Coldest May Temperature Ever Recorded In Trenberth’s Neighborhood

Kevin Trenberth says that the missing heat travesty has been resolved by sneaky heat diving to the bottom of the sea. Gaia apparently is not amused by Trenberth’s bullshit, and has sent all-time May record cold to his house.

After a foot of snowfall Wednesday and record-low temperatures this morning, Boulder should see the return of sunny skies until the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Boulder saw a total of 12.1 inches of snow for the May 1 snowstorm according to local meteorologist Matt Kelsch. The total nearly doubled the previous May 1 record of 6.2 inches and has Boulder way ahead of the average snowfall for the month of May, which is only an inch. Weather spotters reported 14.5 inches in both Ward and Nederland Monday night.

Kelsch also said this morning’s low of 17 was the coldest temperature ever recorded in May, breaking the previous record of 20 set on May 3, 1907.

Boulder weather: After a foot of snow and record cold, sunny skies to return today – Boulder Daily Camera

h/t to Tom Nelson

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9 Responses to Coldest May Temperature Ever Recorded In Trenberth’s Neighborhood

  1. Mohatdebos says:

    Interesting that so many cold and snow records were set in May 1907.

  2. Mike says:

    Did you not get the memo? After billions of dollars of noddy research, climate scientists are sure all weather is global warming, therefore climate change is real.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    Cold and snowy in Boulder? Of course! That PROVES that all the heat has gone into the deep ocean.

  4. nobbly says:

    There’s one thing about global warming that some posters appear not to have understood. That is the fact that it is “global”. Not local. Get it guys?

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