Lefties Desperately Hiding Their Guilt

  • We protect our valuables by placing them in banks with guns
  • We protect our courthouses with guns
  • We protect our country with guns
  • We protect our congressmen and president with guns
  • We protect our courthouses with guns
  • We protect our cities and borders with guns
  • We protect sporting events and airports with guns
  • Congress and the White House protect their children’s schools with guns

But they insist that every one else protect their children with signs that say “Gun Free Zone” – and when trouble occurs tell them to call people with guns who are 20 minutes away.

They tell us that Lanza killed everyone in a couple minutes, and they tell us that the police took 20 minutes to get there. Their solution is to slow shooters down by a couple of seconds by limiting magazine sizes. That accomplishes nothing. By contrast,  a security guard in the school would have saved all the children.

Then these same left wing scumbags who demanded that children be left unprotected, use their murder as an excuse to make children even more vulnerable. We need security guards in schools. Children are our most valuable possession.

Tell progressives that you are mad as hell, and you aren’t going to take their overt sabotage of America, or murder of America’s children any more.

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51 Responses to Lefties Desperately Hiding Their Guilt

  1. Luke of the D says:

    Well Mr. Goddard, I for one will protect my home and my family… with or without the consent of my representatives. After all, they represent me and not the other way around. My God-given right to defend myself shall not be infringed. It is spelled out quite clearly as a limitation to all Government levels of these United States – my rights as a citizen under God shall not be infringed. Not by the executive branch, nor by legislative branch, nor by court, nor the State, nor by sword or spear. I simply won’t allow them to take my right to defend myself. And if that means I am a fugitive in their eyes, so be it. I will not submit to tyranny.

  2. kirkmyers says:

    We won the first skirmish against the fascist gun-grabbers, but the battle will continue. They won’t give up until all our guns are confiscated. That is their ultimate goal — total disarmament of private citizens. Then it will be easy for Big Brother to control us, and any defenseless citizen who protests will be subject to imprisonment without charge (thanks to provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act) and hauled off to the nearest FEMA camp. Protecting our Second Amendment right to bear arms is one of our most important responsibilities as free citizens. It is our last line of defense against government tyranny.

  3. I. Lou Minotti says:

    An absolutely and unimpeachably truthful post, Steve–but for one small point. They don’t even want to protect sporting events anymore. They now use them to instill fear in Americans through false-flag events, using either drugged-up stooges seeking central command approval for their miserable lives, or willing Islamic operatives. Both profiles fit those all-the-more willing to do the dirty work. I suggest your readers digest everything at Infowars.com published since the 15th, and then connect the dots–beginning with this one, which basically says “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I am the Great Wizard of Oz.”


    • Brad says:

      You bring up Infowars. Do you believe, as Alex Jones, that the US Government is behind 911?

      • I remember thinking on 9/11 that Bush’ reaction to the news was incomprehensible. He didn’t get upset, and kept reading to schoolchildren.

        One would think that he would have excused himself and gone off to manage the situation.

      • Brad says:

        Damnit Steve.

      • I don’t cling to any pre-conceived notions. I prefer to look at the available facts.

      • Brad says:

        He also didn’t wink, smile or give the thumbs up.

      • That would have ended his presidency

      • Brad says:

        So Steve, do you believe President Bush was part of the planning and execution of 911?

      • I have no idea. I was simply making an observation about his behavior. He did not appear surprised in the least.

        I try to be open minded, and get really pissed off when people start the “black helicopter” wookie defense.

      • Brad says:

        I appreciate that Steve. Now do mean Wookiee or wookie. 🙂

      • Brad says:

        Dang, fat fingers.

      • I recall seeing the President’s response and thinking to myself, the man is doing the sensible thing – waiting for further information while his ‘team’ get the car, the aircraft or whatever ready to take him to his HQ to deal with it. To have dropped everything and run out on the kids would have caused them to think they were in imminent danger – which they weren’t. He was, if my memory serves, some considerable distance from the event as well, and probably his informant would have said something along the lines of, “We’ve ordered up the car and Air Force 1 will be ready in two hours, Mr President.”

        It is what I would have done had I been his aid, and have done when handing my CO some bad news in a situation where he was with members of the public. We both knew we couldn’t make things happen any faster, so chose to act is if everything was ‘normal’ – it would have been very different the moment he stepped into the car or aircraft and could get in direct contact with the people at the front end.

        Methinks too much is made of this by people who have never been in positions of ultimate command, or had to deal with a situation happening a long way away in the knowledge that it is changing even as you are being told, third hand, what is going down, and being aware that there is no point in running to an airport or wherever – because you’ll still have to sit there twiddling thumbs. As we Brits say – an ‘officer’ never runs, and he never shouts. The troops may run, and a NCO may shout, and an officer may speak loudly on occasion, or he may walk faster, but he walks. If the troops see him running, they will panic, if they hear him shouting, they know he’s lost control and will cease to follow him. GWB, for all his faults, had a pretty good military record, and probably followed this pattern.

        There was nothing he could do immediately, so, while the staff prepared things, he read to the children. Sounds pretty sensible to me. Twisting it to ‘prove’ as some do, that the whole thing was a plot by the government is, to me, not even worth serious consideration. These ‘theorists’ are a joy to the Iranian regime who now even post the Photoshopped versions of photographs showing F-16s hitting the Towers and trumpet the ‘truth’ that the American Government is the Great Satan.

        My apologies for going on a bit, but seriously folks, GWB may not have been popular or the greatest President you’ve had, but I think you’re selling him and yourselves a long way short even entertaining these conspiracy theories.

      • So you are saying that GWB couldn’t think or talk on the phone unless there was a car present?

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        Since you brought it up, Brad, I’ll follow your rabbit trail. Yes, I do believe the federales, or one of their politically connected “contractors” (not unlike Craft International or Blackwater), had a direct involvement in 911. But then, you can decide for yourself after watching this video and reading the comment:

        Compare it with this one (and notice the “squibs” which are a tell-tale sign of a controlled implosion) . . .


        . . . and then with this one that gives visual proof of the implosion of Building 7, and which had suffered no immediate damage from the first two towers falling. (Again, take note of the “squibs”) . . .

        After almost 40 years of being involved in the design/build processes of the building trades, commonalities are easy to spot–whether you’re building them, or watching them come down. (And again, take note of the “squibs) . . .

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        The You Tube URL for the first video (so you can read the commentary) is:


      • Brad says:

        Oh boy.

  4. squid2112 says:

    Nailed it Steve!!! .. My wife and myself could not agree with you more! .. Bravo!

  5. Chewer says:

    The 2014 elections will result in a similar decrease in the Democrats ranks, just as Bill Clinton attempted in the 90’s and recently warned the progressives about.

  6. mogur2013 says:

    Obama is false-flag, good one. You guys are so out there that I suppose that you think Bush false-flagged the twin towers, and international bankers have you by the nads. Obama is so far from your paranoid rants that if you think Obama is in the pocket of international banks, I bet that you think his birth certificate is fake. He was groomed in 1964 as a Manchurian candidate. And the international bankers (read, Jewish) knew that in 1964, Obama would be president. Good logic.

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      Hey mog. These blog thingys can get a little disjointed and messy if you don’t try to keep your rants in the proper place. It’s just good blogmanship to reply directly to the post you’re commenting on. (It’s the ‘Reply’ directly under the comment.)

    • you are a nutcase living in an echo chamber in your own head

      Sent from my Virgin Mobile Android-Powered Device

    • Mogu is so busy rubbishing the blog he doesn’t recognize that it’s actually satire. Possibly due to his small brain size. 🙂

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Since I’m the only one that referred to the “false-flag,” I would expect you were answering my post above. Either grow a set and answer directly, or learn how to use the “reply” link supplied at the end of the comment(s) you disagree with. And yes, I believe Obama is using a falsified birth certificate, a falsified Social Security Number, a falsified marriage to whatever you would call the thing he’s “married” to, and that those who’ve granted him his “intellect” (see Pavlov’s Dog) are also keeping his “higher” educational records secret. They’ve merely trained him to speak well, and gave him a few “degrees” in order to keep him quiet. (Do you really think that anyone who truly earned the degree they claim to have worked for could be so stupid that they would never cross the bosses even once?)But if you’ll take immediate notice, I didn’t even mention Obama (but thanks for bringing him up, idiot).

      • Why aren’t you talking about science since you’re insisting this is the only topic others may discuss on this blog?

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        Will, I was responding to an idiot troll who didn’t respond to the topic at hand, which is titled “Lefties Desperately Hiding Their Guilt,” and seems to deal most eloquently with the recently revived social science (always based on truth, right?) of protecting one’s life, family, and property for which he’s worked. That’s basic “science,” and for that simple reason, is the basis for all others. Idiots posting from mommy’s basement–and jealous of what they know they’ll attain to until they get evicted, are fairly representative of those who feel so guilty of their loser lives that they’ll embarrass themselves by posting in a forum like Real Science. They need to “feel good” by anonymously ripping down men. I guess mommy told them to do that, too.

      • You sound 12 years old to me.

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        I’m at a loss of words. 12 years old? GFY–you can surely do better than that, Will.you.are. So, just how are things working out for the Gold Coast idiots who believe they’re living in a free country?

  7. mogur2013 says:

    Is that the same logic that you use to evaluate climate science?

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      And where did you learn your version of climate science? Public school? James “handcuff me, please, I love you” Hansen, McKibben’s 350.org self-flagellation manual, or was it self-taught hiding alone in a shower with that “special” bar of soap?

  8. mogur2013 says:

    Is this science? or is this political ranting?

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Are you a scientist, or just another asshole with an agenda? (Take note, I hit the “reply” button immediately under your latest asinine post, so I could answer you directly).

      • mogur2013 says:

        Take note, I hit the ‘reply’ button, also. That really takes alot of intelligence. Grin, you said nothing, you mean nothing, you are nothing. But you are Lou Minotti. That goes a long ways to say that you are nothing. You want to talk science? Cool, let’s do it.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Let me guess–a kayaker posing as a world-renowned, peer-reviewed “climatologist.”

  9. mogur2013 says:

    A kayaker? Please. Do me an honor and eat your own paddle.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Hey, you talkin’ to me? If so, you missed the “reply” button again, douche. So, let’s talk science, since you obviously enjoy living with the fishes.

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        And since you obviously don’t have an eye for detail, (which makes me believe you have nothing to do about “science”), my name is I. Lou Minotti. Do some research, “scientist,” and you’ll find out where I live (since I’ve published my name and address right here at Real Science). After that, you can grow a set, stop trying to be the Orca of the science blogs, and come and talk “science” with someone obviously more highly skilled, trained, and capable of handling even the most basic things in life like working for a living with their hands, and then dealing with idiots like you who claim to be “scientific,” but are really dumber than a box of welding rods. If the nads just won’t seem to grow, you have everyone’s permission to go back to mommy’s basement.

  10. mogur2013 says:

    You are obviously more ‘scientific’ than I. Why would you go against the consensus, unless you think you are more ‘intelligent’ than the vast majority of climate scientists? You are obviously a great mind, please share.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      You just proved the true existential point of this blog, along with that of CFACT, Climate Depot, Junk Science, Cornwall Alliance, Heartland Institute, EPA Abuse, and an innumerable host of others that believe there are only two things in all of Creation that are not given to “consensus.” The first is theology, and the second is science. They are both immutable, and not given to a vote. The issue most thinking people struggle with is the reconciling of God’s revelation with the evidence He’s left to us to figure out how smart He really is (science and our environment). As to “consensus,” well, let’s just say He’s left that to idiots who live in mommy’s basement who hope that someday they’ll be elected to be the president. Keep your skateboard wheels oiled, idiot.

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        And you’re right–I am more intelligent than you (note I didn’t say “scientific”–I’m sure there exists a vast majority of self-proclaimed “scientists” who are now able to fabricate bombs based only upon the truly scientific expertise of those from the blessed Judeo-Christian West, as opposed to those who’s only educational experiences involve a laptop, a google-search for “let’s-a-maka-da-bomba,” and only after they’ve taken a five-minute break from shaving their camel’s balls in order to weave next year’s afghan blanket). So, you’re right. I have a great mind. And you are an idiot not to be trusted if only because of your writing techniques, skills, and the ideas hidden behind them. I’ve got you figured out pretty quickly.

        As I posted earlier tonight, since you’re such a great scientist and researcher, search this weblog, find out my name and address (which I published freely and openly), and then decide how willing you are to openly debate your leftist ideals in a very friendly setting–my home and business. I’ll even pay your airfare!

        If your “nads” don’t grow so easily (you know, the ones that billions of Western men have owned since the Protestant Reformation and have saved the world from eastern ideals, poverty and pedophilia as a “manly” lifestyle), you can forego this free offer.

  11. mogur2013 says:

    Or, are you simply a simple mind, destined to be here in a simple blog. Regurgitating simple ideas for simple minds. It doesn’t take much to impress the average person, and you have that down, good job.

  12. mogur2013 says:

    Gotta eat dinner, will come back later….

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Don’t choke on one of those chicken bones mom prepared for you.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Waiting, as well, . . . . . . . . . Mr. Mopar 2013. Are you the feminine model for the new Dodge & Dart? . . . or was that your eastern excuse to end the argument you started? (“Oh, I’ve gotta run–mommy has dinner ready”). I’m waiting, too, Mr. Mansuer Manhood ib Al Kaboom. (It’s called the “real science” of manhood–always willing to wait for the response of pusillanimous ingrates who throw the verbal firebombs, but not long enough to wait for them to throw a real one).

  13. gofer says:

    Hey Steve, you didn’t mention the consensus of the “vast majority of climate scientists”. This changes everything. Did anybody else, besides mogur, know about this?

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