Censored By Huff Po Again

ScreenHunter_279 Apr. 13 09.17

Sen. Bernie Sanders: The ‘Hoax’

Posting NOAA and EPA data is apparently against their TOU

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4 Responses to Censored By Huff Po Again

  1. Wyguy says:

    Oh please, you don’t want to confuse them with the facts, heresy!

  2. tckev says:

    I believe they have TOI not TOU.
    That is Terms Of Ignorance.

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    They said I was mean, and if I continued to tell people things they didn’t want to understand, that my email at AOL would be revoked. And now they’re always trying to get personal info out of me. So I have many email addresses. Another one that makes an unflattering reference to the Goracle ran into trouble right away. SWAT should be at my house any day now.

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