Spontaneous YouTube Protester Celebrating With His AK-47

ScreenHunter_30 May. 08 14.33

Mail Online

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11 Responses to Spontaneous YouTube Protester Celebrating With His AK-47

  1. swampsniper says:

    At least they seem to have plenty of ammo, Big Sis hasn’t got to them yet.

  2. Scott Scarborough says:

    Are you sure it isn’t an AR15?

    • That is an AK with a 50 round magazine. Feinstein should pass a law to make it illegal for terrorists to have large capacity magazines.

      • Me says:

        Yep, and to recycle her words, because it’s now legal for terrorist to hunt with large capacity ammunition feeding devices…. 😆

  3. Andy Oz says:

    He looks like a mexican gang member. Explains where the gun came from. He got it legally from the White House.

  4. ima says:

    The MSM coverage is nothing short of sickening.

  5. I. Lou Minotti says:

    More proof that the liberal left is the most sensitive, concerned, touchy-feely group in America:


  6. Kaboom says:

    If only the ambassador had a double barrel shotgun he could have fired from his balcony. It would certainly have driven these folks off into the night.

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