It Is The Subsidence, Stupid

Tide gauges show that sea level is rising at 6.9 mm/year in Grand Isle, La. Alarmists love to quote this fact.

ScreenHunter_156 Apr. 26 05.50

Data and Station Information for GRAND ISLE

But satellites show less than half that rate.

ScreenHunter_155 Apr. 26 05.45 lat 29 long 271

Most of the claimed sea level rise in Louisiana is due to the land sinking.


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3 Responses to It Is The Subsidence, Stupid

  1. edcaryl says:

    Does that satellite measurement include the 0.3 mm/year “glacial isistatic adjustment”?

    • No glacial rebound in LA.

      • Oh, should have added that the subsidence is due to de-watering. The delta areas are essentially river mud/sand. Over time the water is squeezed out, hence the subsidence. Where oil and gas are produced, some subsidence is associated with their removal. One good example of natural subsidence are the Chandelier Islands. When the early explorers arrived, they discovered sizable islands. However, over time they shrank due to subsidence.

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