North Dakota Obliterating April Cold Records

North Dakota has never had an April which averaged below freezing, but this April is averaging more than 3C below the freezing mark – two-thirds of the way through the month.

ScreenHunter_21 Apr. 19 11.56

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11 Responses to North Dakota Obliterating April Cold Records

  1. philjourdan says:

    This will definitely separate the men from the boys up in those oil fields!

  2. phodges says:

    Haha you might like this one…

    “…I can’t tell you how many applications I saw that were just dripping with white male privelege[sic]. Any of those that I saw basically went straight to the garbage can regardless of how good their qualifactions [sic] were. If I saw an application from a white male that basically was just good test scores, and activities like chess club or math club or what not then it shows me this person is not interested in a diverse environment. Obviously he made no effort in integrating with minorities or to sympathize with them and is counting on male privilege to get in. So that kind of application should get ignored. In their place I admitted a female student. This goes double especially for math/science majors”

  3. squid2112 says:

    Sooooo glad I don’t live there anymore. My wife and I were laughing at a friend of ours the other day (who still lives there), as they were getting snow and we were enjoying 85F weather hitting golf balls in the back yard. I lived in Fargo, ND for 25 years and I can not recall this sort of cold and snow this late in the year, ever. And this includes the incredible winter of ’96-’97 with the “flood of the millenium” occurring that spring of ’97. We had enjoyed a 123+ inch snow accumulation (shattering all records) with blizzards almost every week, sometimes twice a week. And I am not just talking about “snow storms”, I am talking about blizzards. For those of you who have never experienced a “blizzard”, it is where people die in their cars merely blocks away from indoor safety because they are not aware of their relative position and they probably couldn’t get to it even if they knew it was there (building, cover, warmth, whatever). I have walked across Moorhead, MN (neighbor to Fargo) during a full out blizzard (3 foot visibility, they call it zero visibility, where you can barely see your feet) and with -110F windchill, just to see if I could survive (young and stupid, I know, but I did survive!).

    Cheers from cloudy, rainy and cold Nashville, TN (48F on April 19th, frost warnings tonight)

    • DJL says:

      It’s 38F with a light snow falling near Chicago.

    • philjourdan says:

      Keep those damn frost warnings out your way! I already brought out all the plants. The last thing I need is for it to kill the blooms on the Pomegranate tree (yes, we are growing one – in Central Virginia. It is doing well, but it lives in a greenhouse during the winter).

  4. Jimbo says:

    If the graph’s bars were inverted they would call it a sure sign of global warming.

  5. Oops, better break out the “adjustments” . . .

  6. Andy DC says:

    March was also very cold in ND. If you take the period from 3/1 thru 4/20, it must be a record.

  7. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    Right on track for a NOAA press release stating it was the warmest month evah!

  8. Lance says:

    Southern Alberta hasn’t ‘broken’ any records, but spring is sure late here too….

  9. Mike Mangan says:

    I can’t freaking believe this. I’m in the Grand Rapids metro area in western Michigan and our emerald green lawns have just gotten covered with snow. Big, fat, heavy snow. On April 19th. This makes me sick to my stomach. Can you imagine what it would be like after another Pinatubo or two? With a Dalton-like solar minimum coming on?

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