Obama Wants To End Islamophobia

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Islam: Making a True Difference in the World 


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5 Responses to Obama Wants To End Islamophobia

  1. gator69 says:

    So does Al-Qaeda.

  2. cb says:

    Blacks mostly voted for Obama (which is to say Leftist Inc). Poetic justice, in the case above at least.

    I find it hard to care: Americans sit back at LET the hippies screw up absolutely everything… including the rest of the world. Then they cry and wail when they and their children get blown up.

    Boo freekin hoo, dumbasses.

    • gator69 says:

      Hippies bombed Boston? No sympathy for the innocent 8 year old, or Romney voters who may have been injured? You may want to rethink that post. Or not, we will see.

      • cb says:

        Spare me your spin-doctoring, you asshole.

        1) The link is, clearly, that the hippies imported the Muslims: but since you are here solely for shits and giggles – for all real purposes, yes, the hippies bombed Boston.
        2) I’ll get back to the kid.
        3) Romney-voters? Are you fucked in the head?? Who cares about such a worthless segment of the population???

        The hippies imported the Muslims. The Muslims bombed Boston. PREDICTABLY.

        Good God, how the fucking HELL can you import CHECHEN –MUSLIMS–???? These are the SAME utterly soulless FUCKS who perpetrated BESLAN!!!!!!!

        Like I said: predictably.

        The hippie-segment of the USA imported Muslims. Adults did that. The rest cheered. Or stood by, staring blankly, eating cheese-burgers, at those SCREAMING that such a thing is INSANE. Parents did that.
        So the Muslims entered in among the children. And then, predictably, blew the children to bits.

        A fool who delivers his-her children into the care of Muslims, should not cry when those Muslims main, rape or otherwise violate those children. IT IS WHAT MUSLIMS DO.

        America has, now, a long and proud history of siding with Muslims against those who would oppose them. Especially evil, vile, foul, Christians. So fuck America. (Fuck the EU, too, for what its worth). And I rather think God stands with me in this sentiment.

      • gator69 says:

        As I suspected, you are a hate filled little person.

        So, just because a little over half the country votes for hippies, we should not care what happens to innocent 8 year olds? What if that was your kid?

        Try again.

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