Government Scientists At Work!

A retired nuclear physicist tinkering with his homemade electric fence ignited the wildfire that roared through half of Lory State Park, forcing hundreds from their homes west of Fort Collins.

The spark that started the 1,348-acre Galena Fire in March leapt from an 18-inch PVC pipe with two wires coming out. The device was one of many do-it-yourself projects keeping George Rinker occupied in retirement. Some had led to unintended results or scared neighbors, but nothing compared to this mistake.

Home electric project gone awry spawned 1,348-acre Galena Fire | The Coloradoan |

We should definitely let brilliant government scientists do large scale tampering with the earth’s atmosphere.


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2 Responses to Government Scientists At Work!

  1. Ben says:

    “I am what I am,” Rinker said. “I don’t think I’m any more dangerous than the average pot smoker.”

    Ahh, the slippery slope of relativism. This fire wasn’t his first rodeo. I wonder what comparison he used the first time.

    “I am what I am,” Rinker said. “I don’t think I’m any more dangerous than the average Big Gulp drinker.”

  2. Andy DC says:

    At the time, they blamed the fire on “exceptional drought” caused “climate change”. Instead it was a mad scientist at work. Maybe the environmentalist wacko crowd has set more than one fire. They are just fanatical enough to do stuff like that.

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