He’s Doing It “For The Kids”

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“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation. ”

-Mein Kampf,

One thing Obama absolutely will not do is discuss school security. That would actually protect the children, and Obama would then lose his political pawns.

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8 Responses to He’s Doing It “For The Kids”

  1. Eric Barnes says:

    I think it’s more like he’s doing it to the kids.

    • Me says:

      It seems to be the central focus of being surrounded with the innocent when bad things happen, apparently, just saying!

      • He is always bolting for, and grabbing, the moral high ground–but he can only do it by lying blatantly, through his teeth, and refusing to acknowledge the deeper truth of a situation (and you can usually bet the deeper truth will mostly just show him to be the liar-in-chief).

  2. People are starting to use the “Saddam Hussein used kids as a human shield, too” idea.

    “…Republican Congressman Steve Stockman, who is threatening to have President Barack Obama impeached over his use of executive orders to curb gun violence, last night compared the President to Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator known for using children as human shields to protect him, and who was responsible for hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizen deaths…”

    Jan 16th, 2013, interview on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren – Greta was not amused.

    “…STOCKMAN: If he thinks his bills are good, his law is good, then he should go through Congress, not just issue it. He’s not a king.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, we’ll find out tomorrow whether or not he’s going to do executive orders or whether or not he may ultimately seek to work with Congress on something.

    STOCKMAN: He’s even using children. It reminds me of Saddam Hussein when he used kids.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Uh, well that’s a little bit of a stretch, but anyway, Congressman, always nice to see you…”

  3. LLAP says:

    “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state. The state will take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing. Your child belongs to us already..what are you?”
    – Adolf Hitler

  4. nzrobin says:

    Unless the kid has not been born yet.

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