Obama Vs. The NRA

The NRA has proposed that security guards be put in schools – which would have lowered the Sandy Hook death count to zero (or worst case one shooter.)

Obama has proposed that magazine sizes be limited, which would have given six year olds two seconds to charge Adam Lanza after the first 15 were killed. Obama’s approach would have saved zero lives.

According to the press, Obama’s approach (save zero lives) is the moral high ground – and the NRA (save 29 lives) is evil.


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3 Responses to Obama Vs. The NRA

  1. john says:

    yeah arm everybody teachers school bus drivers school crossing guards EVERYBODY

  2. kirkmyers says:

    As most of us are well aware, the bans on “assault weapons” and high-capacity clips are simply window dressing. What the gun-grabbers really want is gun confiscation. The Senate will take a big step in that direction, over mounting opposition, if it passes a law requiring “universal background checks.” Despite claims to the contrary, universal gun registration will be used to create a national registry of gun owners.

    The next step will be for the government to unleash its DHS goons in response to some sort of “national emergency.” (For example, widespread civil unrest caused by the collapse of the dollar.) The government can then declare martial law and send its armed jackboots door to door to confiscate all registered guns. Once we’re disarmed, the rest of our constitutional freedoms will be worthless.

    Gun confiscation is the goal of all totalitarian police states.

  3. This latest “gun control” bill will meet serious opposition, especially from Illinois – a “rights denied” state. Doesn’t allow any law-abiding citizen the right to carry, doesn’t issue CC permits, doesn’t recognize other state’s permits. Of course, that may change: “…Illinois is the only state without such a provision – but its long-standing ban on concealed weapons was recently overturned in a federal appeals court, on constitutional grounds, so that Illinois will be required to draft a concealed carry law by May 2013 (which may be appealed in the U.S. Supreme Court)…”

    If the new federal law includes language that demands that all states recognize other state’s CC permits, expect a howl from Dick Durbin (D-IL, up for election in 2014). Might be interesting, as the other senator is Mark Kirk (R-IL, up for election in 2016).

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