Time To Put This Scam To Bed

On December 7, NRDC declared that skiing in Utah is a thing of the past. Note the arrival of the early spring at Alta.

ScreenHunter_18 Apr. 16 21.50


It is time to put this scam to bed. The game is over.

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7 Responses to Time To Put This Scam To Bed

  1. Chewer says:

    And put the scammers to bed with fellow cell mate big bad black 6′-9″ Gyro Jerry.
    I’ll send them the preparationH to aid with those aching hemorrhoids.

  2. phodges says:

    here in the eastern sierra….just drove home in a whiteout, 21f.

    typical spring weather 😉

  3. George B says:

    Joe Bastardi says possibly unprecedented snow for this late in the season coming to the Western and Northern plains.


  4. Game over? You’re kidding Steve. Elrich is still receiving academic acclaim and still makes it on the chat show circuit to celebrate all his predictions of doom that never came to pass.

  5. MikeTheDenier says:

    And time to put this scam to bed too!!!

    Texas Soldier Arrested for ‘Rudely Displaying’ Weapon


  6. Andy DC says:

    Minot, North Dakota is averaging 15 degrees below normal for April. That is after places in ND averaged up to 15 degrees below normal for March. I wonder if that is a record anomaly for such a long period. It certainly is very rare. All totally consistent with a warming planet and a few missing ice cubes last September. (sarc.)

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