No More Bashing Lewandowski !

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6 Responses to No More Bashing Lewandowski !

  1. suyts says:

    LOL, why is he mad?

  2. Bruce says:

    Ok. We have plenty others here in Oz who offer a nice change from talking about our UWA Professor of Amazing Webpoll Design.

    Hmm, well there’s Prof Will Steffen who wants to rule the world. He’s always a great fall back option.

    His colleague Prof Tim Flannery suggested sea levels could rise by eight storeys not long after buying a nice waterfront house on the Hawkesbury River estuary. I quite liked that.

    And of course we have our very own Prof David Karoly of the reanimated zombie hockey stick and assistant Joelle Gergis who, perhaps accidentally, deleted her own unfortunately revealing blog for some almost obscure reason. Australia often wins the hockey at the Olympics, you can see why from the depth of talent we have available.

    And an honourable mention goes to Prof Ken “we must destroy the village to save it” Caldeira of Stanford for nuking a section of our Great Barrier Reef with alkali this summer.

    Oh you meant the soccer player? Sorry. I get carried away so easily about the glorious climate science establishment in my country sometimes.

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