The Dirty Little Secret In The Arctic

From 1988 until a few years ago, a lot of multi-year ice was getting transported into the North Atlantic during the winter. This caused a large drop in the thickness of the ice.

What they don’t want to talk about is that this pattern has reversed. The amount of multi-year ice is increasing since 2008, and during this past winter almost all of it moved west towards the Beaufort Sea, where it will slow summer melt.

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7 Responses to The Dirty Little Secret In The Arctic

  1. Andy DC says:

    The thick ice is tucked away, safe and sound. But it still not safe from alarmist lies and bogus readings.

  2. Crashex says:

    The HYCOM plots indicate a pattern of movement over the next week that will compress the ice pack in the Beaufort Sea between the MYI and the North America coast. Watch as the new ice in the recent publicized “cracks” form pressure ridges of thick ice several weeks before temperatures in that area get low enough to start any melt. Marvel at how the average ice thickness continues to increase through April.

    This shift started in January, with a strong gyre moving it away from the Fram strait. I’m predicting another uptick in MYI this year since transport out Fram should be limited.

  3. TomC says:

    An even dirtier secret…

    The strongly +AO pattern responsible for the ice transport out of the arctic from 1988-96 was the new regime due to global warming. So global warming was the culprit behind the years of unusually +AO and the conclusion was:

    “The old regime may not be regained until there
    is either a prolonged cooling period or a prolonged
    period of very negative AO index and positive PDO
    index that can once again build the reservoir of thick
    ridged ice through strengthening the circulation of the
    Beaufort gyre. The gradually increasing winter air tem-
    peratures may reflect a global warming signal that will
    preclude a return to the old regime.

    So almost ten years ago +AO was the new arctic regime and the global warming signal was going to preclude a return to the old regime (-AO). Fast forward to today and now -AO is the result of global warming.

  4. TomC says:

    And here’s another, written by one of our favorite climate scientists – Heidi Cullen.


    “Over the last 3 decades, the phase of the NAO has been shifting from mostly negative to mostly positive index values. Much remains to be learned about the mechanisms that produce such low frequency changes in the North Atlantic climate, but it seems increasingly likely that human activities are playing a significant role.”

    From the body of this study:

    “The proposed response to increased greenhouse gas
    concentrations through forcing from warmer tropical SSTs (27)
    or a strengthened stratospheric vortex (28) implies, however, that
    the positive index phase might continue.”

    Today she runs a website promoting -AO/NAO is due to global warming.

  5. TomC says:

    It’s entirely likely these two scientific gems are part of the thousands of papers which agree with global warming being human-caused talking point – – even though they have dichotomous conclusions to the more recent studies of -AO being the cause of global warming but the same attribution: humans.

    These people are simply misanthropic.

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