Ban Assault Yogurt

Yogurt capacity needs to be limited to no more than seven ounces, and all yogurt purchasers need to get background checks.

ScreenHunter_245 May. 02 15.29

BBC News – Chinese girls poisoned by yogurt ‘over school rivalry’

Al Gore says that China is a role model which the US should be following.

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4 Responses to Ban Assault Yogurt

  1. Rosco says:

    Who can forget that other classic – increasing milk protein with added melamine ?

  2. Me says:

    And that’s the way the current flows! 😆 Oh yeah he didn’t sell it to China! Bwaaaaahahahahaha!

  3. They should ban yoghurt anyway.

  4. gator69 says:

    With all of these attacks taking place at schools, maybe we should ban public education.

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