NOAA : Mild Is Extreme – Extreme Is Mild

According to the NOAA Ministry of Truth, last year’s mild winter was the most extreme on record, and this year’s very cold and snowy weather was among the least extreme.

ScreenHunter_179 Apr. 27 10.43

Extremes | U.S. Climate Extremes Index (CEI)


– George Orwell, 1984

h/t to Paul Homewood


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20 Responses to NOAA : Mild Is Extreme – Extreme Is Mild

  1. Marc77 says:

    Extremes should always be calculated in absolute terms, not in relation to a normal. A strong negative anomaly for the tornado count does not mean an extreme tornado year.

    • jimash1 says:

      Extreme no tornadoes is as worse as extreme more tornadoes, you just don’t notice it so much.

      • “Extreme no tornadoes is as worse as extreme more tornadoes…” says the man who did not live through the tornadoes in question, apparently. I guess it depends on how you define ‘worse’. Most of us would say that no tornadoes is a GOOD thing, and not worse at all. I’ll take the concrete lower violence over the abstract vilation of theoretical norms any day.

      • jimash1 says:

        I guess I left off the sarcasm/irony tag, so your misunderstanding of the intent of my post is understandable.

  2. QV says:

    Even based on their own definition of “extreme”, looking at the 9 point binomial filter, the weather was more extreme around 1980, 1949 and 1937.
    But in their “looking glass” world, the opposite was probably the case.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Those residents of Minnesota and Michigan are very fortunate this year not have experienced all those extremely perfect golf days like last spring. Cold and snow are far better! Part of the heritage and tradition of those states is to be snowed in 9 months of the year!

  4. kirkmyers says:

    NOAA has clearly out-lived its usefulness. It’s time to shut it down (at a minimum, the NCDC should be shuttered) and spare the taxpayers the cost of any more global warming junk science. The agency has been thoroughly politicized.

  5. TomC says:

    Looks like more snow is heading for you, Steve.

  6. Jimmy Haigh says:

    If you deniers were as smart as David Appell you’d get it.

    • If David Appell was so smart he would be able to show evidence and make reasonable arguments that would persuade people, and his defenders would not have to rely on claims of him being so smart instead.

      • sunsettommy says:


        That is what I kept bugging him on about but he would not do it despite that PH.D in his back pocket.

        Now he like Hansen have effectively marginalized themselves as the dupes they are.

  7. tckev says:

    Where as on 28 April
    A ½ mile wide F4 tornado killed 23 people and injured 150 as it tore a path of devastation through Cisco, TX. Every building in the town was either totally destroyed or severely damaged.

    The worst flooding since 1573 began in Argentina. Several days of heavy rainfall raised several major rivers, including the Salado River as much as 20 inches in 12 hours. At least 23 people were killed and over 45,000 people evacuated by early May. The flooding was so severe that Santa Fe was characterized as an island.

    A severe hailstorm in Anson County, North Carolina produced hail the size of baseballs. Gardens, grain fields and trees were destroyed. Pine trees in the storm’s path had to be cut for lumber because of the hail damage.

    A coastal storm produced tremendous late season snows in the Central Appalachians, including 35 inches at Bayard, WV, 31 inches at Somerset, PA, and 30 inches at Grantsville, MD in Garrett County. High winds accompanying the heavy wet snow uprooted trees and unroofed a number of homes.


    Extreme weather only happens in modern times.

  8. Bob Henderson says:

    The great Professor John Griffiths, the TX State Climatologist for over 25 years, told me in the late 60’s “Climate is the average of extremes”. This is something Al Gore and the “Greens” do not understand.

  9. gator69 says:

    Giant midgets!

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