Bombing Suspect Photo Released

Do you know who this man  is, and what countries he says he was born in?

ScreenHunter_05 Apr. 18 16.02

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14 Responses to Bombing Suspect Photo Released

  1. Dave N says:

    He looks very suspicious.. I hope they bring him in for questioning.

  2. kbray in california says:

    Give him a little water board. He’ll crack.

  3. mogur2013 says:

    Water board the president, that is the hallmark of a democracy. What is it about a free election that you ‘patriots’ hate so much?

  4. Israel Davis says:

    The MSM is at again via the FBI – unfuckingbelievable! A dark-skinned 17 Y/O high school kid and his friend misidentified as the bombers. Now these boys and their families will live in (justified) fear for who knows how long. Welcome to Amerika! Sorry, I try to stay above all the crazy stuff that goes on in this country, but this shit gets to me. Next time it could very well be any one of us.

    Love and sleep tight knowing your guvmnt is awake!


    • Mike says:

      oops. Sorry. Looks one of ’em died in shootout with cops. probably an entry on the ‘religion of peace’ table. go figger!

  5. phodges says:

    LOL. nice.

  6. Mike Mangan says:

    Bombing suspect wearing a Che Guvera shirt…

    Of course, he’s a lefty and I’m guessing not a Mormon or Lutheran or anything…

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