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A Tough Year For Northwest Passage Shippers

Thick multi-year ice is now blocking the Northwest Passage. A nightmare for alarmists. arcticictn_nowcast_anim30d.gif (740×666) Thick first-year snow is also blocking my driveway.

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Lefties Create Truth By Declaration

Elliott Negin: Coastal Cities Confront Global Warming-Induced Sea Level Rise There is no reason to believe that man’s activities or global warming have affected sea level. Will my comment be censored – like they usually are? Flooded roller coasters make … Continue reading

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Murders In Massachusetts Have Doubled Since 1998 Gun Control Legislation

Crime soared with Mass. gun law IN 1998, Massachusetts passed what was hailed as the toughest gun-control legislation in the country. Among other stringencies, it banned semiautomatic “assault” weapons, imposed strict new licensing rules, prohibited anyone convicted of a violent crime … Continue reading

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Obama’s Terrorist Friend Bill Ayers’ Terrorist Girlfriend

Diana Oughton died in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in New York City, when a nail bomb she was constructing with Terry Robbins, to be used that evening at a dance for non-commissioned officers and their dates at the Fort … Continue reading

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