Global Sea Ice Area Averaging 2,500 Manhattans Above Normal In 2013

Global sea ice area is averaging 16,930,000 Million km² in 2013, which is 2,500 Manhattans above normal.

Climate experts say that disappearing sea ice is going to kill us all.

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5 Responses to Global Sea Ice Area Averaging 2,500 Manhattans Above Normal In 2013

  1. Marian says:

    NZ has gone full blown Chicken Little:

    Panicking NZ climate scientists go for the doctor – predict nearly half-metre sea level rise PER DECADE!

    Forget about the UN IPCC’s upcoming AR5 climate change report, their colleagues in New Zealand’s Antarctic Research Institute have gone the full Chicken-Little and are predicting sea level will rise 4cm per year, or a whacking great four metres per century.

    Given that sea levels are currently rising by between 1.5 and 3 millimetres a year, an increase to 4cm a year will require some doing. Nonetheless, the NZ ARI are trying to suggest that’s what’s around the corner if we don’t stop using roads, lights, heaters and supermarkets:

  2. Andy DC says:

    How many Brooklyns does that represent?

  3. Billy NZ says:

    Yeah,read that Marian,they don’t give up do they.Trenberth is a kiwi too.But you can keep him.Will have to see if we can get rid of a few more.From the NZ ARI.Bloody cold here too,with snow warnings for the South Island.

  4. tckev says:

    But even by the ‘scientists’ own figures if you add the Arctic and Antarctic ice coverage its all about normal. Unless one of those is more important than the other it really does matter if most of the Arctic ice melts.

  5. Greg Burton says:

    Saint Al of the Gore: You WILL pay a carbon (icicle) tax, based on phoney-baloney global warming (cooling) climate data, to my off-shore corporation, or else!

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