Fort Collins Coldest Temperature On Record This Late In The Spring

Climate experts tell us that a sure sign of global warming is the arrival of an early spring.

According to Weather Underground, Fort Collins hit -6.5C this morning, which is the coldest temperature ever recorded this late in the spring. The previous record for the date was in 1931.

ScreenHunter_93 Apr. 24 06.42


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9 Responses to Fort Collins Coldest Temperature On Record This Late In The Spring

  1. Lance says:

    That is brutal! I can and do expect those sorts of temp up here in Alberta (and we are getting them), but way down in the USA…I keep track of when my perennials ’emerge’ from the ground, i’ll have to pull out last years data and start comparing this year, as we are cold up here too, but Warmth is on the way ….until the weekend, then we turn cold AGAIN….

    • Andy DC says:

      It has been brutal up there! Time for Canadian climate refugees to head back to Phoenix for another vacation!

      • Lance says:

        Yes indeed!! I left 80-90’s in Phoenix and headed back to 10-30F’s….i need to reconsider my vacation lengths….

  2. squid2112 says:

    But you are not factoring in the warmth! .. .This is a warm cold … or a “hot” cold if you will. Just because you “feel” cold, and your thermometer says it’s cold, doesn’t mean it is really cold. Your old style thermometer has not been properly Hansenized and therefore cannot accurately measure the CO2 induced hotness that we experience today. You body is also not properly equipped to detect the new CO2 induced hotness, and therefore you “feel” colder than you really are. Trust me, you are sweating and you just don’t know it.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Wichita Falls, TX was 29 degrees this morning, setting record for latest freeze EVER! Previous last freeze was on April 15, 1983, nine days earlier, when it barely touched 32. Previous record for this date was 37. So this late season cold is astounding and UNPRECEDENTED!!.

  4. That carbon tax will warm things up.

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