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Shock News : Men Like Weapons

Leftist educators believe that they can change natural law by trying to turn little boys into little girls, and punishing them for acting out their most fundamental instincts (competition, fighting and weapons.) Boys need to be taught strength, honor, fear … Continue reading


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Could Diane Feinstein Have Prevented The Benghazi Attack?

A closer look at one of the YouTube protesters outside the embassy shows that he was in violation of several parts of Feinstein’s Bill Of Rights Destruction Bill. Note the high capacity magazine (probably 50 rounds) the pistol grip, and … Continue reading

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Fire Devastation Revisited

On March 15 we had a grass fire west of Fort Collins, which was caused by a combination of a whacked out government scientist, and Chinook winds after several weeks of cold weather – which had inhibited new grass growth. … Continue reading

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Quick Question For NOAA

Does NOAA management actually believe that jacking up temperatures and drought status will convince people that they are not cold and wet?

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US Temperatures Have Dropped Almost 3C Over The Past Year

The graph below plots the three month trailing mean of US temperatures, from March 2012 to April 2013. RSS_Monthly_MSU_AMSU_Channel_TLT_Anomalies_Land_and_Ocean_v03_3.txt If the current trend continues, the US will approach absolute zero by the end of the century. This is appropriate, because … Continue reading

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Thursday – One Of My Favorite Comedy Days

The US drought monitor comes out on Thursday. I always look forward to seeing that we are in a severe drought here in Fort Collins. It makes me feel dry, after the unprecedented amounts of cold, snow and rain we … Continue reading

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Ban Assault Vegemite

Vegemite sandwich thrown at Julia Gillard – Telegraph

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Psychic Just As Accurate As James Hansen

‘You’re evil, evil, evil!’ Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne under fire for wrongly telling Amanda Berry’s mother that her missing daughter was dead on Montel Williams Show | Mail Online

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Spontaneous YouTube Protester Celebrating With His AK-47

Mail Online

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Exxon To Melt The Planet

If China and if the U.S. oil companies have their way when we are facing a global warming crisis, there will be no future.  The science supports this predictable fate.  No living species or plants can survive in temperatures and … Continue reading

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