Celebrating Earth Day 2013 In Colorado

ScreenHunter_70 Apr. 22 20.05

I just took a hike in record cold and another four inches of snow, to show my support for stopping global warming.

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10 Responses to Celebrating Earth Day 2013 In Colorado

  1. I. Lou Minotti says:

    One of my best buddies, Bo the black lab, did his part as well. As recall, he farted (which woke me up this morning). When I let him out, he did his duty on “government-owned” property (which I promptly cleaned up). After that, he lifted his leg on about three “government-owned” pine trees on the “government-owned” (but vacant) property next door. What an American hero Bo is. If he were to ever decide to run for election here in Glassboro, NJ, however, the real dogs would find a way to keep him off the ballot.

  2. Lance says:

    dogs just are not going to know what hard pack dirt/grass is any more

  3. Mike Mangan says:

    To celebrate Earth Day I threw an environmentalist on the fire and toasted some marshmallows.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    It looks to me (not Me) that Global Warming is a thing of the past with snow in late April.
    Global warming is done, stick a fork in it and let’s move on. 😀
    4 months and 3 weeks till Emancipation and the end of the Australian Carbon Tax.
    Latest Australian voting intentions – Warmist 45% vs Realists 55% and growing.

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