Alabama.Com Confirms Bomb Training Exercise In Boston

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While there is no confirmation yet on whether the blasts were the result of a terrorist attack, Stevenson said something he saw before the race was unusual.

“At the starting line this morning, they had bomb sniffing dogs and the bomb squad out there,” he said. “They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise.”

He added, “I’ve run a lot of races like this one, but I never saw bomb dogs at the starting line of any running event. It led me to believe that something like (a bomb detonation) might have happened.”

Boston Marathon explosion: University of Mobile coach offers first-hand reports from scene |


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11 Responses to Alabama.Com Confirms Bomb Training Exercise In Boston

  1. Chewer says:

    Shirley a coincidence:)

  2. Dave N says:

    Seems like they might have had a rumour of an imminent attack, and didn’t want to alarm anyone. Did they find the bombs that were not detonated before, or after the others did?

  3. Ivan says:

    The same people who “accidentally” shot down TWA-800 are probably out “practising” again.

    • ChrisV says:

      This is a travesty that the government wasn’t held responsible for the obvious coverup and lies about the TWA-800 incident. I live on Long Island and was out fishing in the area that night and saw things first hand. I know what I saw and heard! I am convinced It WAS a missile that shot down the plane. All the government had to do was admit to making an accidental tragic mistake and while that wouldn’t make most people any feel better it would at least given closure to the families that lost loved ones. I for one will NEVER believe what the government says again about almost anything!

      • Ivan says:

        I for one will NEVER believe what the government says again about almost anything!
        I would say that if you left out the “almost” you’d be pretty much there.
        No sane person would ever believe anything they heard from any government on issues like this.

  4. ozspeaksup says:

    odd the dogs didnt then FIND the explosives,
    low to ground in bins…dog nose level

    • Edmonton Al says:

      It said that the dogs were at the starting line. The bombs were at the finish line.
      I am quite sure, but not absolutely sure.

  5. GeologyJim says:

    “Nothing to see here – – move along folks”

    And it was sheer coincidence that Dept Homeland Security was conducting a “training exercise” near Newtown CT the very day that Adam Lanza (and possibly one or more guys in DHS camo disappearing into the woods) just happened to light up the school house with 4 pistols – or an “assault-style” rifle that he didn’t possess. Just a coincidence that the Sandy Hook officials just happened to include an anomalous number of Screen Actors Guild card-holders, who just happened to be able to switch from jocularity to tearless sadness when they thought the news cameras were on.

    Just a coincidence – really.

  6. mogur2013 says:

    Really? Bush blew the towers, TWA 800 was a military error, Newtown was a governmental anti-gun slaughter of innocents, and the marathon was a government plot to…. what?…. what exactly would the government want to take away from you? Pressure cookers? Ball bearings? Cell phones? How about evil people do evil things. Simple as that. We need to fight evil doers, not imagine that Bush or Obama are killing innocents for political gain. Get a life.

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