wil be handing out guns and marching us of to fight another war.

    • Ivan says:

      This is all a bit of well-rehearsed kabuki theatre for the masses.
      Once Kim Num-Nuts gets his usual multi-billion dollar payoff, both Dear Leaders will take an appreciable jump in their respective popularity stakes.
      I wouldn’t be taking any of it too seriously.

  13. Robertv says:

    Both Dear Leaders are on the same side in trampling their fellow countrymen. They both love control and will both use this event to achieve even more dictatorial power. Yes We The People are at War but our enemies are our Dear Leaders (like always) For them we are just useless eaters. Ones they don’t need us as a workforce or as test animals we will be exterminated to a controllable number.

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