Obama Instructs His Cabinet To Punish Americans And Lie About It

Obama has a budget 30% larger than George Bush’s largest budget. He has plenty of money for lavish vacations, F-16s for the Muslim Brotherhood, thousands of tanks, billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of fully automatic rifles – but he has no money to keep Americans safe.

Expect Flight Delays This Weekend, as Furloughs Begins

Published: April 19, 2013

WASHINGTON — Air traffic controller furloughs scheduled to kick in on Sunday could result in flight delays of more than three hours in Atlanta, as well as significant delays in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York-area airports, federal officials said Thursday.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Federal Aviation Administrator Michael Huerta said they have no choice but to cut controller staffing by 10 percent, which will reduce how many planes airports can handle. But a spokeswoman for Airlines for America, a trade association for the airline industry, said the furloughs are unnecessary and airlines are considering suing the government.

Expect Flight Delays This Weekend, as Furloughs Begins | Weather Underground

Obama has instructed his cabinet to hurt Americans – and then to lie about why they are doing it.


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3 Responses to Obama Instructs His Cabinet To Punish Americans And Lie About It

  1. This is only the very latest in a long line of reasons why Obama should be impeached and thrown out of office (and exiled to the third-world country of his choice, to send a signal to the world).

  2. Anthony Bremner says:

    A 30% larger budget with less services might indicate inflation is higher than reported? I know,big surprise there. What happened to the war savings? Of course social welfare costs have risen a lot since nobody in govt’ seems to know how to create jobs. The EPA alone is preventing business from investing in anything that creates C02 now that it is a poison gas! Bernanke is pushing on a string with no results, just giving the dying patient more oxygen is not helping to solve the core problem which is government.

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