Second Coldest Start To Spring In US History

ScreenHunter_157 Apr. 26 06.02

Data is from here : Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

The only year when the spring started colder was 1975.


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657 Responses to Second Coldest Start To Spring In US History

  1. DSC says:

    Are you are using unadjusted temperatures? This spring may turn out to be even warmer than last year once the adjusted temperatures are in.

    • Mike says:

      thank goodness for NASA…we’ll get this fixed, and right quick!

      • Shade says:

        Damage control damage control…..Who let this information out!

      • harvey says:

        Well ok, we’ll let it go this time, but don’t let it happen again.

      • Ted says:

        Yep, they will change the numbers to fit Gore’s predictions.

      • Tom says:

        No Problem. Michael Mann should be of great help fixing this as well.

      • Dan says:

        What is the difference between an adjusted and an unadjusted thermometer reading? Please don’t be snarky, I am really asking.

      • Rebecca Huff says:

        coldest “start” to spring……. not coldest spring.

      • The solution to this cold spring is to tax the people for global cooling before it destroys the earth.
        A tax of 66.6% should take care of the problem.
        Call your politicians and tell them to start taxing right away before its too late. This is exactly how the dinosaurs died. They got really cold.

        Or Americans could simply OBEY income tax law.

        There are only TWO objects of concern in tax code.
        A. Taxable income
        B. Exempt income

        IRS says…

        Federal tax law BEGINS with the Internal Revenue Code (26 USC)

        Federal tax Regulations (26 CFR) –PICK UP where the Internal Revenue Code leaves off

        The Service is bound by the Regulations. – Internal Revenue Manual,

        SOURCE: IRS dot GOV

        According to IRS themselves, Income tax law is written in Regulations, and most importantly, IRS must follow and obey Regulations.

        – – TAX LAW: (according to IRS, Pick Up… in Regulations)

        Exempt income – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)
        (the legal defintion, codified, i.e. there can be only one)

        Income that is not – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)
        (the list of taxable income, codified. BINGO!)

        Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, U.S. Govt Printing Office.

        According to U.S. Income tax law (a precise code), most income is exempt, i.e. NOT taxable, while very little income is not exempt, i.e. taxable.

        Of course, criminals often say, I didn’t do it. So, naturally, the government perps (e.g. senators, congressmen, tax court judges, many tax pros and other such tax-dependents) say Sec. 861 is frivolous, yet there we see it, actually written in law, codified, in black and white, … by who else, but more government perps.

        Arrest the perps … Obey the law, before they create the next fraudulent taxpayer bailout.
        Your children are already born as tax-slaves – required to pay a debt created before their birth.
        Put a stop to it, read your income tax law, then follow and obey the law.

        US Income tax law is prescribed in the regulations, 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii).
        Make the IRS and US Govt obey. Its your country, not theirs.

      • NASA is busy making nice with the radical Muslims as per Owebamaos instructions after he cut their funding.

      • Mike H says:

        Dan: Don’t know if Steve or somebody else gave you an answer below.

        Thermometers are affected/distorted by their local physical environment. The data keepers have algorithms which adjust for those. For example, the urban heat island effect elevates the temperature and NASA adjusts down for that. An example in the opposite direction is if a pile of melting snow is on top of the terminal, has a cooling effect. Because most reactions are exothermic, there are many more opportunities for incorrect elevated temps then false depreciated temps. I’ll leave it to you to determine how accurate you think they are. It just so happens they are caught making a “mistake”, the correction always seems to adjust the temp. down.

      • A. Levy says:

        Did they check with fat Algore first? He’ll simply blame the cold weather on global warming.

      • chuckster says:

        But Warming makes it cooler! You’d understand it if you actually read the studies done.

      • Joe Panella says:

        No sir, NASA is busy building the self esteem of worldwide Muslims, as per Obama’s orders. Temperature, schemperature, first things first. The Muslims are feeling down and trodden. You know all those beheadings and all.

    • robin hadley says:

      Yes, please let’s adjust the temperatures so as to show Global Warming! Can’t let that one slip by!

      • robin hadley says:

        Let’s see. My comment has been “awaiting moderation” for about six hours now. Could it be someone doesn’t like to hear the truth?

      • RobertC says:

        Best one I have heard lately: “Climate Change isn’t about the temperature”

        Hide the decline, pass the grant money…

      • Jim says:

        First of all geniuses, why did they change the name of this emergency from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”. Did it have anything to do with the fact that the people from whom the temps were gotten from, stopped using Northern testing sites, and were lying about everything, just to keep getting grants, that were going to be paid by carbon taxes. If you liberals can’t stop listening to someone caught lying, just because of ideals, then you need to stop voting. Taxes will NOT fix a problem that does not exist! It feeds socialism and nothing else! Redistribution of Wealth. Please wake up!!

    • Bruce Gregory says:

      You hope! Man-made science is what you embrace. Give the witch doctor of your choice a hug and if a human sacrifice is necessary, offer up yourself or one of your family members. I live green when possible, but more importantly, I live life to the fullest. No guilt!

    • KellyJ says:

      Too bad Hansen retired. Who’s going to add the magic “correction factors” (your adjustment) to make 16 years of cooling become increased heating?
      In REAL science, if the data does not match the theory, the theory is wrong. In Global Warming, if the data does not fit the theory, you “correct” the data to make it fit.

      • fred says:

        Yes that is true. IT THEN BECOMES POLITICAL SCIENCE!

      • 4Deuce says:

        I worked at NASA-Goddard for 13 years and I recall that Hansen’s last NASA supervisor at Goddard once stated that Hansen “was one of NASA’s greatest embarrassments”. Once Al Gore, then VP, selected/annointed Hansen as one of his scientific spokesmen, Hansen became untouchable by the NASA command structure. Years later, after being brought into the Gore camp, Hansen was doing a radio interview and claiming that the Bush WHite House had been suppressing his pro-AGW commentaries. The radio host interviewing him then embarrassed Hansen by actually being informed about Hansen’s pro-AGW activities and the radio host noted that before Hansen walked into the radio studio that day, he had done radio, TV, newspaer and magainze interviews on his AGW beliefs 270 times previously – meaning that any efforts by the Bush WH to supress his scientific “free speech” seemed completely ingenuous. This represnts the ethical core of Hansen and his fellow AGW promoters — an utter vacuum.

      • evdebs says:

        Is “4Duece” his I.Q.?

        “…newspaer (sic) and magainze (sic) interviews on his AGW beliefs 270 times previously – meaning that any efforts by the Bush WH to supress (sic) his scientific “free speech” seemed completely ingenuous (?). This represnts (sic) the ethical core of Hansen and his fellow AGW promoters — an utter vacuum.”

        Speaking of “utter vacuums,” I’m assuming the hollow sound I’m hearing is a product of the void between your ears.

        Of the 13,950 studies released between 1991 and 2012, 24 rejected AGW. Those 24 were largely produced by stooges either directly on the Koch/Exxon payrolls or working indirectly for them through front groups such as the Heartland Institute.

        What were you doing at Goddard? Pushing a broom, or holding the dustpan?

        • PhilJourdan says:

          How many of those papers proved AGW?

          Here’s a hint. What is less than your claim of 4Deuce’s IQ? Your IQ and the answer.

          Here’s an education for you. Science 101. You have to disprove the null hypothesis FIRST, before you can start advancing an alternate hypothesis.

        • 4Deuce says:

          COBE, TDRSS, Hubble and the James Web are on my resume – along with a citation of that Johns Hopkins MBA they gave me. Other than calling some people stooges and referring to my low IQ – funny how you know so much about me when you are a total stranger to me – do you have anything that offers up any true, unmanipulated empiracal evidence that proves AGW? If you have some, send it to those Al Gore and Hansen types who keep telling us AGW is proven via consensus – which proves the lack of scientific proof.

    • Gary Lacey says:

      Is your comment TIC or are you serious? I was going to comment (TIC) that it was caused by ‘global warming’, just ask Gore.

    • Unadjusted??? You mean like the unemployment numbers or the economic growth numbers???
      Assuming you were not being sarcastic, my comment to you is to just let go. Let go of the ALGOR madness. Accept it that weather and climate have always changed and always will. ANd try to do something positive with the restt of your life. That is, if we don’t all freeze to death.

      • JCinCS says:

        Funny. I was thinking the same thing. They use the same equipment to divine the unemployment numbers. Then they adjust upward a month later, when no one is paying attention.

    • moron says:

      We’ll get the guys at Penn State on this problem immediately. Might need to relocate the thermometers closer yet to heat sources!

      • 30 Years in a Big Rig says:

        Move them to the jet wash at both ends of the runway. That way you’re covered if the wind changes direction. It worked here at our airport.

      • Anon says:

        Good grief, reporters found one several years ago right outside an air conditioner vent! What’s next — inside blast furnaces?

    • Marv Buckley says:

      Yeah, by the time the Gore-bies adjust for warming we could be experiencing boiling oceans.

    • Richard_Iowa says:

      I suspect that if/when the temperatures are adjusted that they will go down.

    • Evan S. Brown says:

      If at first you don’t succeed…manipulate the data.

    • rlr says:

      adjusted how?

      • Paul D says:

        Use an ALGORErythm

      • Brian Macker says:

        They have to do things like adjust for the time of day that the temperature was taken. Obviously if yo take the morning temp at 8:00am instead of 6:00am you need to adjust that temperature down.

      • wbill says:

        Gary D has nailed it. His chart (from NOAA) shows year to year increases in the ‘ adjustment to 0.4 degrees C from early 80s to 1999. It must have been then when the adjustments were just too high to raise higher year after year. This is obvious data manipulation. Like the time they flew a CO2 sensor behind a jet plume to measure the increased CO2. They published the data and then had to re-tract. Global warming has been nothing but a causation postulation. It is hotter, there are more cars, -> therefore more cars are making it hotter. (the postulation is also true if one replaces cars with solar panels). However, now it is cooler??? Classic science failure! A huge industry is built upon environmental science. How many universities have buildings and schools dedicated to the ‘science’, how many directors of environmental outreach? How many ‘green’ initiatives. How much of the borrowed stimulus goes to the ‘PROBLEM”? One could make a villain of anything. Remember when CFCs were ruining the ozone layer. The half life of CFCs was touted as > 50 years and the ozone maps were spreading toward New York. Something had to be done as there was cancer alerts nearly once a week. Well laws were passed and the winners were. DuPont, GE, Allied Signal. R-12 was replaced with R-134 ( R-12 is way more efficient at refrigeration). Guess who makes R-134. We hear nothing about the ozone layer anymore. Why?. If CFC half life is 50 years, there has to be a higher concentration of it now than in 1980. It didn’t all just go away? Take heed, young minds. EPA was originally formed to help the population, but now is engaged in helping the EPA and the crony capitalists. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

    • miker5 says:

      Absolutely. Those temperatures have to be adjusted to accommodate the government grant factor.

    • Emerald says:

      True. Once NASA’s reputation killer James Hansen is done, this will but the hottest start since the formation of the planet.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      Yeah, better “adjust” those temperatures before people get the wrong idea. Those feet of snow that the midwest and east got last week sure indicate that it is going to turn out to be “warmer than last year” to me!

    • shua li says:

      Global Warming scientists around the world idle their cars in protest.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Oops…let’s make that 273 degrees Kelvin…man, now we’re really burnin’ up!

    • Danno says:

      You want to adjust the temps so they appear warmer? Maybe we can consult Al Gore so he can explain to us that the planet has a fever! It is chile outside.

      • Elroy Jetson says:

        Assuming you live in a South American country, It may be “chile” outside your world, meaning-the country of Chile or Chile Pepper. Or perhaps you find it “chilly”, meaning cold. Or perhaps, it is “chili” meaning “let’s eat”. More than likely, none of these apply.

    • Geodude says:

      Yup, gotta deny the facts and fudge those numbers!

      • Geodude says:

        I know I had to mow the lawn (Northern Ohio) about 5 weeks later than last year.

      • squid2112 says:

        Same here (Nashville), which was nice (don’t like mowing the lawn), but, I would like to play some golf on some nice grass. It has been too cold and rainy here (droughtflooding) to get our golf courses green. Still waiting for spring…

    • goreadjustment says:

      Yes, yes, I see now…once the real/actual “unadjusted” temperatures are redressed, we will have the correct “adjusted” temperatures, which will surely show global warming is alive and well. And all of this adjusting is done by who…..Al Gore and his zealot followers?

    • north_of_60 says:

      yes, as soon as they do their magic AGW adjustments to the temperature data it will be warmer.

    • Mike says:

      you libs will do or say anything to twist the truth around so it conforms to your line of thinking. You will lie, Cheat, and trample all over the truth along with the willing lib press.

    • Al Goreithm says:

      Please…….you don’t know what you’e talking about. Or, you just think people are stupid.
      Which is it?

    • I. Lynch Coons says:

      In the mean time throw another log on the fire.

    • lewis sanborn says:

      Adjust this!

    • Greg dent says:

      In other words average it out to hide the temperature drop.

    • Joe says:

      Any excuse to promote the farce that is global warming…

    • PK says:

      You are an IDIOT!

    • PK says:

      You were serious right?

    • Elizabeth says:

      God knows what we would do without true believers like you, DSC. While I admire the strength of your faith, I will stick with science to the bitter end.

    • Capt. Jack says:

      And just think…If they ‘Adjust’ the data enough, maybe they can find another Hockey stick.

    • Adjusted from what? Warm environs, such as cities, that Global Warming alarmists like to concentrate their data from?

    • old white guy says:

      temps are factual they do not need to be adjusted. if it is 45 degress it is 45 degrees. if it was 45 degrees in 1975 and it is 44 degrees in 2013 for the same time period then it is lower than it was during the same time period.

      • jbird says:

        That depends upon what your definition of the word “is” is. 😉

        from another Old White Guy

      • Jason says:

        You’re assuming that the temperature was measured in the same place, at the same time of day, and that other environmental factors have not changed. The above-mentioned air conditioner vent would require some adjustments. Taking the temperature at noon vs midnight would require some adjustments to make the temperatures something that could be compared.

        I’m not a global warming fanatic, I seriously question the likelihood of human caused global warming. My opinions, however (and yours), don’t alter the fact that you can’t compare numbers gathered in different fashions without making some sort of adjustment.

    • Bill Kriebel says:

      And they call US “deniers”!

    • Patriot1742 says:

      Obama has that global warming thing under control – now he is onto providing more rain bows.

    • ILikeItCold says:

      What, you mean they have to adjust the temperatures for inflation? Last year at this time in the Charlotte area we already had 18 days above 80 degrees. This year only 4. I’ve barely used my A/C and I like it cold.

    • SS says:

      I am sure it will be “warmer” no matter what the data says. If not the term climate change will be alternated for warming…gotta have a crisis!!

    • Jack Ryan says:

      The planet has been on a cooling trend for 16 years now. It’s time for the idiot alarmists to start recognizing observations. All of the climate models, ALL OF THEM, have been wrong. Plan for the weather, as climate change is ALWAYS happening and always has been. At this point, we don’t know what we don’t know and those that believe there is a “concensus” are not scientists, they are political scientists, with a heavy lean to the left.

      • walt evans says:

        Thank you. I have been preaching this same message for years. But did you know that when Al Gore sold his tv network that warned about global warming he bought a heating oil company.

    • Susan Daniels says:

      Nice try on sticking with the fallacy of global warming.

    • ByronMAllen says:

      temperatures always adjust down because the heat island effect surrounding weather stations always skews them upwards.

    • Bob says:

      Adjusted means they ignore the actual measured temperature and substitute whatever temperature they need to make their illogically devised models work. Global warming has been proven to be anothing more than an unscientific hoax by several hudred respected scientists as opposed to a bunch of liberal art major pseudo scientists that think they understand a science as complicated as atmospheric physics.

    • Glenn says:

      This now make sense ,Why NOAA and other government agency are buying all the
      billion of round of ammunition.
      I assume to fend against invasion of Polar Bears.

      • Elroy Jetson says:

        Haven’t you heard? The Polar bears are drowning because the oceans are rising. Surely, the bullets are for mass suicide, given the apocalyptic forecast by these Liberal dupes.

    • Stevo says:

      Please, how do you adjust a temperature reading. Not like it needs to be adjusted for seasonal effects. Maybe some of the thermometers were too far of the ground? Or maybe they were not far enough up al gores and obamas $ss . Oh you must mean the adjust these numbers so they fit the senerio being perpetrated on the people.

    • Robert Johnson says:

      What is meant by “adjusted” temperatures. Temperature is temperature. There is no need to “adjustment” unless your plan is to alter the data to fit your hypothesis. And, that is Scientific Fraud.

    • Bob Farmer says:

      What the hell is unadjusted temps?

    • trabant099 says:

      you mean like the NO GLOBAL WARMING in the LAST 15 YEARS?

    • Is that how Al Gore measures temperature? He “adjusts” it…

    • ChrisGC says:

      Kinda hoping for that. aren’t you? It would just burst your bubble to find out that glowBULL warming was a farce and a con job!

    • Charles says:

      Tampered “cherry-picked” measurements with “cheater” software that reshapes curves made from sparse-matrix measurements taken from uncalibrated instruments located at non-ideal locations stacked the deck for the last 20 years. So which “adjustment” would you like to see?

    • Jeff Baumann says:

      You’re kidding, right? Latest ice out on Lake Minnetonka and May snow with accumulation in the forecast.

    • onejn416 says:

      Follow the link (breadcrumbs) to NOAA and find the answers. Or were you just trying to through people off?

    • Paladin says:

      Global warming… right??

    • NucEngineer says:

      Dan asks:
      April 28, 2013 at 1:05 am
      What is the difference between an adjusted
      and an unadjusted thermometer reading?
      Please don’t be snarky, I am really asking.

      Well Dan, take a look at this and you will see what is happening to our climate record. It is Orwellian.

    • Jesse Davis says:

      Are you talking about the Accuweather temperatures? I’m almost completely sure that they are falsifying their past temperature data, because I keep a pretty good eye on daily temp. fluctuations, and when I check their data records, it’s about 10 degrees higher on average than what I recall for both the high and low temps here in Fayetteville, NC. They managed to place nearly the entire month of April 10 degrees “above” normal temps, and we had a slew of days that were well below normal.

    • D. Brown says:

      “Adjusted temperatures?” Are you kidding me? You mean like how the Bureau of Lies and Statistics “adjusts” the unemployment numbers? Good grief! The temperature is the freaking temperature!!

    • jbaustian says:

      I am just happy that spring has arrived, three days ago.

      However, the Weather Service is predicting one more snowfall in the coming week. I hope that will be the end of it.

    • Chaz says:

      It’s ok, instead of global warming, we’ll call it climate change and declare it still falls under man-caused, silly deniers….

    • JamesT says:

      What the heck are you talking about. I only have to look at my bills which compare current usage to year ago usage and see that, even though I have been dialing back, I’ve used more gas to keep warm

    • Dr. Wayne Kraus, PhD says:

      All so called ‘global temperature’ vs. time plots (especially those from MBH98 that started this man-made CO2 global warming theory), even if they are not fudged and are based on accurate and reliable temperature data are nothing more than a time series correlation of a tiny sample of data for an earth 4.6 billions years old. The global warming theorists then add a time series correlation of CO2 levels vs time and then falsely assume this prove a cause and effect relationship. Gentlemen this is nothing more sophisticated than a flawed ad hoc ergo propter hoc argument. Please recall that a correlation is a necessary but never a sufficient condition to establish cause and effect relationships. None of these minor 100 or 1000 year correlations establishes any cause and effect relationship at all.

      However, the Beer-Lambert Law of physics firmly establishes that for all substances in nature, including atmospheric CO2, as concentration increases the amount of IR energy absorbed drops exponentially (i.e. drops asymptotically to zero). This basic principle of physics firmly refutes that rising CO2 concentration can cause run away atmospheric heating. All scientist know this and this foolishness about man-made global warming insults my intelligence.

    • Adjusted by whom, Al Gore?

    • R. T. Greenwood says:

      It’s like the CPI. The CPI starts out at 8% and then they make the adjustments that only the great minds at the BLS can make and then the CPI becomes a harmless 1.6%.

    • CantTurnBack says:



      my bad

    • Don Surber says:

      That is the best comment ev-ah

    • disco says:

      adjusted temperatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you mean the ones you wack jobs make up to keep this hoax up.

    • ponderosaTX says:

      This upward adjustment process is among the biggest standing jokes in all of science. In fact, the net upward adjustments to surface temperature data performed by NASA and other government agencies are indefensible. The only anthropomorphic effect on climate that is universally accepted by scientists (including those not feeding a the climate-science funding trough) is the urban heat island (UHI) effect. As metropolitan areas grow in population and replace vegetation with buildings and parking lots, urban temperatures have increased, particularly at night. (Designers of passively heated buildings aim for the same effect by including massive heat reservoirs exposed to direct sunlight inside buildings.)

      Most of the weather stations in the US (and other developed countries) were originally positioned on the periphery of cities where human development had little impact on measured temperatures. As those cities have expanded around those weather stations, very few have been moved. So most of the formerly rural and suburban stations are now in urban locations where there are strong UHI effects. The net adjustment to measured temperatures should be substantially downward rather than upward (so current temperature data is directly comparable to data from years past). But these adjustments are subjective and climate scientists have very strong motivation (in the form of research funding and publication bias) to adjust them upward so that they can claim that human development is causing catastrophic global warming, thereby justifying more research funding and more attention from the popular press and scientific journals followed by the popular press. When analyzing statements by climate scientists, caveat emptor!

    • SirGareth says:

      Ahhh yes, the fact that we are still wearing parkas across much of the US as May comes in is due to the fact that “scientists” haven’t fiddled with the numbers yet; until that happens we cant really know that we’re freezing our tails off.

      Just where our our Banyan Trees and Coconut Palms spreading North across the Canadian Border?

      Didn’t Dr Gore and his team of mad “government scientists” promise us all of this?

      This climate con has been going on since the dawn of history; if it rained to little or too much or was too cold or too warm for a spell the backwards cultures were stupid enough to con’ed into paying tribute to the “Gods” (The con artists) for their part in making it so.
      Now the “Gods” have transmogrified into “climate scientist” to better fit into today’s idiot but otherwise secular culture. Other than that, its the same old tune.

      Bank on the stupidity of the US; we voted for Obunghole and that confirms we are now as backwards as cave dwellers ever were and even more superstitious.

    • Hal Slusher says:

      The Russians and Chinese seem to think there will be cooling because of 200 year solar cycle which will make artic Ice much thicker and they are building new ice breakers to deal with it.
      Do they know something we dont?

    • rjfemmons says:

      Do you ask that question when they report the hottest spring in history?

    • sofia says:

      Guess they will be using same technique and templates as for adjusting the unemployment and inflation rates…..Main stream media and Al Gore to the rescue….

    • paintmaker says:

      I used the adjusted temperature but my seeds aren’t on board with The New Reality and think it’s too cold to poke their heads up. How out of step with what the wise people have been telling us.

    • Ron says:

      And who will “adjust” the data, Al Gore?

    • atthemurph says:

      Rebecca Huff says:
      April 28, 2013 at 1:59 am
      coldest “start” to spring……. not coldest spring.

      Umm, OK Rebecca. Perhaps the title should read, 2nd coldest 2/3rds of Spring on record.

    • Jeff says:

      When the media writes the story in a couple months, it will be the warmest spring on record. Why wait, we know it now.

    • kcm says:

      Global warning?..It’s called Summer…

    • Toomuchsense says:

      Hockeystick pooee. DSC, I’ll raise your hockystick formula to a normal dose of common sense on my part.

    • captRoy says:

      Let me see….2md coldest START to spring, up here in the North we call that Winter!

    • ClimateTruther says:

      Seasonal Adjustment it is called, and this season is supposed to be warmer, and warmer it will be. The truth is one thing, and CRU/NASA/James Hansen is another thing.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Minot, North Dakota is averaging close to 17 degrees below normal for April. Average high has been 33 and average low 18. To put that in prospective, those are close to normal January temperatures in Chicago, after three months of increasing sun angle.

    Fairbanks, Alaska is averaging 14 degrees colder than normal for April, another impressive cold anomaly.

  3. kbray in california says:

    It’s just normal Global Warming Caused Extreme Weather:

  4. Andy Oz says:

    A 5 degree drop in year on year temperature must be a sure sign of Catastrophic Global Cooling. I now have no doubt that the trillions we have given to the carbon credit industry has produced outstanding results!

    • Bob Strebs says:

      But will the global environmental arm of the international banking union refund paid carbon taxes and reopen coal burning plants that produce relatively cheap American Made electricity? Maybe we need a new Ice Age to turn that trick.

    • You got it Andy; I never believed it in the first place. Some glaciers may be melting but the carbon credit “SCAM” that Al Gore got filthy rich on was just that. They should all be put in jail and this miserable EPA organization gutted except for major pollution. The earth had it coldest spring during the height of the industrial revolution (did you notice on the graph?) Looks about 1975. Making ourselves energy dependent using domestic fossil fuels is right in front of our faces and good for another 300 years. We have that long to repair our economy before jumping off this ridiculous global warming cliff. Geesh!

    • eddythejack says:

      You should stay in the Freezer too!

    • Arne Hansen says:

      Superb sarcasm! Delightfully stated . . .

    • Can I have my tax money back now? Since we don’t have to cool the earth anymore? Can we stop spraying Aluminum and Barium in the atmosphere to slow the ‘warming’?

      • ChrisGC says:

        That barium needs to be given to all of the devoted followers of the religion of glowBULL warming and it’s high priest Algore in the form of an enema. That might help with them all being full of $h!7.

    • calcpa says:

      We should declare victory in the war on global warming and just go home. We did everything asked of us and it worked!

    • lewis sanborn says:

      Indeed Oz, cooling would be catastrophic. A lack of solar energy consigns the current civilization to certain destruction. Crops don’t grow. Water doesn’t flow. Pray the trend is actually toward the hotter.

    • Seth says:

      good one

    • Doug Paras says:

      but, but, but wasn’t the world supposed to be warming? 1 year where the temp drops 5 degrees doesn’t work out to a year on year 5 degree drop it amounts to a 1 year 5 degree temp change.

  5. tomwys says:

    No surprise here, after the massive Asian cooling all winter long. A short review follows:

    • Bryan Wiley says:

      That was really, really good. Thanks for posting that and thanks to the man that presented.

    • C.C. says:

      Thanks for uploading this, Tom. I’ve read about some of this on NASA’s website but found this presentation helpful due to the visual aids. Since the oceans cover so much of the earth, it would make sense that most of the carbon gases would come from the there.

    • James says:


    • Matt Hanson says:

      That was a very interesting lecture! I am with some questions. Is there any speculation or even hard data on what is causing the oceanic outgassing of CO2? Is it concentrations reaching a threshold? Are there ice records that support periodic rises in CO2 like the current rise? My gut tells me that the outgassing of CO2 may be the cause of the acidification that seems to be taking place in the oceans.

      • squid2112 says:

        It’s called heat. When the temperature of the surface of the ocean warms, it out-gasses CO2. As you may know, and the alarmist go nuts over it, it is true that the oceans have warmed a bit over the past 100 years (all natural phenomena), and while this has been occurring, more CO2 out-gasses from the oceans. When the oceans cool, much less out-gassing occurs, sometimes not enough to replace CO2 that is lost in the atmosphere causing a general decrease in CO2 levels within the atmosphere. The oceans take-up CO2 all the time, and also out-gas CO2 all the time. There is a balance between take-up and out-gas. Sometimes the oceans take-up more than they out-gas, sometimes the out-gas more than they take-up. During the course of the past 100 or so years, it is likely that the oceans (as a whole) have been out-gassing slightly more than they take-up, hence the increase in atmospheric CO2. There is a fairly fine line (in geographic terms) between this continuous bouncing back and forth along a line of balance. This is but one, but rather major, driver of CO2. Anthropogenic drivers are minuscule by comparison (almost non-detectable).

      • tckev says:

        There no practical method to make the oceans acid. Because of the ocean’s huge volume, and continual washing of metal salts into them from the land, they have an average Ph of about 8 (alkaline). This also means that the oceans are a huge buffer solution and as such will not rapidly change as so many reaction in it are self-limiting/re-balancing.
        see for more –

    • Andy Oz says:

      Great presentation Tom. Enjoyed it very much.
      Concise, factual, and informative.
      Human made CO2 <3%. Keep up the great work.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      Excellent Tom! Thanks for your hard work! 🙂

    • tckev says:

      Excellent video, you must get some of the AGW/CC really upset. I’m flagging this up to some friend back in UK. Can’t wait for their reaction about Hadley CRU’s figure fiddling comments.

  6. Colder than usual? Must be that (phantom) global warming at work.

  7. Europe as well.

    There is a theory that our cold winter/spring is because of a missing ice cube last August.

    But look at the GISS temperature maps, and the Arctic in our neck of the woods has been up to 8C colder than normal. That’s where we have got our weather from, and that is why it has been so friggin cold!

  8. OBAMA FRAUD says:

    April 28, 1975, NEWSWEEK: “The Coming Ice Age”

  9. Sammie Jo says:

    has anyone notified algore?

  10. Brian Corcoran says:

    It’s that dag nab global warming again!! Al Gore can fix this problem by socking us with a big carbon tax.

  11. kobekhan says:

    Ive lived through Global Cooling in the 70’s…Global Warming in the 90’s..And Now Climate Change…I wonder how I made it!

    • oyveh! says:

      i too, have seen all these, and before my time were the ‘warming’ histrionics of the ’30s, and before that the “cooling” hyperventilations of the late 1800s. one might think: “how could one go wrong with the all-encompassing have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too “change” of the 20-oughts & teens?”; but if i fear, excepting some miracle, i may not survive that which said “change”, should its culmination be realized, portends next on our horizon: change that graduates into the hopeless flat-line of “Global Stagnation”! should that be construed irrational? May God Help us! as we seem avoid our own entropy toward said universal “room” temperature.

  12. All temp results fall within norms for a general cooling of the earth over last 10,000 years, moreover , warming recently recorded is similar to period 1500 years past. Except for sunspot activity the earth is in a cooling slope over last 500,000 years.
    Earth hot at origin and cooling over life . Look for core cooling trend and Sunspot storms for greatest impact to warming and cooling over any 20 year period.
    Human industrial carbon activity , volcanic activity and thermoexplosives have 10 to 50 year term effects . A big game changer that is difficult to control is a strike by large space rock.

  13. MikeTheDenier says:

    You made Drudge!!!!!!

  14. Shade says:

    We all know what has caused all this cold weather. Thats right Global Warming! LOL.

  15. Bill Jiden says:

    Algrrrr needs to get working on some more of that “Gerbil Worming” he is so fond of!

  16. Mark in Toledo says:

    this may be quite a click fest for you. you should let us know how many clicks you get once you are on Drudge.

  17. Richard_Iowa says:

    Please, no one need to panic. This is just weather, not climate change. Everyone knows that the temperatures are rising inspite of no temperature increases in the past decade, along with the increase of CO2. So yes, Global Warming is real even though it is colder.

  18. BWatkins says:

    Ah yes 1975, that’s when all the “new ice age” predictions started.

  19. I threw out all my warm clothes in preparation for global warming and now this happens!

  20. Janet says:

    It’s obviously global warming. Turn in all of your firearms immediately to your nearest Homeland Security office.

  21. It’s been crazy cold and windy in southern New Hampshire for the last 3 months. I thought it was my imagination, but it seems like the sun is not giving its usual warmth. If there was a detectable drop in solar luminance, the SOHO satellite would have picked it up, but no word from the scientists. Perhaps, as was mentioned on a website I read recently, aerosols in the stratosphere are reducing the amount of sunlight reaching lower levels of the atmosphere and surface.

  22. Dennis Smith says:

    Where’s Al “Airhead” Gore when you need him? I guess he’s off somewhere inventing the internet…No,wait!….He’s already done that–haha–

  23. Jerry says:

    Sorry, I must have forgotten to close my freezer door, or someone forgot that we had global warming.

    • Mslar2221 says:

      Actually a great idea why don’t we all turn on the AC and open our freezers and leave our doors open and cool this puppy off?

  24. JohnFLob says:

    Isn’t AGW cool?

  25. Al Thompson says:

    … Bush did it.

  26. Doc Rambo says:

    Paging Mr. Gore, paging Mr. Gore! You got some’splainin’ to do! ” F you”, he replies as he pockets multi-millions from his carbon offset schemes!

  27. Rocco Henderson says:

    We’re freezing here. Could someone please bring us some Global Warming?

  28. bob says:

    Good old GOREBAL warming

  29. jimheath says:

    My cat died, bloody Global Warming!

  30. Jan Bradley says:

    Google Russian scientist predicts ice age and you’ll find out why this is happening.

  31. Sparky2 says:

    Global warming is causing this global cooling!

  32. all smart liberals know that so called global warming and climate change allways makes it colder,they also know that comrade obama is a good leader<<——for all the koolaide drinkers,this is sarcasm

  33. WilSpeaking says:

    All this extremely cold weather must be alarming the Global Warming control-freak crowd. How are they ever going to get their controls in place if it keeps getting colder instead of warmer? Oh, wait…fudge the data and the theory and claim it all fits. Then sic the hounds on anyone who remembers what they said five minutes earlier. JMO
    Al Gore is going to lose credibility!

  34. Bob Kord says:

    Cold Spring is caused by Global Warming (errrr, I mean “Climate Change”). After all, snowstorms, blizzards, failed crops, too much rain, drought, hail, my dog coughing, stale milk… are all caused by Climate Change. It’s such a bugger.

  35. Fred says:

    So… Second coldest in History?

    Let me get this straight. When the earth was covered in… ICE… Spring was colder then this one?

    How stupid are you people?

    • Andy Oz says:

      US “History” started in 1890, just like all “CAGW Arctic Ice melting” started in 1979.
      Perhaps you are missing the irony, Fred.

  36. Dan Valone says:

    More than anything else, global warming is an ideology with an agenda. Facts have little relevance.
    Several global warming meetings have been cancelled due to freezing weather.
    There is however a happy side to it: Al Gore made millions

    • Andy Oz says:

      The London Carbon Credit industry has already made over 3 Trillion Euro. They are extremely happy!! And they were given it by dumb, gullible governments who taxed it from dumb, gullible sheeple!!!

  37. You global warmers are as nuts as the war on terror/drugs crowd.

  38. Latitude says:

    The only year when the spring started colder was 1975………….

    noooooooooooo, they wouldn’t start tracking temperatures then……would they?

  39. Leena Amosa says:

    You clearly forgot to hide the decline. What’s wrong with you? Don’t you want some of that grant money?

  40. Here in So California, this has been the coolest winter and spring since I moved here in the early 80’s

  41. Mel says:

    Al Gore, call your office

  42. newman1979 says:

    According to CO2 web site, March was tied for 10th place for the warmest March since 1880. Only one March in the 20th century was warmer. Drudge doesn’t have a clue, to say the least, about GW.

  43. Eric C. says:


  44. It doesn’t matter one way or the other to the Blue Jackal Tribe Jihadis. No matter what happens, they’ll lay it on the altar of their god — Climate Change.

  45. Stanky says:

    And you wonder why the Global Warming crowd refuses to have a scientific debate on the subject? Or why Al Gore bought a $8 million dollar property on the shore he projected to be underwater by 2030? Or why they call anyone that disagrees with them members of “The Flat Earth Society”? This whole scam is to make the elite richer on the backs of everyone else. The Carbon Tax is not to be used to clean up our environment, it is to be used to spread the wealth around to third world countries. Shameful that so many people buy into this garbage.

    • Andy Oz says:

      The wealth is not going to Third World countries.
      99.9% will stay in London and New York and a few other financial centers.

  46. RDTimmJr says:

    This is due to global warming, you can immediately start sending your donations to me instead of AlBore.

  47. JayH says:

    I agree, that the abnormal cooling is a direct consequence of Global Warming. In fact, every weather anomaly that has occurred since the term “Global Warming” was first used has been a consequence of Global Warming.

  48. Benton Bain says:

    If we did not have Al Gore’s global warming it would really be cold.

  49. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    I was just about to enter my teens on Wrong Island in the spring of 1975, and it was nowhere NEAR as cold as it was this year. While I now live in Texas, I’m constantly stunned by the temps I’ve been seeing up there now.

  50. Yankeefan says:

    We live in Southwest France on the Spanish border; temps have been below normal all through April. The low tonight is supposed to be around 35° F with snow down to 3,000 feet in the Pyrénées

  51. xsnake says:

    Cold enough to keep fried earth Gore hybernating in his cave for another month?

  52. Deborah Oliphant says:

    Are we all looking at the same chart? I see that c.1910 was colder than 1975 or 2013, and it was also a very cold April 1945 or 1946.

  53. John says:

    See Operation Thunderdome for answers.

  54. harkin says:

    To the tree ring library….stat!

  55. Johnny says:

    Wow, I didn’t know US history began in the 1890s. Wonder what they called heat/cold in the 1700s and early 1800s?

  56. Tom says:

    Did someone turn back on the Halliburton weather machine? It hasn’t been used since Katrina!

  57. J Hill says:

    Add it to the list: “unseasonably cold spring temperatures” -of things caused by man made global warming. Al Gore predicted this also.

  58. J Hill says:

    Definitely connected to operation THUNDERBALL, Largo definitely involved.

  59. Butch says:

    It that Global, ahhhhhh forget it.

  60. greenonsense says:

    What?? My AlGore Pocket Almanac’s been calling for 117F since February 12th.

  61. Butch says:

    Now I remember it’s that Global Money Shakedown.

  62. dankmon says:

    alaskan for 40 years, “global” warming is bs. cranes just got here yesterday, much later than normal. check out when the tanana river ice goes out, guessing later than normal.

  63. Maria Sanchez says:

    You mean once the climate “scientists” send secret emails to each other, manipulate the numbers they can use and hide the ones they can’t use to keep the federal grants coming from those who demand predetermined outcomes for geopolitical reasons unrelated to climate?

  64. Meagan says:

    We are getting sooo close to global warming!!!! (Bahahaha)

  65. SteveR says:

    You will never hear this report on Bidens website.

    • 4Deuce says:

      At Biden’s website, the webmaster uses crayons so his devotees can understand Biden’s mentality – that of an elementary school child. Remember when Obama selected his as his VP choice and the media told us that having Biden on his ticket would give Obama “gravitas” in the areas of foreign policy? Using “Biden” in any sentence having “gravitas” in it too always makes me laugh.

  66. H Clinton says:

    ………please do not tell algore or I will have to 2nd chakra him!!!

  67. Yahoo says:

    The sun is the determining factor for tempratues on earth.

  68. Dave says:

    Al Gore just emailed and said he had some sharply discounted carbon tax credits I could buy from him.

  69. comprof says:

    And the political driven and fraudulent “global warming” propaganda cost taxpayers and consumers billions of dollars.

  70. John says:

    This makes total sense. Everyone knows warming causes coldness. The UN told me so.

  71. jgdp says:

    The global warming religion is utter BS, believed-in by idiots!!! What, this instant is what all time has been aiming for? IDIOTS, incompetent and foolish IDIOTS!!!

  72. MarcT says:

    I see where we had well below average springs in 1900-1915-1945 and some more in the early 60s on top of the 1975 spring and this years edition……….it seems weather varies, some times it is much warmer (like last year) and then some times it is colder (like this year). But what the heck, let’s turn the world economy upside down and throw billions of more dollars at this to see if we can’t get to the perfect spring time temperatures……….which are what exactly?

  73. Steve Holman says:

    As long as the polar bears are safe, I’m good.

  74. matt says:

    What I find interesting is that it looks like the warmest start to spring was back in roughly 1907/1908

  75. Looks like all our efforts to combat global warming are working very well!

    • Andy Oz says:

      Those Carbon Credits worked.
      Who would have thought that Trillions in CC’s could stop CO2 from warming the planet in less than 10 years!! We can put the cue in the rack now.

  76. Tom says:

    The global warming crowd will never quit…… matter what the truth is they will always scream for their views. After all if they don’t have the global warming product line then they have to reinvent themselves and get jobs. All their funding lines in Congress will be changed to DOE scam products currently in force until they are disproved.

  77. Jim Greaves says:

    That was about the year that AL GORE and his acolytes were predicting a massive ICE AGE by the year 2000… Coincidence? I think not, given that they have ONLY been using temperatures SINCE 1975 to track this catastrophic “human induced global warming climate change” that has netted him and his minions BILLIONS in contracts, and destroyed much of the beauty of such fine scenic places as the Columbia River Gorge (just east of Biggs OR) with hundreds if not thousands of UGLY white fans, most of which are not turning when the USUAL wind speeds exceed 25 or so MPH – which is most of the time in the gorge… Never let a crisis go to waste – use it to make money hand over fist from the Federal Reserve and the internationalist bankers and their stooges in governments throughout the world…

  78. Jim Greaves says:

    This article failed to mention what the “average” average temp is “supposed” to be – ie, what some meaty-urologists call “normal”.

  79. Hugh K says:

    First of all; God bless you Steve. For someone that proclaims to be; “Just having fun” you certainly do offer seriously reliable scientific data on a consistent basis.

    I imagine the only out for the alarmists at this stage is to do a hard 180 and revert back to the ‘earth is cooling scare’. All due to carbon/man of course.

    Regardless, I just don’t think the following gets stated often enough….having fun or not, kudos for all of your efforts to bring a little sanity to this crazy world.

    • WilSpeaking says:

      @Hugh K
      Sounds like you might remember that back in the ’50s or ’60s the idea was to dust the ice shelf at the Arctic with carbon black to moderate the temperature and prevent the next ice age?

    • Mark Santeramo says:

      Lol, u really do believe climate change only applies to warm temperatures dont u…ahh ignorance is hilarious. Recent weather extremes are undeniable.

    • F. Guimaraes says:

      I totally agree. Steve, Robert Felix, Paul Homewood, Phil Roccke, Joe Bastardi, Joe D’Alleo, and others, are doing a great service to everyone by exposing the details of this greatest scientific fraud of all time called AGW.

  80. Slyfist says:

    So much for global warming hhhmm?

  81. B Forrest says:

    Call Al Gore. He will save us. He carries global warming in his suitcase.

  82. hykuyw734 says:

    There has been zero warming for some time, in spite of the hopes of man made global warming advocates.

  83. ultimaratioregis says:
  84. dave says:

    I bet Al Gore can fix it if we give him all of our money.

  85. Pete Dosado says:

    It would be an even later start to Spring if not for Global Warming! Quick everyone, get in your SUV’s and rev up the engines!

  86. Keena Kaur says:

    Tell that to us out here in Central California, where we’re hitting the upper 90s already. I’ll take the cold any day.

  87. Clems world says:

    Just a minor observation, not throwing stones by any means, the 2nd coldest since the late 1800’s. I am certain we have had colder prior to these numbers. It’s quite clear the dinasours were driving automobiles and that’s how they ended the ice age.

  88. Bill says:

    Global warming and the longterm cost of $22,000,000,000,000 that goes along with it is a hoax!!!

  89. Pad Medman says:

    No matter what happens regarding the weather, it’s all because of man-made global warming. If we head into a new ice age, it will be because of man-made global warming. Al Gore said so.

  90. hoyawildcat says:

    Everything is caused by Global Warming, so this must be too.

  91. Tom says:

    I thought the Prius I bought was supposed to stop global climate change….

  92. WHAT THE DWIGHT!!!! says:

    Quick put some spin on it we can’t have al gore losing money.

  93. stacy says:

    Man made! Ha Ha Ha Ha………….

  94. MGoyette says:

    The thing that EVERYBODY misses is this. The Planet has been warming and cooling long before man showed up here. The planet as a whole has a system to deal with these events. When it overheats it cools itself, when it cools too much it heats itself up…’s a thought what if the planet was in middle of “fixing” itself and all we have done is tripped the trigger too much by radically changing whatever we were doing or not doing .? Mans contibution to the heating or cooling of the planet is like comparing an etch-a-sketch to an Ipad.

  95. Tommy Roff says:

    Hey Libtards…. Thanks for letting us know SUVs are what’s causes the Martian polar caps to melt over the past 20 years.

    Here I thought it was just a cyclical thing.


  96. oldfarte says:

    But the Artic Cap is melting. Pretty soon Hilton Hotels will be opening a beach Hotel on Hudson’s Bay. Ignore the cold weather in Russia, Europe and North America. That is just the nasty any sayers who don’t believe the planet is warming just because all the thermometers were moved next to the heat pump exhausts. Tsk Tsk. Task.
    It is obvious that weather is being passed around a climate. Two very different things. One is yearly the other over hundreds or even thousands of years. Temp changes of only 100 years means NOTHING

    • Arctic ice extent is normal.

      • oldefart says:

        You what is so sad about that map is that when that when ‘they’ were not getting the numbers for ice cap shrinkage ‘they’ wanted ‘they’ changed the definition of the Arctic to include all of Hudson’s Bay and James Bay, to include almost South to Newfoundland. The correct definition of the Arctic is the part of the planet INSIDE the Artic Circle – DUH. The Arctic is the area of the planet where the sun never sets in the summer and never rises in the winter.
        So – if you don’t get the results you want just change the data. LOL

  97. Considering temps have only been tracked for the last 200 years or so, this headline is misleading at best. What were the temps for spring back in 1450? 1300? 1100? You have 200 years out of 5 billion years worth of recorded temps, which means you have nothing valid..

  98. Timbo says:

    Well, I did defrost my wife’s freezer in the garage, as well as empty out the ice maker in the fridge….I never realized I was doing so much harm. Going to light up the barbie now and make amends……

  99. Glad You Wrote This Blog says:

    Sorry but we are in the mid 90’s here in vegas, I don’t feel any cooler

  100. concerned says:

    Be patient, the problem with the weather is being corrected with chemtrail spraying, brought to you by Monsanto. Now just move along, everything is fine.

  101. John says:

    Geoengineering and continous weather disruption from aircraft spraying their chem trails overhead and blocking light does have an unsettling cooling effect, among other outcomes, doesn’t it.

    • Elroy Jetson says:

      Uh, those are called “contrails” not “Chemtrails” a term made up by nutballs from the Art Bell days. I think I saw a chemtrail coming from a diesel bus. Hmm…must be Monsanto trying to kill us all.

  102. Advo says:

    No worries – they will get those temperature adjustments in and this inconvenient truth will conform to the approved narrative in no time. Remember, this is settled science.

  103. Suzann says:

    Interestingly enough, Australia and Tasmania have had a much hotter than normal Summer….so whatever that means ???

  104. Thomas Ryan says:

    1975 was when we were entering the next Ice Age, wasn’t it?

  105. John says:

    Don’t you all kNow that fridge weather is actually casued by global warming. Also, extra snow, huricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, are due to global warming. I heard recently that the increase in adolescent acne is also related global warming.

    Don’t laugh – it settled science…

  106. John says:

    Remember that in 1970, Hansen predicted a freezing of the Gulf stream by 1980. Maybe he just got the years screwed up????

  107. K Spencer says:

    Global what? Someone’s been smoking too much carbon.

  108. mdbrock2118 says:

    Sorry dude, it’s climate change. Extremes of heat and cold. Unprecedented floods and droughts. Less snow but occurring only blizzards. Dearth of hurricanes but subway flooding eastern storms.

    It’s all according to the model.

    • Second coldest is obviously not unprecedented. Use your brain.

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      Brock, Apparently, you’ve never heard of the “Dust Bowl Era”. You might want to check the Palmer Index on that “unprecedented” claim.

    • PhilJourdan says:

      Which model would that be? The one that you just made up? No model in any scientific circle or yet detailed on the Internet has predicted what you just said. Many idiots have said what you said, but no models have.

  109. Rod Ramm says:

    Personally, I want the earth to warm to 200C to sterilize all the libtard scum from the planet.. but that’s just me.

  110. zone says:

    1970’s of course was when many, including press, had been predicting a global cooling with similar vigor now bestowed to theories of anthropomorphic global warming.

  111. Ken Towe says:

    Steve…Hold on! Last year, 2012 was the warmest US year on record. The same pre-Spring period (March, April, 2012)? In the contiguous US-48 ([drd964x.tmpst] …it was the warmest March-April since 1946 and 1910. In fact, it was almost 5°F warmer than the Mar-Apr of 2011. The important point to be made, and often overlooked, is that even after a record warm 2012, the trend in the US-48 since 1998 is still down.

  112. thrushjz says:

    So the Climate scientists were right…in 1975, not 2013.

  113. Red says:

    What happened to global warming?

  114. texan2driver says:

    I guess it’s global warming causing global warming not to globally warm.

  115. 1975 was when the stupid media was claiming we were entering a new ice age. I remember that from talking about it in my civics class my freshman year in high school. Funny how people are so gullible to believe Al Gore long enough to make “global warming” into a multi-billion dollar industry. Der.

  116. Just wait until 2015 when we will have even less solar activity fuming from the Sun. We are entering a 40 year cold snap that is going to be cold, cold, cold. It should not get as bad as the Little Ice Age of 1350 to 1850 in Europe, but it is going to be very cold. Global warming is not happening and anyone who thinks it is does not look at the facts. People like this man will be proven wrong: “the trend is perfectly in line with a temperature increase of 6 degrees Celsius (by 2050), which would have devastating consequences for the planet,” Fatih Birol, IEA’s chief economist told Reuters.”

  117. SaguaroJack says:

    Al Gore says you’re wrong. He says warm or cold, it’s global warming and it’s all our fault. He says we got less than four years left before we’re all crispy critters. And he doesn’t care what Rich Lindzen says. So there.

  118. Jeff says:

    When I look at that chart, one thing becomes obvious. Temperatures vary from year to year.

  119. Ethan says:

    Don’t just do something about it. Just stand there

  120. Stealthdan says:

    The global man made warming hoax will have to regroup and “re-digest” all that missing data to support more global taxation oh I mean global salvation. What a mess. Lost data, phony peer reviews, model details not disclosed because of “proprietary” methods, email leaks that indicated and proved collusion over “desired results” of researchers, political cronyism employed in issuing research grants, blackmail, etc…… The MMGW hoax is dead folks. The jig is up.

  121. Bobbloggerstein says:

    So much for global warming

  122. Al Gore called, and he wants his global warming back.

  123. Molly Jenkins says:

    Going Green is is Going Red, as in communism! I

  124. Jason says:

    Whatever happened to this Liberal Global Warming thing!! Lol

  125. uncarvedblock123 says:

    When was it that the “coming ice age” was predicted, somewhere around 1975?

    • J Hill says:

      The AGW types have an answer for everything, no matter now convoluted. They now claim the Time Magazine and Newsweek covers and all the hype in the 1970’s surrounding an alleged ice age on the way – was just journalists hyping the issue and scientists did not support the ice age theory.

      AGW is a religion at this point, so attempting to argue logically is completely useless, Up is down, red is blue, sp they can make anything up and the MSM will carry the ball for them.

    • Anton Seidl says:

      You are right! The new ice age prediction came about 50 years after the first global warming prediction about 1950, I remember it well, I picked up a French copy of Reader’s Digest in Paris which showed an artist’s portrayal of Lake Michigan dried up and the city of Chicago a burning pile of cinders. The title was “Le monde se rechauffe-t-elle? (s the world getting hotter?) I was a global warming skeptic then, and still am! Pace! Al Gore…

    • Anton Seidl says:

      Correction. I meant to say 25 years after the first global warming prediction!

    • Grizz Mann says:

      In September 1958, Harper’s wrote an article called “The Coming Ice Age”. I was starting High School.

      • tomwys says:

        I believe it was a summary of the Ewing/Donn theory of Ice Ages – remarkably prescient considering the Vostok and EPICA cores that would validate much of Ewing and Donn’s theory were still “in the ice” and wouldn’t emerge until 40 years into the future!!!

  126. kipp jones says:

    Its called what the weather does, no such thing as man made global warming/cooling, that is a political tool.

  127. William C. Comee says:

    Folks it is going to get a lot colder. Sun cooled a few years ago. Left suck it up more next year.

  128. kipp jones says:

    Records have only been kept for about 150 years so anyone making a case based on the limited records is foolish….

  129. Paul says:

    If it’s getting warmer, it’s global warming. If it’s getting colder, it’s global warming. If it stays the same, it’s climate change!

  130. Merle Graffam says:

    It seems that the politicization of global climate change debate has made many people hope for the worst to win the argument. Other data must be depressed

  131. Robert May says:

    The solution to this climate change trend is obvious: Massive tax increases and more spending /regulations. The debate is over. The science is settled.

  132. Joseph McLinden says:

    The scientific community has been lying to our faces for many years trying to protect their social status and gain the affections of liberal grant-mills; with no deference towards a trusting public, who now are saddled with all sorts of expensive Green-Garbage legislation stemming from the findings of our most vaunted and fraudulent, climate scientists.

  133. Robert Wyatt says:

    they call it climate change…they couldn’t change it then and they can’t change it now…No matter how many carbon credits ALGORE purchases, so he can live the life he wants while telling us what type of life we should live….
    And he said George Bush played on our fears……………:>(

  134. Pateick Gisler says:

    It is harder for the enviro-nazis to cook the books now that real scientists are watching…

  135. Dude says:

    In the 70’s everyone was afraid of global cooling and several best sellers were written.

  136. Duane Uptain says:

    Haven’t you figured it out yet!?

    Increasing temperatures = Anthropogenic Global Warming
    Decreasing temperatures = Anthropogenic Global Warming
    Narrowly fluctuating temperatures = Anthropogenic Global Warming
    Growing Antarctic ice sheets = Anthropogenic Global Warming
    Shrinking Antarctic ice sheets = Anthropogenic Global Warming
    Polar bears swimming in the sea = Anthropogenic Global Warming
    Bears crapping in the woods = Anthropogenic Global Warming
    Everything = Anthropogenic Global Warming

    Get it now?

  137. nothingtoseehere says:


  138. Liberals are brain dead morons. Exhibit A: Look who they put back in the White House.
    Do you need anymore proof than that? I do believe that one of the resulting “benefits” of that election debacle is that the global warming hyping “scientists” will continue to receive grant money for pushing the company line. Wake up. This hoax was contrived to be the engine that will
    drive the implementation of Agenda 21. Anyone who doesn’t already know that, is beyond my help. i can still hear the bleating of that liberal troll, Nancy Pelousey, when she proclaimed that
    “I’m trying to save the planet.” What an insufferable cow.

  139. Leo Danze says:

    1975 was the end of the 1940 – 75 cool period, we are now at the beginning of the coming cool cycle. Brrrr.

  140. Aleck says:

    Want to know when warmer weather is expected? Check the date for Orthodox Easter every year. Although Protestant and Catholic Easter was several weeks ago, Orthodox Easter Does not come until May 5th this year. Don’t expect a warm-up until after that date. It is a date determined by lunar cycles in relation to the Jewish Passover as events actually occured historically. The Farmer’s Almanac also uses lunar cycles to forecast weather, planting, etc.. Every few years both Easters fall on the same day, and warmer Spring weather follows thereafter.

  141. Richard Murray says:

    Can we please finally leave this man made global warming cr@p in the dump heap of human
    frauds and move on? Please?

    • Andy Oz says:

      You need a Nuremberg style show trial to ensure the CAGW originators are unable to use their propaganda again. And damages should be awarded against the carbon credit industry to put them out of business.

  142. I sure don’t see the global warming in this chart. Where are my glasses?

  143. Eliot Ness says:

    You better stop telling the truth. Igore (AKA, Al Gore) and his puppet-masters at Golden Sucks are going to get mad for proving their carbon credit tax stock market is a scam. The UN is expecting that cash for redistribution to third world thugs, while GS lines its pocket with a commission for managing the transfer.

  144. Don Gray says:

    But wait. Next year the federal climatologists are supposed adjust the emperic temperature data by a factor related to the seasonal variation in the traditional use of gas or electric stoves versus the newer standard of using the microwave, as well as the more recent research-related observation of quantum virtual particles (and their respective contribution to ambient temperatures) as opposed to their traditional unobserved theoretical speculative accounting and corresponding zero net contribution to the internal energy of the atmosphere, if we have properly interpreted the latest statement out of the Gore Institute (GOREBULL WARMING, February 2013 issue). I am certain that after that is taken into account, the starting temperatures of this years spring will be right on track as the warmest ever.

  145. April in AK has been way, way, below normal.

  146. Mike d says:

    Man made global warming, cooling, manipulation is a bunch of bs promoted by a bunch of panty wasted “professors” who get “their” paychecks (our tax dollars) from the government, who is looking for Any excuse to raise our taxes. Disagree? Why have all planets warmed in the 90’s?

  147. Mark Santeramo says:

    Hard to disagree with global warming now considering these weather extremes. Or are the idiots that think global warming only applies to warming going to rear their ugly heads. Global warmings a stupid term anyway…weather extremes as a byproduct is more accurate.

    • Your beliefs are religious, not scientific

    • squid2112 says:

      Extremes? … can you show me these so-called “extremes”?

    • GW says:

      No, climate scientists sold their hypothesis as global warming. According to this hypothesis, they said we would reach a point of no return where the temperature would rise rapidly. “Weather extremes” as opposed to runaway warming temperatures were never mentioned until it started to look like their models’ predictions might not be correct. One more year like this, and the empirical data will fall outside the maximum range of temperatures predicted, given the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. The global warming hypothesis is one year away from being falsified via the principles of the scientific method.

    • PhilJourdan says:

      What is the ACE over the last 20 years? How much has it gone up? (hint: It is a trick question).

  148. Mr Chris Paul says:

    I reside in deep rural Southwest Georgia. It is almost May, it should be hot as hell here right now ! We were at 80, but sinking back to 62 next week, with chilly nights. Anyone ? I rest my case, something is happening, something new.

  149. milum says:

    May God help us all. As Fred Hoyle wrote in his book “Ice’.
    ” When an Ice age comes it comes qutckly with a fury.”

  150. Tex says:

    Climate change you can believe in!

  151. DaveinMaine says:

    Now its too cold because Al Gore has been depriving the earth of its protective greenhouse gases for all this time. Bad Al. Go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

  152. Dan says:

    So in the 70’s I heard we were going into an ice age and we were all doomed….. Then in the mid to late 90’s I hear we are going into global warming and we are all doomed………. Now we are cooling off again and the only thing I can NOW think is……… ManBearPig is coming! I’M SUPER CEREAL!

  153. milum says:

    May God help us.
    Sir Fred Hoyle wrote in his classic book “Ice” .
    “When the Ice comes it comes quickly and with a fury.

  154. milum says:

    May God help us.
    Sir Fred Hoyle wrote in his classic book “Ice” .
    “When the Ice comes it comes quickly and with a fury”.

  155. I’m not complaining. I am enjoying the cooler temps. I know it will get warmer soon enough.

    More winter snow would have been a nice addition.

  156. DGSSPangloss says:

    He blinded me with Science-then I saw the light -of endless winter storms-and endless Winter nights

  157. Tony says:

    That’s the beautity of the Global Warming theory. If the earth is warmer, it’s caused by Global Warming. If the earth is cooler, it’s caused by, you guessed it, Global Warming! Droughts? Global Warming! Floods? Global Warming! Tornados? Hurricanes? Lightning? Nor’easters? All real scientists agree!

    Now that we have all the answers, you would think they could tell me if it was going to rain tomorrow!

  158. Maria-Erlinda says:

    But the Left (i.e., Democrats) will keep insisting on bamboozling all the “useful-idiots” into believing in the scam of “man-made global-warming”, whose name they have “smartly” changed to “man-made climate-change”.

    You see, the earth is not warming, either by itself or by man. However, climate change is a continual, interrupted process since the earth came into being and it will keep changing until the very time earth ceases being. So no one can refute that climate-change exists, but the Left attributes to man, when –seen from absolutely any point of view– the supreme and determining agent in earth’s climate change is the sun, yes, father sun. Well, there can be a supernova gamma-ray burst that may hit earth directly, then we’ll have terminal climate-change.

    The thing is that the Left uses the stratagem to 1- smoother the private-sector with regulation and legislation “based” on “global-warming” or “climate-change”, and 2– edict all sort of regulations and legislation to impose on individuals that, like sheep, people take, such as for example the measure now spreading through all Marxifornia (aka California) whereby stores don’t pack products sold to customers in plastic bags,and IMPOSE on stores to instead sell paper bags for $0.10 each. Stores happily comply because they make a gross profit of more than 9 cents on each bag they sell (they buy those paper bags in the hundreds of thousands at a unit price of a small fraction of a penny), which is a fascist attitude (NOTE: fascism is just half-baked socialism and a convenient –not necessarily indispensable, that is– steppingstone towards full-fledged socialism). And shoppers, like sheep, like androids obey, and there they go, either with their anti-hygienic “reusable” bags (i.e., contaminated with e-coli and salmonella from previous poultry or beef shopping). The idea being conditioning individuals to taking at prima face, like robots, the edicts from “our leaders” in government, institution which is mostly in the hands of the Left.

  159. Tim says:

    North Platte, NE had an all-time high temperature (90 F) for the month of April on the 25th of 2012. On April 24, 2013, the city had an all-time low temperature (21 F) for April.

  160. Kent says:

    Chemtrails! Look UP People.

  161. DannyE says:

    Global warming/climate change continues to hoist itself on its own petard. Lies, lies, and more lie. Time to show the truth.

  162. nonjaghater says:

    it’s so easy to manipulate graphs

    • It is so easy to make stupid comments

    • Maria-Erlinda says:

      Man-made “global warming” is a scam of the hardcore-Left to asphyxiate the free-enterprise system and to subject the individual into submission, all done with legislation, regulation and reforms, all “for the sake of ‘global’ warming. As for climate-change, the climate of the earth has been changing continuously since the time earth came into being, the sun being the agent of supreme influence. I was for a long time deep in the hardcore-Left –not as a stupid foot-soldier, but as a consummate operative and manipulator– having thud come to know, like the palm of my hand, all the trickery of the Left, particularly of the traitorous hardcore-Left (i.e., the anti-democratic Left = fascists, social-“democrats”, “democratic”-socialists, Marxists, Marxist-Leninists –both Bolshevikes and “Western-Marxists”– and communistic-anarchists), not as much as the softcore-Left (i.e., the democratic Left = bleeding-heart liberals and doctrinaire-Keynesians, two sectors that Lenin, very accurately christened by the fitting pejorative of “useful-idiots”).

      Deep in the hardcore Left, from where the “masses” are manipulated, anything related to environmentalism is deemed just a very convenient tool to help advance the push toward socialism and, if possible, toward “the ultimate aim”, which is how Marx referred to communism.

  163. Walter says:

    Hmm………rather warm in Reno, NV. Close to 90F today in the shade. I still think man-made “Global Warming” is man-made, political BS if you ask me. A bunch of people are standing next to a bonfire and chatting and having a good time until someone lights a cigarette, then everyone quits talking and starts commenting on how warm it is starting to get. That is WHAT “Global Warming is to me. Common people………It’s the SUN. It controls our solar system. Duh.

    • squid2112 says:

      Oh, so you are saying it is “normal” for Nevada today. Ok, gotcha, check…. Incredible how Global Warming leads to so much normal weather, but you have to remember, it is “extreme” normal weather.

  164. HILEW says:

    Could we all please go back to doing what we do and leave the weather and other issues of “acts of GOD” up to GOD????????

    • Mike M says:

      Nope, “Father, Son & Holy Ghost” have officially been replaced by “Federal Budget, Tax & Subsidize” (I.E. Government is now so all powerful that it can create any climate it wishes for the purpose of combating it.)

  165. Moku says:

    Wow, this spring is off than a cooler-than-normal start. Therefore, all climate change research and data are invalid. This is how anti-science Drudgebots think. Come to Hawai‘i, where signs of climate change are undeniable.

    • Your comprehension skills are those of a two year old.

    • squid2112 says:

      Seriously? Just what exactly are those “undeniable signs” ?

    • Elroy Jetson says:

      It’s funny, how liberals make up derogatory names for people who disagree with them, just as they make up their “facts” to support their pseudoscience. I guess, “Drudgebots” refers to anyone who clicks on a link to a reported news story from As far as “Hawai’i” is concerned, I hope it gets so hot, they’ll have to throw away their moo moos and don bikinis. Oh! Never mind, perhaps the moo moos are still a good idea, given the rates of morbid obesity in the island region.

      • squid2112 says:

        Hey, I kinda like the term “Drudgebots” .. I’m not really sure what it is, and I don’t frequent The Drudge Report, but Dridgebots sounds kinda catchy … doesn’t seem to me to be helping the progressive position much though.

    • PhilJourdan says:

      Really? How much have the islands sunk in the last 20 years?

    • Ken Towe says:

      Moku (minus his ad hominems), is correct. Average monthly temperatures at Honolulu have increased since the 1890s and the 1920s and 30s. Go to WORLD WEATHER RECORDS, on-line, 1921-1930 and 1931-1940 to see what the monthly means were at Honolulu and then compare with any more recent normals at Honolulu (sea level). The same is not true, however, at Rio de Janiero, Brazil where nothing much has happened since Charles Darwin was there on the HMS Beagle.

  166. anne bright says:

    Perhaps all the chem trails the government has been spraying since the 90’s across the Northern Hemisphere to reflect the sun away from the earth is working. Of course, it also contaminates the soil and water with aluminum, barium and strontium! Another semi-secret government program that most people would say “no” to IF they knew about it!

    • Elroy Jetson says:

      I think you need to reposition your foil hat for proper frequency tuning and ultimately, better reception.

      • Poltroon says:

        I think your frame of reference must be quite small. I was watching contrails in the 1960’s caused by jets, son. They were from Fairchild SAC base in Eastern Washington

  167. MAG says:

    Given that the earth is more than a couple billon years old, looking at 100 years and declaring a single data point the second coldest seems wrong. Now if there was a sentence about ‘since temperature records were kept’ it would be only slightly less ridiculous.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Well spotted MAG. It’s just like saying Arctic Ice never melted before 1979 satellites, and we should levy carbon taxes in the trillions to freeze it back. Now that is utterly ridiculous.

  168. Worrying about the weather is like worrying about Quasars… You can’t change it. Who cares what fat blowhard Gore is saying? He is a traitor and a charlatan. We can only change ourselves… Love each other, have empathy for those who share this magic marble with us and take care of those close to us and others when we can… Health, love and freedom to all! Even “fat blowhard” Al.

  169. karen says:

    Still wearing my winter coat and have not put the snow boots away!!

    • Poltroon says:

      You and I are of the same mind but you shouldn’t confuse weather which is local and climate which is global

  170. cassiusclay20002000 says:

    Due, of course, to ‘Global Warming’.

  171. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    There is no such thing as AGW. The weather nad temperatures are cylical. Always have been, always will be. But some people have created a cottage industry off of it and make a handsome annual sum from those who donate to ‘the cause’…those people always have to have some cause – at least pot is becoming legal so they can stay high and out of our hair.

  172. Willow says:

    It’s the fault of the sequester. Just squeak a litter louder and Congress will fix it. Just like the air traffic controllers. To Hell with passing laws and trying to cut the deficit. Full steam ahead.

  173. Rick says:

    If they can’t blame it on Global Warming then they will blame Bush or the sequester.

  174. I wonder what sh** for brains Algore has to say about that.

    • squid2112 says:

      While I would agree with your label for Algore, one thing is for certain, he has made a whole sh** ton of cash with his sh** for brains. Makes me beggar the question, what would you call all of the people he has conned out of that sh** ton of money? Is it better to be a fool or follow a fool?

  175. Mike Mangan says:

    Are you going to tell us how you ended up on Drudge after all these people leave? Congratulations, btw.

  176. David Rogers says:

    Looks like within the past couple of years we also had the 2nd warmest spring on record.

  177. paul says:

    Look at the data – there is no obvious warming in the data set (which starts at 1893), and the general trend is toward less deviation, not greater as the current fearmongers would have you believe.

  178. Steve says:

    We have frequent Global Warming Updates (pun intended) on Common Cents…

  179. It is so unseasonably cold outside, no wonder the Earth has a fever.

  180. Aaron says:

    All that green energy is causing global cooling. It must be stopped – tax it and add more regulations. If not all the warm weather animals will die.

  181. Steve Martin says:

    It is so weird (how temperatures are always different and changing)

    I guess the day is coming when we will be able to decide what temperatures we want…OUTSIDE…and make it happen.


    The hubris of humankind never ceases to amaze me.

  182. Keith Trimble says:

    The last time the earth’s temps rose was 1998. It’s why they had to change it to “climate change” to continue getting research funds….our tax dollars.

  183. matinva says:

    The fraudsters can no longer call it ‘global warming’ because, well, it’s no longer ‘warming’! Not in twenty years now. So, they have switched gears and given their theory a new ‘DUH’ title; ‘climate change’. Well, who can argue with THAT? The climate changes every day! Unfortunately, there are so many ‘low information voters’ out there, they can still get away with blaming every nasty storm, flood and, yes, even earthquake on ‘climate change’.

  184. Selena Rodriguez says:

    The Global Warming religious nuts will be really mad, and will adjust the numbers accordingly. These are the true ‘pee on your leg and insist it’s raining’ crowd.

  185. MarcT says:

    It’s the funding factor……check out Thomas Sowell on you tube, he went to work for a gov’t organization in his early years and discovered no one there was interested in solutions. Solutions meant problem solved which equates to less funding just as problem getting bigger equates to more funding……same applies with this subject. Why would any organization being funded to study global warming ever report that they have found evidence that the temps have not increased in several years? When it became clear that the warming theory wasn’t holding up they changed to climate change which should get them several billion more in funding…..then when enough people realize that it is the NATURE of climate to change they will come up with yet another talking point….perhaps the earth is now spinning too fast due to the wealthy not paying their fair share…….I’ve had it with these short sighted single issue do gooders and the politicians who pander to them

  186. Wheaton G Hammermill says:

    It all can be explained in three words. 1. Follow 2. The 3. Money. What would we have these people do, if we did have this sky is falling science? I just follow a population graph back 150 years, with the industrial and informational revolutions, machines and computers do more work now. The population is growing, people live longer. So we invent false science based on fear. So people will follow. Then just say “what if we do nothing?” Then government subscribes, regulates, taxes. People have jobs, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. The cycle continues.
    Where can we go now to get away from this B S? I thought this was the new world. I so want to just say, stop all this madness and all of us can just start over from the beginning. However, I still would learn from our mistakes. I want to live where Common Sense Rules. Not all this BS.
    “If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. Compromise what you know to be true, soon you will be living the lie.”

  187. Fred says:

    I think that we all need to ask….who is Al Gore? Is he a engineer? Nope. Darn it. He profits from believed problems. Not real events.

  188. e-sherpa says:

    Warmer air causes more evaporation, and humid air retains temperatures longer… So a warmer winter is a colder spring as the temp shift in the seasons is delayed.

    Stop trying reach a misconception with one data point.

    • Last year was the second warmest spring on record. You are thrashing around in a mindless intellectual void.

    • ByronMAllen says:

      You need to take a physics class. Look up latent heat. You concepts are just plain wrong and have zero scientific basis.

    • Ronstradamus says:

      So GLOBAL WAMING makes things COLDER? I must have missed those concepts in Thermodynamics…….

      Why did liars have to change the name from GLOBAL WARMING to climate change?

      Why are the remedies for climate change the exact same remedies as for GLOBAL WARMING?

      Do you get paid to tell lies on the intewebz? You need to get some better ones……

      • squid2112 says:

        It’s not just Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Discruption, etc… ALL … I repeat, ALL of these doomsday non-problems, from over population, to global cooling, to global warming, to climate change, to peak oil, .. yada, yada, yada … they ALL have the same solution. Just go do a little research into history and see for yourself. The solutions are always the same!

  189. kimdi01 says:

    global warming, global warming, global warming, GLOBAL WARMING??? Who is trying to con who, or what?

  190. Gary D says:

    97% of scientists and 100% of scientific organizations agree in human caused climate warming. 13950 peer-reviewed climate articles since 1991 – only 24 reject global warming. Elementary students across the world learn the difference between weather and climate. It will take more than one cold Spring to change the scientific consensus.

    • Ronstradamus says:

      That’s one whopper of a lie, Gary.

    • Wheaton G Hammermill says:

      Scientist that study climate are funded by Government Grants. First rule of thumb in survival. 1. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. Even captured wild animals have this ingrained in their DNA. So if your a climate scientist why would you say otherwise? Lets contrast with the 99 percent of the prisoners in the prison reviewed the comfort survey and agree that the conditions are unfavorable. Would that be a peer reviewed study too? Climate Change is a theory. Nothing more. Nothing conclusive to prove otherwise. The Data is telling the story, now don’t whine that you do not like the stories ending, because you can now see the money drying up.

    • Poltroon says:

      I don’t think any one disputes global warming. That phenomenon has been waxing and waning for eons. The controversy is regarding the man made theory. Elementary students should be taught that fact. BTW of those 97% scientists only small portion are Atmospheric Scientists. The lack of any appreciable increase in global temperature in spite of the increase in co2 over the last 20 years is a bit of a problem don’t ya think?

    • 4Deuce says:

      I only wish you knew the actual sources of your bogus “97%” claim. I read a detailed history of the small polls that gave birth to this bogus 97% claim you are regurgitating and I’ve read many of the highly crtitical commentaries of scientists who refused to participate in these SMALL polls becuase of the bogus assumptions and faulty science on which these polls were based. You can try the old “the debate is over” claim too Gary – but that does not mean the debate is closed and if you believe science is ruled by consensus than you are the one needing some elementary education in scientificv pinciples.

    • squid2112 says:

      Man, how many times, and in how many ways does this “97% consensus” bullshit have to be debunked before stupid people quit spouting off and repeating the same stupid bullshit.

      Read my lips Gary! … there is no f**king 97% consensus!! look in to it yourself .. this is the most widely debunked bunch of crap there is!

      Gary, please, I beg of you .. start using that grey matter between your ears!

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      Gary, When you don’t really know what you’re talking about, it is always best to remain silent, and allow others to suspect you are Ignorant,…rather than to speak, and remove all doubt.

    • SirGareth says:

      99% of government employees think they work too hard and are paid too little. What shall we conclude from this “peer reviewed” poll. What would a “climate scientist” do if there wasnt a “climate crisis” Work at McDonald’s or at Jiffy Lube?

      Do McDonalds and Jiffy Lube send their employees off to warm climates and white beaches when the snow flies to stay at 5 star hotels to sample the vintage wines, lobster and caviar?

      No this grueling work needs to be done by government “scientists” and it’s all free. The big bonus is that you can be do nothing be dead wrong 100% of the time for your whole life and no one will know until you are long buried – what a life. I used to think the high priests had it made; now they call themselves “climate scientists”

  191. Lars Johnson says:

    Danm….where’s that global warming when you need it?!?!?!? Somebody call Algore!!!

  192. lew says:

    why is volcanic pollution not metioned one event does more than manmade has done for decades some of them centuries they alone prove global warming is garbage . global warming is for control and control, tax not fact.

  193. Everyone seems to think all this is new–never happened before…we have had storms , ice ages, all catastrophic –yet we panic when the earth gets .3 degree warmer–it is the foolishness of humans to think we control the climate.

    • 4Deuce says:

      …. And who designated the Hansens and Manns of the world to be ther final arbiters of what constitutes perfect temperatures?

  194. Bill Speers says:

    What about 1816, the Year Without A Summer?

  195. PowerT says:

    Now that Algore has solved global warming, he can take time to rest and get another “massage”.

  196. Bambam says:

    What a crock. Everyone knows that global warming causes global cooling….I mean……wait……isn’t that what that buffoon Gore tells us?

  197. kmpk says:

    The Politically Correct Science Movement of “Man Made” Global Warming will find a way to spin this. In fact they are now spinning a new term called “Climate Chaos”. This way everything is absolutely covered.

  198. Doug Piranha says:

    The full name of the phenomenon is Michael Mann-made global warming.

  199. Just can’t trust that global warming, can we?

  200. Vince says:

    Don’t worry Global Warming Jhadists. They’ll figure out a way to blame it on global warming.

  201. Ronstradamus says:

    Further proof of GLOBAL WARMING………right liberal troglodytes???

    What HASN’T Obama lied about?

    • Stanky says:

      Fundamentally transforming this country. Building a domestic police force to rival our military. Dismantling our military. Spreading the wealth around. Hope that answers your question.

  202. more “proof” of global warming

  203. Unadjusted temperature is the real observed data. Adjusted temperature is man falsified data to make it appear that harmful man induced (anthropogenic) global warming (climate change) is actually occurring.

  204. Festus says:

    Yep…looks like a hockey stick!

  205. Troy Onstott says:

    There is no global warming!

  206. Greg Raven says:

    Don’t forget that “data” is a plural noun, therefore, it should read “data are,” not “data is.”

  207. Scott says:

    Looking at the chart, I do not see the HOCKEY STICK all these experts keep telling us about.

  208. Stevo says:

    Damn pesky stats. They always get in the way of BS.

  209. Jim says:

    I hope all this global warming lowers my heating bill!

  210. MotherofSquirms says:

    Statistical outliers do not a trend make. And screw basing your ‘belief’ in global warming on predictions if they happen to come up short. How about what is happening now? Glaciers, sea ice, and permafrost melting at unprecedented rates, more widespread wildfires, coral bleaching, and species invading higher altitudes than they were previously… that’s all happening NOW, and it IS happening.

    Regardless of climate change, why not try to live a less trashy, more responsible life? We’re still poisoning everything around us. Climate change is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg.

    • There is no trend to the data. Your thought process is a statistical outlier. Without fossil fuels society would collapse in a week.

    • Ken Towe says:

      Squirms… Many of the empirical observations you describe happened before… back in the 20s and 30s, back before CO2 was being elevated because of steady human population growth. Temperatures went up until about 1940 then went back down until about 1975. They are now back up again but are steadying, if not declining. Deja vu?
      A less trashy, more responsible life is certainly a worthy goal, regardless. But this cannot put the CO2 genie back in the bottle with more and more “carbon feet” leaving more and more footprints worldwide.

    • R. de Haan says:

      “Regardless of climate change, why not try to live a less trashy, more responsible life? We’re still poisoning everything around us. Climate change is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg.”

      You’re brainwashed, but be my guest and waste yourself.

    • Jimmy Haigh says:

      Don’t you feel guilty using a computer?

    • squid2112 says:

      Squirms …

      Regardless of climate change, why not try to live a less trashy, more responsible life? We’re still poisoning everything around us. Climate change is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg.

      Then why don’t you advocate for quitting this Global Warming nonsense, and instead of wasting valuable resources on a non-problem, why not address real problems?

      You can tell from a thousand miles away that this is crap, just by the way resources are wasted in billions upon billions of dollars to do absolutely nothing, all the while real problems are ignored, real solutions to real problem are ignored.

      • Here is what you are missing; the problem does not lie in the US. It is not solved by farmers raising corn and soybeans that are made into fuel instead of feeding the world. The problem is in countries who do not go by the same rules the US has. Check out this one example, then spread it to every other country in the same shape.

    • SirGareth says:

      Yes they do, as long as they support the agenda. You obviously do not keep up with the New York Slimes reporting on “climate disruptions” known to we, the unwashed, simply as “weather” “It was a dark and stormy night”….. Snoopy

  211. 4Deuce says:

    What the rabid AGW devotees cannot come to accept is that despite their media-fueled doomsday efforts promoting global warming/climate change, they collectively lost the Joe SIxpack-moderated debate on global warming. Despite their subversive efforts to manipulate the data to suit their political and economic ends, old Joe Sixpack saw thru their efforts and realized he had been conned by agenda-driven scientists and a supportive Leftist media – both who viewed Climate Change as their pathway to yet more Big Brother government power. Now, still thinking themselves as superior thinkers/planners, they cannot come to accept that in Joe Sixpack’s eyes (those who pay our nation’s bills) they have been seen as the manipulating, power-grabbing frauds that they are. Al Gore tried to con America and the world with his bogus “the debate is over” claims. Joe Sixpack decided to sit back and allow Mother Nature to make up his mind for him. She has. And now Joe Sixpack sees the con clearly – and refuses to be conned again.

  212. joyce small says:

    I think we all know that if the weather was really hot for spring…people
    would be complaining on how hot is is. I am not worried at all.

  213. Michael McConnell says:

    I live in PA and I cannot stand it. Tomorrow’s high still won’t hit 60. The trees are just starting to show buds. May is just 3 days away and we still need jackets.

  214. DanW says:

    It would be interesting and useful to see a statistical regression of this data. An average of this uncorrected data would be more enlightening than all computer climate models that exist today. In theory (not really theory I suppose but assumption by climate ‘scientists’) winter and spring months should be getting warmer as ‘CO2 forcing’ causes the atmosphere to retain heat. In truth that is not happening. Yes, there have been some anomalous warm years but on the whole we can clearly see that the upper limits of temperature on this graph are declining over time. This appears to support recent data suggesting that the Earth’s atmosphere has been cooling for the last 2000 years and that the recent warming period was a statistical blip of no scientific importance.

    • AWGisascam says:

      Ah but it is no longer global warming, it is climate change. They “wised up” when they realized that the temperatures might be trending downward and “adjusted” the naming to cover both warming and cold. I realize that statistics can show trends but can they predict absolutes? The AWG folks are talking in absolutes.

      Also, measurement errors and computational errors can make the conclusions absolutely useless. Especially, as time or computational iterations increase.

      Also, how much does the sun contribute to global temperatures and can it be ruled out as the cause of the recent “spike?”

  215. T G says:

    Global Warming is a 4 letter word……………H O A X……………

  216. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    Good thing for global warming or it would have been really cold.

    • AWGisascam says:

      Ya. And a good thing all of those people were driving their gas guzzling SUVs otherwise, we’d be in really bad shape.

  217. RHO says:

    Hit the panic button, alert the propaganda people, we need a full court press to bolster AGW!

  218. erichwalker says:

    Well, it’s hard to say if this is global warming or a new ice age. Only two things are for certain: The sky is falling, and it’s Bush’s fault. 300% of scientists agree.

  219. n5baa says:

    I asked my tomatoes and they said it was too cool to grow.

  220. js_biggs says:

    How dare you question the religion of Global Warming!!!

  221. akble says:

    ahh so Adjusted Temps are artificially changed by humans – often due to natural weather conditions- my question then is when they compare out temp to 300 years ago- even 150 years ago- who was in Iowa was doing the Adjusted Temp then? Especially when they seem to want to talk in differences or 1- 2 degrees? To me either take the Temps accurately in the first place- not on some station 2 feet from a building air compressor on a black tar roof or acknowledge we have no “real” information even today to make minor changes to the past. Shouldn’t we be equally skeptical of Government “Adjusted Temps” as we are Unemployment figures?

      If it is caused by humans, it is not caused by US humans. Check it out.

      • Ken Towe says:

        texashillbilly… You might find it useful to read a very brief paper written in 1987 that shows clearly that “us humans” are indeed the cause of the elevated CO2. It is by Norman Newell and Leslie Marcus entitled “Carbon Dioxide and People”? They found a very strong correlation between world population and Mauna Loa CO2. Any update of their data confirms this 99.8% correlation.
        read their paper, then report back. Here’s an independent comment…

        “… a 1987 paper written by Dr. Newell and a museum colleague, Dr. Leslie Marcus, found a nearly direct correlation between an increase in world population and increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The paper was published in Palaios, a journal of the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, and found that emissions of carbon dioxide were “almost wholly dependent on human activities with only very minor contributions from natural causes.”

      • AWGisascam says:

        Ken: And how much does CO2 contribute to global warming. Ah, that is the question. How about very little. And human contribution? — A fraction of very little.

      • Andy Oz says:

        Dear Ken,

        You’ll also see a near perfect correlation between charts of global CO2 and the world’s (or the US’s) M3 money supply. Of course there is no direct link between global CO2 and M3 (there are indirect links). But there is no significant link between CO2 and global temperature.

        • Dr. Wayne Kraus, PhD says:


          I am pleased my comments on the fallacy of an ad hoc ergo propter hoc logic to confuse people that there is a cause and effect relationship between atmospheric CO2 concentration and climate variation has stirred so much discussion. However, it is silly to engage the fools who continue to point to these snippets of time series correlations of their ‘statistically concocted global temperature’ vs. time. This pseudo-science is irrelevant and it is pointless to argue with the statistical fools about meaningless statistical gyrations.

          Let me give you a few examples of the foolishness of this logical trap.

          “People who wear eyeglasses have poor eyesight. Therefore, eye glasses cause poor eye sight.”

          “People who are on diets are obese. Therefore, diets cause obesity.”

          MBH98 generated a logical trap to foolishness. Do not indulge this foolishness. Go to the physics related to the IR spectroscopic behavior of CO2 because it absolutely proves the primary claim of the global warming theorists is fundamentally false. Increasing atmospheric concentration beyond an asymptotic level (Dr. Hertzberg has estimated that level is 80 ppmv) absorbs no more IR energy so it cannot result in continued climate warming. (Review the work of Dr. Heinz Hug). The reason for the Beer-Lambert exponential decline of energy absorbed vs. concentration is because all substances in nature only absorb electromagnetic energy photons in narrow wavelength bands (this follows from quantum theory). Therefore, when atmospheric CO2 concentration reaches 80 ppmv it has absorbed all the IR energy in the 3 narrow wavelength bands it can. Therefore, any increase in CO2 concentration above 80 ppmv has no more IR energy it can absorb.

          I have found it is best to treat fools like fools and ignore their nonsense. Sadly, the lamestream press has a global warming agenda so it refuses to report the science that has already firmly refuted the MBH98 & Phil Jones nonsense.

          By the way several years before the climate gate scandal I corresponded with Dr. Phil JOnes at University of East Anglia requesting he provide me his raw data. At the time I pointe out to him that even if his correlations were accurate they did not to prove a cause and effect relationship. He broke of correspondence and did not provide me the raw data, which it now seems he claims he lost.

          My experience in science tells me that if you do not provide your peers with your raw data so they can examine it and you have lost the raw data, that means that your results have been forfeited and you need to start over again.

      • Ken Towe says:

        Please note that the strong correlation is between the steadily increasing number of humans (“carbon footprints”) and the steadily increasing CO2. It is NOT between humans, CO2 and temperature. The latter is, indeed, where the dispute lies and the evidence is weak. To argue that humans are not causing the rise in CO2 is to miss this point.

      • Ken Towe says:

        Dr. Krause is quite correct. The “raw” data are indeed important but are lost. These data at the East Anglia CRU have been destroyed. Source:
        Excerpt: “Since the 1980s, we have merged the data we have received into existing series or begun new ones, so it is impossible to say if all stations within a particular country or if all of an individual record should be freely available. Data storage availability in the 1980s meant that we were not able to keep the multiple sources for some sites, only the station series after adjustment for homogeneity issues. We, therefore, do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (i.e. quality controlled and homogenized) data.”

  222. Ken Towe says:

    The cold snap of February 1899…

  223. John king says:

    When I was a student at Penn State a professor once laughed at me for believing we needed to do something to prevent global warming, it was a nice laugh, friendly and caring. He then told me the truth. He said you better pray for global warming to be true because the scientific evidence showed the earth is going toward an ice age! He chuckled at the short time frame of the global warming so called science and the fact that just a few years before the scientific community had been proposing global cooling as a problem. The year was 1974!
    Now you have known falsification (hello my beloved Penn State) of the facts, a media that calls you stupid if you do not believe their false facts, and a politically motivated educational system.

  224. Afterburner says:

    The climate has changed, hence, Climate change. An scientist worth his salt understands the fluctuation variables juxtaposed alongside and matched to the ice core samples which are measured by increments and multiplied by the inverse ratio of the last century and a half of man made incremental increase of the global carbon load.

  225. Too cold=global warming. Too hot=global warming. Too much rain=global warming. Not enough rain =global warming. Everything=global warming. Global warming coming this Spring.

  226. Steve M. says:

    A little chilly this year, but three straight days of 80-90+ degree weather in April? Give me a break.

  227. kramer says:

    If this were the second hottest spring in US history, I bet there’d be lots of stories in the MSM about it…

  228. Mc Duffy says:

    Ohhh! I’m so conflicted!! Does Obama raise or lower the sea levels now?!?! I must know for my meaningless Starbucks conversations in the morning! Can’t the climate people all just get along!

  229. Chad Durbec says:

    I believe the word that is missing is “recorded”. Considering that all the land in the lower 48 was once under a nice thick sheet of ice it might not actually be the coldest start of spring….ever.

  230. ClimateDenier says:

    But, but, but how will East Anglia scientists, Al Gore and the usual UN stooges support be paid for the faux science if they don’t get our tax dollars? Pity party at the WH to commence.

  231. Environmental movement to further a socialist agenda. Tool to give government control of every aspect of our lives. Enviormentalism – Everythingism. Global warming a farce and part of the agenda. Tool they waited 100 years for that gives them the absolute power they want but get it under the guise of saving the planet.

    “ My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism” Karl Marx
    Freedom and Free Enterprise fruit on the tree of Morality. Founders understood this principle and so do our enemies.
    “Out Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” John Adams

    Use public policy to subvert America from inside. Infiltrate and influence our culture to detach our culture from any moral anchors whatsoever. Deliberately destroyed the American family understanding that it’s the foundational block that built a society. Come from Norman Rockwell’s America to Hugh Hefners America. Progressives know what holds society together, they understand it but they don’t want it – they want change and will subvert and rot every good and decent thing we believe in – because they have a vision for a new society and that means replacement of the old society.

    This is the most comprehensive, best movie I have seen pulling all this together. 100+ years of the effort to destroy the greatest country on earth and if America goes down the free world goes down with her and it will be finished for a very, very long time!

    I urge every PATRIOT to watch this movie and share it with your children and discuss – they are learning none of this in school!
    This needs to go VIRAL – post link everywhere
    Give it 5 minutes and you won’t regret it
    No Conspiracies. Just Facts

  232. cj says:

    YEP that darn Global Warming is at it again. Global warming is going the way of the ozone Layer and acid rain,,,,,,ALL LEFT GARBAGE,,,,,,,,

  233. Tom Cook says:

    Are they going to start paying us now to put carbon in the air?

  234. Dave says:

    AT LAST!!…A full thread of Responses I could laugh at…This does not happen often, keep up the good work !!

  235. Brian Lantz says:

    HEY! GLobal warming is ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Just read the commentary! Global warming has actually taken place between the ears of those who used to babble about global warming…. with all apologies to those who were deceived by that canard.

  236. TheRightPresident says:

    Start of spring? How about a meaningful period of time? Just because April, 1816 was warmer than this year had no bearing on 1816 being the year with no summer.

    Even though anthropogenic global climate change is a myth, with no real science behind it, it is still important to get numbers right and in context.

  237. B Forrest says:

    Call Al Gore. He’ll save us. He carries global warming in his suitcase.

  238. Jack america says:

    Al Gore is a jack0ff

  239. Bill says:

    Do you have a comment from the fraud of junk science, algoreleonie?

  240. AWGisascam says:

    Adjust the temperatures. Lol. That means that the data is garbage. Garbage in garbage out.
    And what about the models. Lol. No one is talking about the accuracy of the computer models. Probably garbage too and have to be “adjusted.”

    And we are eargerly betting our livelyhood and future on this snake oil while the scam artists get rich. Algore “the first Carbon billionaire.” FOOOLS!!!!! So sad for ol’ Al — people are starting to realize that it is a scam.

    Come back to us when the measured data and models have less than 0.1% error. At that point they should be able to predict global temps a week from now and that is with repeated sampling. 10 years, forget it.

  241. Lowest spring in HISTORY. What History? The period that these so called scientists are talking about is a mere fraction of an eye blink. Thats the problem with these mensa dropouts. There ego’s allow them to believe that the world is irrelevant past the time their college proffesor’s (If you can do, if you can’t teach) told them that only the last 200 years mattered because that fit their facts.

  242. aberdeenvet says:

    As long as the government keeps the entitlements coming, the Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrat politicians, President Obama, all his supporters, and all the low information voters, real, imagined, legal, illegal, or otherwise won’t care. The truth be damned. Keep taxing the productive, and keep the goodies coming.

  243. I’m sure no one can quantify how much ash and arosols were in jected into the atmosphere last year, But it was off the charts, every week there was a new active volcano eruption sprinkled all over the globe…..But we don’t take this into concideration now, because we do stupid so much better today…….

    • AWGisascam says:

      Scientists are not supposed to be stupid. Politicians can be and are stupid. The problem is that AGW was a “done deal” before it was completely vetted. And when anyone asked the right questions they were shot down either buy the argument that 99.999% of all scientists believe it or you is just too stupid to understand. We scientist gods know what is right and we will tell you. So listen while we line our pockets and keep the grant money flowing.

  244. Sunny says:

    Mother Earth will allow spring weather to arrive whenever she is ready.

  245. John Dietrich says:

    I had a hunch that global warming/climate change was a swindle ever since it first got popular.
    Seems like the leftists jumped on the environmental bandwagon right after “the fall” of communism. Keep an eye on those leftist creeps. They about brainwashing and sucking the joy out of life.

  246. Weather aside. Why are so many of you ok with polluting our environment?

    • When did you stop beating your wife? Or is that a stupid question to ask someone from San Francisco?

      The word we normally use for people like you is “scumbag”

    • philjourdan says:

      Science aside, which posts are promoting polluting the environment?

    • SirGareth says:

      I just left a pile of “pollution” in the john this morning. I’m OK with it, its called “life” Actually and we even allow whales to do it in the “clean” oceans; no EPA fine for whales “spewing” in the seas. Are you even aware of the tons of whale poop each individual whale contributes towards polluting our planet. Save the earth, kill a whale.

      My God, you enviro-wackos are truly nut jobs .

  247. Alaskaninfidel says:

    This spring reminds me of how it was in the late 50s through the 60s. Got warmer. Gets cooler.
    Who’d a thunk it?
    Is this the ice age we were promised a while back or some new ice age and the other one passed real quick like and went unnoticed?
    I’m referencing the Russian scientists predicting cooling….for the next 200 to 250 years.
    I’ll stick with the farmers almanac.

  248. Grumpy Gus says:

    Sheeez! If this cooling trend continues, AlGore just might actually get to use his famous hockey stick!

  249. Warrl says:

    The novel “<a href=".Fallen Angels” by Niven, Pournelle, and Flynn…

    Some details of the setting: the ice age is indisputably here. Glaciers have crossed the border from Canada into the US pretty much from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes. Chicago is mostly abandoned, and the remaining population is slowly tearing down the city to use as firewood.

    And the US government is engaging in extreme measures to prevent global warming.

    Among the extreme measures is the rationing of paper. It’s only available for approved socially beneficial uses – which do NOT include political opposition to the government, or any sort of scientific or technological research or speculation.

    Remember, this is a work of fiction… so far…

  250. Warrl says:

    Trying again on the link… Fallen Angels

  251. Andy Oz says:

    485 responses to one Steven Goddard post!
    That has to be some kind of record, especially without David Appell, Laztoo, and mrs strauss blocking it all up.

  252. Ron van most says:

    Yup. It gotta be global warming! The of police will be calling to tell to fix your bad data.

  253. James Anderson says:

    This is what true science is about. Presenting the information and letting each of us decide without the interference of those that have agendas.

  254. Deborah Cowles, Doswell, Virginia says:

    Where’s Professor Michael Mann when we need him?

  255. Chuck says:

    Check this article. Who do you believe, Al Gore or these Russian scientists?

  256. Harwood says:

    Quick! Hide the decline!

  257. Al Gored the stink miester. says:

    Fart gas known as (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide) has created Global Stink House.

  258. Looks like Mother Nature doesn’t always want to do what the Global Warming crowd,and Al Gore want her to do.

  259. Sam K says:

    Statistics 101 tells us this is a random pattern, without trend, but likely a slow news day for reporters who usually cover day care diapers.

  260. SirGareth says:

    The “climate” is now said to be so unstable that it has actually turned into “weather” instead. (ROTFLMFAO.)

    Seriously, just you can’t get this stupid naturally. We are now facing a man made “Global Stupidity” crisis brought on by too many government “grants” (theft) by the government-educational complex that Ike foolishly failed to forewarn us about.

  261. trabant099 says:

    we need to FIRE UP AL OUR SUV’s simultaneously and generate adequate GREEN HOUSE GASES TO WARM US UP!!!!

  262. Robert says:

    Where’s Al Gore when we need him? Out selling carbon credits?

  263. Flyfish says:

    My wife and I are big fans of camping in the national parks. Every park has a geology display showing what the park was like a gazillion years ago. At Everglades NP, a ranger was asked if climate change was real. He said “The climate is always changing.” What I want to know is, when was the climate absolutely perfect so we can adopt an international program to reset everything back to that date?

    • SirGareth says:

      That would be the next “crisis.”

      If the climate ever became “stable” it would have to be “man made climate stability” never seen before Reagan dropped the tax rates.

  264. EC in Ohio says:

    Thank you Matt Drudge for bringing out the Climate Change deniers. You could show them a black pen and they would tell you that it’s blue, because Matt Drudge and Glenn Beck said so. Science is not in the conspiracy theory business, it’s in the fact finding business. And facts are stubborn things, they don’t change based on public opinion. If you look at the graph above, it demonstrates what scientists have said about Climate Change, and that is that as the atmosphere warms, we will see more weather extremes. Look at 2012, one of the warmest on record in the United States, and 2013, one of the coldest on record in the United States. The KEY Identifier on this graph: Temperatures Across The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in March 2013. I know many people, because of their egocentrism, mistakenly believe that the U.S. makes up over half the world’s landmass, but in fact, the U.S. only makes up 6.6% of the world’s entire landmass. In fact, Globally, March 2013 was 0.32 degrees Fahrenheit above the 30 year average. So you can call a black pen a blue pen all you want, but science will still prove it to be a black pen.

  265. Drudge Today :
    Russian Scientists: ‘We Could Face Cooling Period For 200-250 Years’…

  266. Gerald says:

    AGW has caused flooding in Saudi Arabia. It on at CNN news.

  267. Perplexed says:

    Has anyone told the MSM and al gore. I’m sure that they will be disappointed. However, I trust that they will spin this news to say it only proves the existence of ‘global warming’.

  268. RB says:

    Oh sorry, we’ve hard the charts upside down all these years. CO2 actually causes global cooling! We need a carbron tax now or will be burried under miles of ice. Hurry we only have 10 years before its too late.

  269. This must be a terrible disappointment to the global warming kooks:)

  270. Tony says:

    There is a reason we have the tradition of the Ground Hog coming out of his hole. It shows the drastic differences we can experience from one year to the next by as much as 6 weeks.

  271. Mr, Global "Al it ain't so" Warming says:

    Al Gore, give back your awards! You are all wet!

  272. sammo says:

    Why would anyone assume that this indicates any sort of net cooling? Or lack of net warming? It doesn’t. It’s highly localized and easily explained here. In fact, notice how much the AO at this link correlates with the data above. Bottom line, this isn’t a good thing, nor does it debunk warming.

    • Doh Homer. Why did Jeff Masters blame last year’s warm spring on global warming?

    • ALL of the indicators say we are cooling. False alarm, but now there is a new alram. We won’t be able to produce as much food with cooling.

      • sammo says:

        Eh, no they don’t. There are plenty of indicators that say “we” are warming.

      • sammo says:

        Right, so like I said, there are plenty of indicators which currently show warming.

      • There are plenty of indicators that global warming is a religion.

      • sammo says:

        As can be denial, Steven God, but I suppose you think you’re immune from that.

      • “Denial” is a religious word.

      • sammo says:

        As is “believe”.

      • sammo says:

        I’m sorry Phil, I’ve lost you. It appears you’re the only one talking about men.

        • philjourdan says:

          Perhaps then you will agree that climate warming and cooling are natural occurrences of the climate of the planet?

          In which case, why is there a multi-billion dollar industry trying to push the meme that Man is responsible for the latest natural change in the planet’s climate?

          If you are not following, then perhaps it is because you are not paying attention.

      • Latitude says:

        Name one?

      • sammo says:

        Ah, now you’re getting somewhere Phil. Look, put all the posturing and the pithy statements aside – I never made any assertion about cause, because I wasn’t about to allow you to drag the commentary, such as it is, in that ill-premised direction. But now that you asked, yes, I do not take one stance or the other. I remain agnostic about cause and even much of the observation because I think that’s currently the only logical position. Basically, I don’t trust that anyone has it figured out yet, as is typical with humanity. The rest is politics and I’m just not interested in that. And I can assure you, I pay a great deal of attention to weather. As for the blog entry, it does a fantastic job of explaining large variations in the amplitude of the jet, what causes that, and why localized cooling wouldn’t necessarily constitute evidence against an overall warming trend. The analysis is extensive, as it always is at WU, which is in contrast to this random dropping of a chart so obviously intended to make the simpleton’s point that it was cold recently, so it can’t be warming. Analysis opens doors for debate – good debate, not the circus of one-upmanship that goes on here. This is embarrassing, frankly, and a tremendous waste of energy. Oh wait, it’s Steve’s page, isn’t it. So yes Phil, I’ve considered that any weather could simply be natural occurrences of the climate of the planet. It very well might be. Or it might be caused by solar activity. Or maybe planetary orbit variations. Or it might be due to a multitude of yet to be discovered phenomena working in tandem with natural occurrences of the climate of the planet AND the impact of man-caused changes to the gaseous content of the atmosphere. Put that way, why would anyone categorically dismiss any one of those? Seems to me dismissal/denial is just the other side of the GW belief coin. The fact is – and I realize this is hard for anyone to admit – but I don’t really know, you don’t really know, science doesn’t yet know, and Steve doesn’t really know either, no matter how much he feels like he does.

        • philjourdan says:

          Then there really is nothing to debate. Since that is the position of myself and Steve. We saw warming, we see a plateau. he is merely poking fun at the alarmists and their models – none of which can explain the current conditions.

          Steve has many articles showing warming and cooling in the past. He is pointing out the impossibilities of the Alarmists models in predicting or explaining the weather or the climate.

      • If not for the madness and stupidity of James Hansen, no one would even be talking about this.

  273. BoC says:

    The last major drought ended in 1895 according to scientific reports.
    The last major tropical deluge to hit California was about 160 years ago.
    Some studies of unknown veracity claim we are heading toward another Maunder minimum like event which last occurred about 500 years ago.
    Things happen on very long time cycles that politicians and fear mongers neglect to consider.

  274. Will S says:

    Why is 2 months worth of data for less than 1.5% of the world given any attention? It certainly is not an indicator of global climate, which requires comparing global temperatures on nothing smaller than an interdecadal basis.

  275. spawn44 says:

    It’s the warmest snow on record.

  276. Deteras says:

    Al Gore invented the internet and global warming !

  277. Mark S says:

    Let me guess…. we need a “carbon tax” to combat “Global Cooling”.
    A scam, that’s all it is.

  278. adrianvance says:

    CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition. It absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 80 times as many molecules capturing 560 times as much heat making 99.8% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.2% of it. For this we should destroy our economy?

    Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.

    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  279. Rick Carver says:

    So, according to this, Global Warming was worse in 1975 and it is actually getting better now.

  280. dougjmiller says:

    Another massive winter storm. Again millions of people suffer through, and are endangered by, record snow, ice and cold. This storm and other recent events dramatically demonstrate that the earth is profoundly threatened by a new weather phenomenon, “Global Cooling.” If left unchecked the earth will turn into a frozen, lifeless ice cube like Mars. This calamity is being caused by the atmospheric changes brought on by all the rich left wingers. By overheating their large mansions, flying around in their personal jets and spewing toxic waste from their mouths, they block the sunlight from reaching earth. Fortunately, there is a solution. By imposing a 100% tax on left wingers we can save civilization and the earth. Al Gore, we’re gonna get our money back

  281. JoeHoliday says:

    What……… can’t be cooler. We were just about to let our head stooge leader Barry Sorotero pass some cap and trade to punish the rich so the poor can have some of the pie. Junior head stooge Albert Gore has been caught selling carbon credits so he may not be reliable……wait , I forgot how ignorant the American public is. Carry on………..

  282. Juergensen says:

    Cold temperature are caused by global warming. So are hot temperatures.

  283. Cbailey says:

    As a meteorology student I was taught that the temperature is what the temperature is, and where it is, when it is taken. Many factors effect differences in temperature, so much so that adjusting it is only needed to make the person collecting the data feel good about the data. Example. Unless all temperatures are collected at the location at the same elevation, by the same type of thermometer, calibrated to all of the others, at the same time of day, then all temperatures will be different. The factors that effect the temperature, are why you have different temperatures at different locations, and any adjustments to those temperatures alters the true reading taken, when they it was taken.

    • philjourdan says:

      Just a helpful hint: Effect is a noun. Affect is a verb. So if it is action (many factors affect differences) it is affect. If you are talking about “the effects of temperature”, that is a noun.

      • Ben says:

        Effect and Affect can both be used as a noun or verb.

        A company may “effect” a new policy. A chessplayer may “effect” a plan.

        Affect’s use as a noun is rarer.

    • adrianvance says:

      What an illuminating response! I think you have documented why today’s college grads are having difficulty getting jobs. They don’t know anything useful.

  284. EdG says:

    We are having a record hot spring here in southern Arizona. Today’s temperature is over 100 degrees and are running about 8 degrees above average almost every day.

    • On March 26, 1988 it was 100 degrees in Phoenix. That was twenty five years ago.
      Thanks for the weather report.

    • philjourdan says:

      I noted the temperatures JUST got over 100. However, I also noted several days down in the 60s in the past month (very unusual for this time of the year). Basically, the Southern desert is having a lot of weather. Like everyone else.

    • Ben says:


      Do not panic. Warmer weather will arrive shortly.

      Way back in the ice age scare of 1974, there were 18 consecutive days of 110+ (one hundred and ten) degrees in Phoenix.

    • Ken Towe says:

      Arizona has not had a record high year since 1896. Maine since 1913. The US-48 states had a new record high year last year, beating out 1998 by a full degreeF. Nineteen states set new record high years….unprecedented. And in 32 states new Spring records were set. Yet the trend since 1998 in the US is still down.

      • Complete bullshit. Before data tampering by NOAA, 2012 was slightly cooler than 1921, and slightly warmer than 1931 and 1934.

      • Ken Towe says:

        Not sure why the foul language is needed Steve. I should have added that the older data are indeed those of NOAA-NCDC and have been adjusted, mostly downward by about 0.7°F. The trend since ’98 remains downward… even after modification does it not? Tampering seems too strong a word; implies some conspiracy. The reasons for the various changes have been well explained. The most reasonable one is the correction for time-of-observation bias. Anyhow, almost all average temperatures have been adjusted. Few are “pristine”.

      • Smokey says:

        Ken Towe,

        Ken Towe,

        You appear to be very naive. The government’s temperature record is constantly being tampered with:

        There are dozens of other examples, and they all have one thing in common: older temperatures are almost always ‘adjusted’ downward, while recent temps are almost always ‘adjusted’ upward — giving the false impression of rapid, unprecedented global warming. This is deliberate scientific fraud by our own government.

        You can believe what you want, but the facts show conclusively that the temperature record is constantly being ‘adjusted’ to fit the global warming narrative, in a mendacious effort to keep the false alarm going. But in fact, nothing either unusual or unprecedented is occurring. The climate Null Hypothesis has never been falsified, meaning that all current climate parameters are within their normal ranges.

        Finally, global temperatures still follow the long term temperature trend line. There has been no acceleration of global warming, despite a 40% rise in [harmless, beneficial] CO2. Therefore, the conjecture that CO2 is the main cause of global warming is completely deconstructed. That conjecture has been falsified by the ultimate Authority: planet earth itself.

      • Ken Towe says:

        Smokey… All of the older temperatures have been changed by NOAA, NASA, Hadley Centre East Anglia… even those of the old US Weather Bureau before NOAA or NCDC even existed. The Weather Bureau reported in 1940 (Reed) and again in 1944 (Baldwin) that the record high average 1921 temperature was 55.6°F, This number is indeed warmer than 2012 at 55.3°F. On the other hand, a detailed state-by-state analysis of the entire year’s Weather Bureau data (temperatures derived from their monthly 1921 annual Condensed Climate Summaries) yields an average for 1921of 54.6 which would be a degree lower than their single “official” value and cooler than 2012 by 0.7*F. Take your pick, but unless you think that the old US Weather Bureau was also “tampering” with their own numbers which value would you accept? In fact, which numbers (and from where) DO you accept?

        The empirical observations made in 1921 support the view that it was a very warm period in the US and in Europe. Similar in many ways to 2012. And, again, even NOAA’s own numbers since 1998 show that the US-48 states at least have not gotten warmer; the trend is down. It’s easy to question an individual’s recollection or motives. It’s harder to tamper with published empirical observations from many sources. There aren’t many folks left who could remember 1921, or even 1934 where the records were strongly regional anyhow.

  285. We are breaking heat records in California today…..

  286. FVondell says:

    I don’t understand why the original surface temperature records for the 20th century are unavailable. No backups, no copies anywhere? I doesn’t make sense that original data would not be retained indefinitely.

  287. tymtrvlr says:

    Has anyone told algore? He will need this information to spin for the gorons from the goaracle himself.
    Never fear, this can be spun to make it look like it is snowing on the Sun, but only because it happened at night.

  288. Duane says:

    How cold is it you ask? It’s so cold the Democrats have their hands in their own pockets?

  289. WalterB says:

    Global warming is Gore sticking his nose up someones arse

  290. TexasRick says:

    Let me see if I have this straight. Too hot = global warming….too cold = global warming……too windy = global warming……too many vocanic eruptions = global warming….too many earthquakes = global warming For goodness sake people, you act like the earth is a giant thermostat that keeps us all at a constant temperature. Assuming there is such a thing as normal with a constantly changing planet, it’s only for a very short time that those conditions exist. Kind of like a pendulum.

  291. animalempath says:

    HAARP Project experiment?

  292. animalempath says:

    a HAARP Project experiment?

    • evdebs says:

      I lived in the Alaska interior for years.

      I drove past the HAARP site regularly on my way back and forth to Anchorage. In the wintertime, I noted that there was one yard light outside and one set of tire tracks in the snow going in and out.

      Quite a conspiracy. Maybe all the hundreds or thousands of people who supposedly worked there levitated themselves in and out. And they didn’t need lights because they used night vision goggles.

  293. IOKIYAR says:

    too bad the us isn’t the world. January 2013 – 9th warmest on record (world wide), February – 9th warmest on record (world wide), March 2013 – 10th warmest on record (world wide). All data from NOAA.

  294. Notime says:

    some scientist are frost mages, some are fire mages. they’ll play either if u pay them.

  295. R. de Haan says:

    Now I see how Drudge propelled posting looks like. Congratulations with this great success.

  296. Ben Bernanke says:

    NASA is too busy giving more advanced technology to China to comment.

  297. Smokey says:

    Thank you, Matt Drudge! ☺

  298. Geezer117 says:

    Wait just a minute. Look at that data point at 11.5 degrees last year. If that doesn’t prove that humans are causing catastrophic global warming, I don’t know what will.

  299. chuck bone says:

    Adjust the temps like Algore adjusts his scale.

  300. paprtowl says:

    global warming . jefferson had it right . so did a local lady weather caster .

  301. comanchepilot says:

    What is more amazing is that the warmest on record was NOT last year – which every single main stream media outlet reported, but more like 1910 . . . .

  302. ronsegalnz says:

    Eco fascism will never be put of by a technical detail like warming vs cooling.

  303. Terry Lee says:

    Its called geoengineering, cloud seeding…the air force by orders of our government seed clouds to change weather patterns, they have been doing this for many years. Kimtrails can be seen over most large cities, the government is playing with the planets natural weather system, all countries are being used in this way. Russia was the first to do this. 20% of the natural sun no longer reaches earth…weather modification folks, they want to control your health for the worse I might add and cause the world to pay up for this fake global warming. Look up cloud seeding, kimtrails…its all there.

    • Ken Towe says:

      Chemtrails or Kimtrails? … look it up… it’s all there?



      Click to access Hong.etal.GRL.08.pdf

      “We conclude that the increase of the diurnal temperature range over the United States during the three-day grounding period of 11–14 September 2001 cannot be attributed to the absence of contrails. While missing contrails may have affected the DTR, their impact is probably too small to detect with a statistical significance. The variations in high cloud cover, including contrails and contrail-induced cirrus clouds, contribute weakly to the changes in the diurnal temperature range, which is governed primarily by lower altitude clouds, winds, and humidity.”

  304. evdebs says:

    “Real Science?”
    No, real nonsense.
    The Arctic has heated up considerably, causing cooling temperature changes to the south. You’ve conveniently omitted that fact.

    • You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

      • evdebs says:

        Blow me cap’n:

        Climate scientists have linked the massive snowstorms and bitter spring weather now being experienced across Britain and large parts of Europe and North America to the dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice.

        Both the extent and the volume of the sea ice that forms and melts each year in the Arctic Ocean fell to an historic low last autumn, and satellite records published on Monday by the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado, show the ice extent is close to the minimum recorded for this time of year.

        “The sea ice is going rapidly. It’s 80% less than it was just 30 years ago. There has been a dramatic loss. This is a symptom of global warming and it contributes to enhanced warming of the Arctic,” said Jennifer Francis, research professor with the Rutgers Institute of Coastal and Marine Science.

        According to Francis and a growing body of other researchers, the Arctic ice loss adds heat to the ocean and atmosphere which shifts the position of the jet stream – the high-altitude river of air that steers storm systems and governs most weather in northern hemisphere.

        “This is what is affecting the jet stream and leading to the extreme weather we are seeing in mid-latitudes,” she said. “It allows the cold air from the Arctic to plunge much further south. The pattern can be slow to change because the [southern] wave of the jet stream is getting bigger. It’s now at a near record position, so whatever weather you have now is going to stick around,” she said.

      • Me says:

        You must blow easily,Me guesses, but no thanks!

  305. Fat Albert says:

    Regardless of which side you are rooting for, Global Warming or Global Weather Variation, go back to January 17, 1961 and read President Dwight David Eisenhower’s farewell address. This is Eisenhower’s famous “Military Industrial Complex” speech. In this speech Ike not only warned us about the “Military Industrial Complex” but he also cautioned the nation to keep our eyes on our Scholars Universities, and Scientist or “scientific-technological élite” because these groups are just as greedy and just as capable of pulling the wool over our eyes as Boeing, or any defense contractor ever was or dared to be.

    Eisenhower described Gore, and his ilk to the max. The Loony Luddite Left have spent so much time and human capital studying and obsessing about Ike’s “Military Industrial Complex” that they have finally deiced to make it pay off for themselves and they chose the Earth’s climate as the perfect crooked card game to win a big payday.

    “Speaking three nights before the end of his Presidency, in 1961, Eisenhower warned of a “scientific-technological élite” that would dominate public policy, and of a “military-industrial complex” that would claim “our toil, resources, and livelihood.” The previous quote is from The New Yorker Magazine no less, it is not from some right wing rag.

    Video version of Ike‘s speech:

    Text version of Ike‘s speech:

    • 4Deuce says:

      Excellent reminder of the other half of Ike’s warning. Funny how his military industrial complex warning is the only warning given ink. I guess when one half of his warning works against your political agenda it can be easily forgotten by those using the ink.

    • Geezer117 says:

      Legitimate environmentalism has been co-opted by radical utopianism. The premier utopian group is the Club of Rome. Their agenda is laid out in their publication “The First Global Revolution”. I believe is was published in 1992. Google it and read it. There you will find, among much else:

      Page 75
      “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about. Namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

      Page 96
      “Reduction in the use of fossil fuel by industry, at least in the short and medium term, requires either considerable technological innovation, both in manufacturing methods and in the energy efficiency of those in present use, or else a drastic reduction in industrial activity.

      Page 99
      “It would be appropriate that the [energy taxation] scheme be launched by the United Nations in association with the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Meterological Organization and Unesco.”

      Doesn’t this describe radical environmentalism exactly? Phony crises fit the bill for a drastic reduction in industrial activity. Humanity itself is the real enemy. Energy taxation, and many other schemes in the report, are to be undertaken by a world government.

      • 4Deuce says:

        “Energy taxation, and many other schemes in the report, are to be undertaken by a world government.” The key word here is “scheme”. A appropriate definition of the word ‘scheme’ is: “a plan or program of action; especially : a crafty or secret one.” While the Global Warming scheme – undertaken with the sort of data manipulation revealed in ClimateGate and the form of data demonstrated by the intentional hockey stick com job – is no secret, it has all been done for the purpose of identifying an enemy to be used to scare world populations into ceding their personal rights to Big Brother governments promising us all they they had the wherewithall to confront and defeat this (phony) new enemy. Other words appropriate to define Global Warning include ‘conspiracy’ and ‘plot’.

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