Ban Assault Vegemite

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Vegemite sandwich thrown at Julia Gillard – Telegraph

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17 Responses to Ban Assault Vegemite

  1. Everyone hates her. And for good reason.

  2. Me says:


  3. stephen says:

    waste of good vegemite

  4. Traitor In Chief says:

    That face beckons loathing. And I couldn’t help but read the label. Yeast Extract? Nauseating.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Vegemite – made with beer! That’s why real Aussies love it. 😉

    • papiertigre says:

      Beer? In a sandwich? A beer sandwich? Oh, that’s good thinking.

      • Andy Oz says:

        The Discovery:
        “The VEGEMITE brand has a history spanning nearly 90 years. Its story began in 1922 when the Fred Walker Company, which would later become Kraft Food Company, hired a young chemist to develop a spread from one of the richest known natural sources in the Vitamin B group – brewer’s yeast.

        After months of laboratory tests, Dr. Cyril P Callister, Australia’s leading food technologist of the 1920s and 30s, developed a tasty, spreadable paste. It was labelled ‘Pure Vegetable Extract’.”

        They were brewing so much beer, that there was a massive excess of bi-product brewer’s yeast which went into Vegemite. That’s why all us Aussies are “happy little vegemites.” Start em drinking beer early is what I say.

        I do love the idea of a beer sandwich! That’s the best marketing idea I’ve heard in ages.

      • Foghorn Leghorn says:

        It’s already been done. It’s called a barley sandwich.

  6. handjive says:

    A vegemite sandwich was the obvious choice, as vegemite is made to go with cheese.

  7. SMS says:

    Have any of you ever tasted Vegemite? Vegemite has a disgusting taste. This is one of the biggest insults to an Australian PM in…in….in…. like FOREVER history. Whomever threw that sandwich was symboliicalythrowing dog pooh.

    • stephen says:

      Dear SMS not many people outside of Australian like vegemite, i think we like it mainly because we grew up with it,you know it is good for you lots of vitamin B Try a little bit on toast not to thick and i think you come around.

      • SMS says:

        That exactly what my wife tells me, who is Australian. She continually threatens to secretly spread it on some good bread when I’m not looking. Pretty effective threat, I toe the line.

    • Anthony S says:

      I don’t mind the taste, except for the extreme saltiness, and yes, I’m not an Australian.

  8. ntesdorf says:

    It was just a sandwich, not a whole bottle, in case there is confusion, and it missed Gillard. It was a protest over the once-Australian product, Vegemite, being now owned by foreign interests.

  9. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    Vegemite paste sandwiches my arse. Thank you, but no thank you, I prefer my barley sandwiches in a pint glass.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    In New Zealand the equivalent is marmite. The good news is Marmageddon is now over…which is bad news for vegemite sales since the Kiwis have been reluctantly buying it as a stopgap.

    Not sure what would happen if we have a similar vegemite disaster here too. Maybe we Aussies’d all go mad and do strange things. Ok, stranger things.

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