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North Dakota Too Cold To Flood

When the Red River crested at Fargo-Moorhead on Tuesday, it was 7 feet below the peak that experts had considered very possible only two weeks before. That was a break for residents who have had to fight off five of … Continue reading

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Greenland Meltdown Update

Crack government scientists tell us that Greenland is melting down and is going to drown us all. summit:status:webcam Weather Forecast – Greenland, GL – Local & Long Range | Weather Underground

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Arctic Alarmism Smoking Gun

In 1947, scientists reported that the Arctic had warmed 10 degrees since 1900, and that sea level had been rising faster than one mm per year at Spitsbergen. 31 May 1947 – The Arctic is melting says scientist Los Angeles… … Continue reading

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Obama Wants To End Islamophobia

Islam: Making a True Difference in the World 

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Grover Cleveland Vs. Barack Obama – Round Two

During Grover Cleveland’s first term (1884-1888) 15 hurricanes made landfall in the US, vs. 3 for Barack Obama. During his second term (1893-1896) eleven hurricanes made landfall, including five major hurricanes. Obama has had zero major hurricanes. Chronological List of … Continue reading

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Why Not Have An Honest Discussion About Polar Ice?

Contrary to all the BS being promoted by climate scientists, polar sea ice is not disappearing. Global sea ice area has been averaging above normal this year. Antarctic sea ice has been at record highs. From 1988 to about 2008, … Continue reading

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Total Nutcase In The White House

That’s how a small minority of lawmakers get cover to defeat something the vast majority of their constituents want. That’s how our political system gets consumed by small things when we are a people called to do great things — … Continue reading

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The Price Of Stupidity Is Eternal Tyranny

After working over the past few months to subvert the Bill of Rights, bypass the legislative and judicial branches, purchase billions of rounds of ammunition, thousands of automatic rifles, and repeatedly tell America that “the problem is I am not … Continue reading

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