71% Of Americans Think Bill Clinton Is Awesome

George W. Bush fares least well among the former presidents in terms of current popularity.  Clinton tops the list, with 71 percent of voters viewing him favorably.  He’s followed by Carter and George H.W. Bush who each garner 59 percent favorable ratings.

Fox News Poll: 49% of Voters Have Favorable View of Bush, 52% of Obama | Fox News


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30 Responses to 71% Of Americans Think Bill Clinton Is Awesome

  1. Wyguy says:

    Wow! We the people really are as stupid as we look.

    • phodges says:

      Well the media do not show what is really happening now, and they rewrite history as they go. Try teaching a high school history class for a few days…nothing is as you would remember having experienced it.

      Government can do wrong….North Korea has nothing on us.

  2. Lou says:

    Getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky under the desk apparently was a cool thing for 71% of American,,,

  3. Ben says:

    Bill Clinton never told anyone to lie. Instead he told Vernon Jordan to tell people to lie, and that is different. Completely different.

    It is nobodies business if he has sex in the Oval Office on Easter while Yasser Arafat waits outside. That’s his private life.

  4. kuhnkat says:

    The media is very good at influencing low information voters (trademark Rush?). The proof is how they got most people to concentrate on lascivious garbage instead of the very real scandals piling up.

    • Lou says:

      No idea why it happened but I was freshman or sophomore in college when Monica happened. I thought what Clinton did was shit and started to look at Democrat Party differently thinking that they don’t have much of moral. I only laugh at dumbass fake liberals trying to lecture me because I’ve never really held federal gov’t regardless of which party that seriously. Like Reagan once said, I never left Democrat Party, they left me. Screw them.

  5. David says:

    Personally I liked Slick Willie and Carter. If your name isn’t Hillary its none of your damn business is how I feel about Monica. Carter did more after the Presidency than during but mainly he was our last honest President. He might not have been the best but honesty earns a lot of points with me.

    I hated Reagan because of his free spending and the same for the retard Bushies. I despise the dear leader though for the same reason I hated the Bushs and Reagan they all sold our children down river.

    Reagan 980B-3.8T.
    Bush SR 3.8T-5.9T.
    Bush the stupid 5.6T-10+-T
    These debt run ups are from memory so maybe not exact but close.
    Reagan and the Bushies owned over 90% of all the debt till we got dear leader.

    These views may not be popular here but I am not Republacrat or Depublican that is just smoke and mirrors to distract the nation while they screw us to death.

    • So your ideal president is honest even if stupid.

      • David says:

        Beats dishonest and evil. Besides compared to W Carter looks like freaking Einstein. To me selling a future generation into debt slavery is immoral.

        Never argue with an idiot.
        They will lower you to their level and beat you with experience.

      • I think the problem here is that an idiot doesn’t actually know why being smart is important. Maybe if people were less fixated on each other’s sexual activities and focused rather on their administrative and leadership skills, we would actually all be better off.

    • Lou says:

      You are really an idiot, that’s for sure.

      Carter was one of the worst ever to be a president of USA.

      Obama is by far the worst when to comes to “free spending”.

      Typical clueless libtard.

      • David says:

        Typical self made millionaire low genius IQ Ron Paul supporter. Notice. I did not say Carter was our best president I said he was honest and did not sell future generations to slavery. W got you O.

        Damn broke my rule and argued with an idiot.

      • David says:

        Not Liberal
        Multiple gun owner.
        Ron Paul supporter.
        Very well read.
        Argueing with an idiot.
        Never said Carter was great said he did more outside Pres. Said he was honest. W got you O

      • David, the reason why you seem to be becoming across as an idiot is that you think Reagan and Bush were bad, but Carter and Clinton were good. Yet you fail to grasp that Bush continued Clinton’s economic policies. So when you express opinions like that, you sound really really dumb.

    • KuhnKat says:

      So, David, you don’t think selling out our ally the Shah of Iran for a bunch of Jihadis was a problem for Jimmah “peanut brain” Cahtuh?? You don’t think that overseeing Venezuelan elections for a dictator wannabee named Chavez and pronouncing them fair even though items like 5 different districts had IDENTICAL totals for Chavez wasn’t a problem?? You don’t think Jimmah blaming the Middle East situation on the Israelis was a problem?? You don’t think…

    • KuhnKat says:

      Reagans’ free spending???


      Dude, Reagan tried to make a deal with the Dhimmicraps that would hold spending down while he defeated the evil empire. The dhimmicraps controlled Congress like they have for much of the last 60 years or so. Guess what, they LIED to Reagan and he had a choice of shutting down his Star Wars and other actions against the evil empire or go along with the Dhimmicrap increase in Gubmint and domestic spending. Sheesh y’all are SUCKERS for the lying liars in the press!!!

      By the way, why didn’t you put down Barry’s total to date??? Why did you not also put down Clintoon’s which was held down by a Republicrap Congress and cleaned out SS and other funds to balance the budget?!?!? Oh, and Clintoon SPENT the Peace Dividend while allowing the military to contract and wear out equipment similar to what Barry is doing building up what it will cost for a later President to restore the military!! Yeah, part of that Bush 2 deficit was rebuilding what Clintoon threw away!!! You don’t think flying B-52s, B-2s, fighters, and sending Carrier groups around and throwing cruise missiles at lotsa real estate was free do you?? Not to mention the funds and equipment given to Jihadis to fight in the Balkans and other areas!!

  6. gofer says:

    Clinton lowered the office of president to a back room at a strip club. He also confirmed the accusations by all the other women.

    • David says:

      Wil I think you miss the point I am a moderate. Not D or R and I vote for who is closer to center. I hate both parties at there extremes. I was freakin 11 when Carter was elected I liked him for his honesty and the good things the man has done post being in office. Clinton my name ain’t Hillary at least the man didn’t bankrupt us. I didn’t say he was perfect. Reagan and the Bushies bankrupted us and got us the Kenyan. I can do math we are screwed because of 4 presidents and their agendas.

      • KuhnKat says:

        Hey David, Cahtuh sold us out to the Arabs!! You were 11?? I was in the USAF and waiting in line every other day to get gas because the spineless MORON couldn’t deal with an organization called OPEC blackmailing us!!!

        Cahtuh was the typical Dhimmicrap who never saw an enemy of the US that he didn’t want to give a Monica Lewinsky to!!!

  7. Stefan v says:

    It depends on what your definition of “American” is. Perhaps it’s about time we admitted that politicians are a malignant parasitic anomaly and relegated them to museums; in jars of formaldehyde.

  8. They were all bad. Ban Presidents.

  9. philjourdan says:

    Compared to Obama, Bill was good. But the ratings reflect media coverage more than actual knowledge.

  10. Ben says:


    You left out a few meaningful stats: inflation, interest rates, unemployment.
    Under Carter:
    Inflation went from 5.22% to 13.5% in 1980
    Prime rate rate reached 21.5% in December 1980
    Unemployment rate was 7.5% when Carter entered and left office.

    No other president comes close to this level of misery. The misery was of his own making. Credit controls, and proposed price controls backfired. Windfall Profits Tax only added fuel to the disaster. Lowering the speed limit to 55 stifled the business cycle.

    But your belief that Carter was honest is beyond the pale. His misstatements have only increased since leaving office.

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