DHS Focused On Veterans And People With Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

Obama has purchased 2,700 tanks, 7,000 fully automatic rifles, and 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for DHS – to protect America from returning veterans and people with Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars.

Meanwhile, they missed this.

ScreenHunter_38 Apr. 20 11.43

Boston latest: ‘Terrorista#1’ is the license plate of the friends of Boston bomber who were arrested along with female | Mail Online


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18 Responses to DHS Focused On Veterans And People With Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

  1. Andy DC says:

    We need to return to the orderly immigration policy that was set up in 1920’s and simply not let people come here that are not part of the process. How many repeats of these awful events do we need before people realize that?

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    Meanwhile, Dear Leader is arming the middle east and preparing for another no win war

    Obama To Sell $10 Billion In Weapons To Israel, Saudi Arabia And The UAE


  3. daveburton says:

    Actually, DHS hasn’t really bought all that stuff. The claim that they’ve bought 2700 tanks is a complete hoax. I don’t know about the rifles, that might be true. Most of the bullets haven’t been bought yet; they are just contracts with options to buy over a half-decade or so, and they are to supply training needs for both DHS/DOJ and ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement):

    That said, it does make sense for cops to keep an eye on cars with Ron Paul bumper stickers, since a disproportionate percentage of the people with Ron Paul stickers are probably smoking things that slow their reaction time and otherwise impair their driving ability.

  4. Scott Scarborough says:

    They are armored personnel carriers. They don’t have a turret and cannon like an Abrams tank. Maybe that is where Daveburton is coming from.

    • Walter Royal says:

      The MRAPs the Marines gave to the DHS have the ability to accept several different turret and weapons combinations. They may not be on the ones in the pictures but it would take less than a day to outfit a vehicle with one.

  5. D$ says:

    DHS should really be named the department for the protection of the Government… The ARMY protects the people

  6. mogur2013 says:

    And let the politicization start….

  7. And with all the ammo the DHS has, real police forces are reduced to playing with “fake” ammo.

    “…RICHMOND (KPIX 5) — A nationwide shortage of ammunition has forced several police departments, including Richmond, to find a backup solution for training rounds. Officers said the solution is just as effective as live ammo, not to mention cheaper.

    “Everybody is fighting for what is seems like a shrinking amount of ammunition out there,” said Lt. Louie Tirona, firearms and tactics instructor for the Richmond Police Department.

    Tirona came up with an idea: using professional-grade Airsoft guns for some of the training.

    “If we get to a situation where we’re low on ammunition, we can do simple drills with Airsoft that would mimic what we would do with live fire,” Tirona said.

    The Airsoft guns used by the department look, feel, and function almost like the real thing. They shoot small plastic pellets that still pack a punch.

    There is also another advantage, according to Tirona. “With Airsoft, its pennies compared to dollars with live ammunition,” he said.

    Tirona is also using laser firearms for scenario training.

    Neighboring Albany is joining Richmond in using Airsoft guns for training.

    “It’s become harder and harder to get the ammunition we need to train our officers on a timely basis,” said Albany Sgt. Dave Bettencourt. “We’re using Airsoft as an affordable option to try to maintain the officers’ skills.”

    Sources told KPIX 5 that El Cerrito, Emeryville and Berkeley are looking for more training ammo, but still have enough for regular patrol duty.

    Officials said with some backorders for ammo stretching up to 12 months, they are not sure when the shortage will end. Other local departments that are training with real ammunition told KPIX 5 they are being cautious not to use too much.

    (Copyright 2013 by CBS San Francisco and Bay City News Service. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)…”

    Sure hope those Airsoft guns don’t use Extended Magazines – no more than 10 plastic bullets are allowed. Also, I wonder if they allowed them to remove the MANDATORY orange tipped barrels – they’re trained NOT to shoot at people carrying guns with orange tips.

    With the number of rounds of ammo that were expended in the Boston area, I wonder if they have any left.

  8. Chewer says:

    The ammo shelves here in Alaska are looking bare and the cost is ridiculous.
    Where O where can I find some 3-1/2″ 10 gauge slugs???

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