Hansen : Sea Level To Rise 50 mm Per Year

Mar 16th, 2007

In an interview on Australian ABC Television program, The 7.30 Report, James Hansen, a prominent NASA climatologist, predicted the liklihood that the earth will pass a tipping point resulting in Sea Level Rise of up to a metre every 20 years.

NASA Climatologist Predicts Disastrous Sea Level Rise : Indybay

I love how progressives make heroes out of complete morons.

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5 Responses to Hansen : Sea Level To Rise 50 mm Per Year

  1. Bruce says:

    Our ABC government broadcaster is to the left of the BBC and PBS especially when it comes to all things Green. It often snipes at the current Federal Government from the left, which is fun since the current government is the most left wing we have had in our history, or at very least since Whitlam.

    Since they have been burning bridges with the right of the Aussie political spectrum, it’ll be interesting to see what if anything happens to their funding after the upcoming election. Maybe they hope the ALP will be re-elected.

  2. SMS says:

    As I’ve learned in the past reading about the melting of the Greenland ice sheet that it will take at least 3000 years’ assuming the planet heats at the rate assumed by Hansens scenario A. That works out to about 2 mm/year. Expansion could add some. Of the 3 mm we currently experience, Pielke Sr. suggests that almost half of that is bore water extraction.

    We could build some more dams and reservoirs to slow the rise in the oceans. Pump water from the Mississippi back into the Ogalala. Sound stupid? Not as stupid as what Hansen is suggesting. My suggestion is far less costly than what Hansen wants to do and won’t kill millions/billions of people.

    Hansen is a nutter who has invested his entire reputation into the AGW scare. He can’t back out now. He would be dishonored. Lose face. He has to continue with the sham until he dies.

    You would think that as an astrophysicist he would understand the Scientific Principle. Not Hansen. He is Homer Simpson having a bad day.

  3. And, any impartial reporter would have kept one eye on the sea level chart (http://sealevel.colorado.edu/files/2011_rel4/sl_ns_global.png), and seen that the projected 50mm per year rise hasn’t happened.

    According to the referenced chart, their average in 2007 was about 33mm above “normal” (their zero) – and by Mar 16th, 2008 should have been about 83mm above “normal”.

    Maybe the reporter can pull his head out and go back and ask “Ex-NASA Scientist” James Hansen what the h*ll happened?

    Talk about a divergence – projected sea levels are about 300mm below the observations.

    The models and projections are ok, but the readings from the sea level gauges are biased low.

  4. gator69 says:

    “I love how progressives make heroes out of complete morons.”

    It’s all they have to work with.

  5. Hansen said that the ice was melting at a rate of 150 cubic kilometers per year. That sounds about right to me. Can any of you disagree?

    Of course he might have mentioned that the ice “Inventory” is roughly 3.2 million cubic kilomenters so it would take over 20,000 years for it all to melt at the present rate, raising the sea level by 60 meters or ~300 mm/century. Three mm per year? That sounds vaguely familiar…..see .

    So how does Hansen justify his “Forecast” of 50 mm/year, almost 17 times greater than what is observed and what the present rate of melting implies? My guess is that he is smoking some really powerful stuff.

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