Understanding Colorado School Law

If a six year old moves his arm in a lobbing motion on the playground, he gets arrested and expelled from school. But if a teacher tapes her student’s mouth’s closed – no problem.

A teacher taped up the mouths of her entire class of seven-year-olds to curtail their unruly behaviour, it has emerged, after the mother of one of the children made a complaint to police.

Parents were shocked to learn about the incident, which occurred at the Fulton Academy in Aurora, Colorado on Thursday.

All 28 pupils in the seventh-grade class had a strip of adhesive tape attached to their lips to keep them quiet, said Tenisha Bynes, whose daughter was left in tears by what had happened.

Police have investigated the incident, but will take no further action after concluding that no crime took place.

“The incident did not meet the elements of any municipal violation or state statute,” Aurora police said in a statement.

Colorado Teacher ‘Taped Up Pupils’ Mouths’ to Keep Them Quiet – IBTimes UK


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14 Responses to Understanding Colorado School Law

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    and the kids stood still and allowed this to be done to them?
    what is it with Aurora and whacko?

  2. miked1947 says:

    Was it seven year old or seventh grade? There is a contradiction in that article and the link does not work for me.

    • miked1947 says:

      I googled a better source and found this:
      The teacher then told police that some of the children laughed and asked to get their mouths taped shut, even the child at the center of the child abuse investigation.

      The teacher then told police that the Scotch tape was placed vertically across the center of their mouths that that it was only a small piece of tape.

      When the children returned to class 30 minutes later the teacher said they were still laughing and in a good mood. The teacher told police the children wanted to keep the tape on their mouths even though they had returned from the library.

      Lliteras told police she did not believe the tape on the children’s mouths violated any policy but did say she, “thought even placing tape as a prank on the mouths of children was not a good idea.”

      Police said the teacher was in tears during the interview and looked at the children as her own and “would never do anything to hurt a child.”

  3. Paul in Sweden says:

    Those of us in grade school during the 70s who couldn’t keep our mouths shut would sometimes have a small piece of masking tape put across our lips, chew gum in class you had to wear it on your nose. I don’t see the big problem with that. It is not like the kids had duct tape wrapped a few times around their heads with their hands tied and put into the closet.

  4. SMS says:

    I hate to disagree with several of you but the problem is not the teacher. It’s a bunch of clueless parents sending out-of-control hellions to schools where they expect the the teachers to baby sit kids who have no clue how to act appropriately. This mother is only pretending to care about her daughter by making an issue out of a meaningless act. I support the teacher and condem the parent(s).

  5. Chuck L says:

    Steve, to paraphrase Eric Burdon and the Animals you “gotta get out of that place…”

  6. tckev says:

    Surely the correct thing to do was not to tape the children’s mouths. Surely the correct thing to do was to inform the parents, then after a suitably long period of complaining, ask the medical professionals to advise. After a little more time the medical people would define the children’s behavior as having a medical cause and therefore required corrective medications to be prescribed.
    Peace would then ensue as the sedated little darlings drifted through each class. Of course teachers would have to be more vigilant for the child that reacts badly to the medication, ensuring that firearms, sharp tools, and sports equipment (like bats, crossbows, and barbells) were kept out of this child’s way.

  7. Stefan v says:

    Bring back birching. Start at the top and work your way down. If the child screws up, the parent gets six of the best and the option of passing on the message. Lefty whiners get a round dozen for starters and a bonus dozen per 30 seconds of whining (rounded up for partial amounts). Better option….homeschool, and the birch for anyone that interferes with a parent’s duty to educate their offspring. School isn’t for learning it is for brainwashing compliant consumers and slaves, and glorified childcare. Teachers….give up the notion that your occupation is honourable.

  8. FERC says:

    What happened to the teacher? did the school district fired her?.. it sounds like a stupid decision made by a nice teacher…

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