1923 Shock News : Radical Climate Change – Unheard Of High Temperatures – Arctic Melting – Glaciers Vanishing



Is the North Pole going to melt entirely?

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13 Responses to 1923 Shock News : Radical Climate Change – Unheard Of High Temperatures – Arctic Melting – Glaciers Vanishing

  1. Raymond DeBrane says:

    Tell me how you got this article. I’ll bet it’s not from the Morning Star archives. I’ll be it’s a phony made up piece of garbage. More climate disinfo to confuse the public. Pay attention to what the climatologists are saying, good people reading this. Don’t pay attention to disinfo artists who either are true climate denial believers or are shilling for the oil and coal industry that wants to keep us on a business as usual track so they can continue to make billions of $$$ per year. To go completely to alternative energy sources would mean that they would go from making billions of $$$ per year to making 0 $$$ per year. Goose egg! And they aint gonna let that happen without a fight, so they spend millions of $$$ per year on conservative politicians and conservative media outlets to B.S the public and kill any climate change legislation in Congress. Why do they only go to conservatives to get their dirty work done? That’s easy to answer. The Republican Party in the US has for a long long time been the go-to party for big business to get legislation passed or blocked that would benefit their businesses’ profits. The Dems have traditionally been the party of the people so big business doesn’t concentrate on them too much. But the Dems have become corporate shills too. Obama hasn’t prosecuted the bankers and sent them to jail, so that right there proves that. So with that in mind, it’s practically a miracle that the Dems aren’t climate deniers like the Republicans are.

    • You need psychological help. This article is from the archives of the Australian government. The link is right below the article.

      • Raymond DeBrane says:

        The link isn’t directly to an Australian Newspaper. It’s to an organization that gathers up News articles. And there is a statement on the left saying you can alter the text. I didn’t try that though. In any case, anything that can trick people into believing that climate change isn’t a dire threat is either doing it in exchange for oil and coal money or is just lame brained enough to believe anything conservative that they come across and then unknowingly shill for big oil and coal. So if this describes you, then you are working for free! And that is just plain dumb.

        • Dan Kingery says:

          Raymond…you make shrill noise about the EVIIIIIL oil money….ask good ol’ Al Gore how the oil money is working out?!? You fucking moron, you’re being duped by the religiosity of your Global Warming belief…that’s all it is…a belief, like praying to GOD.

      • You said the article didn’t exist and that I am getting paid big bucks to make this stuff up. Are you back on your meds now?

      • Raymond DeBrane says:

        Goddard, I clicked on your name and up came a website with your name on it and it’s has a chart showing ice amount unchanged since 1989 in Arctic. Posting a phony chart that doesn’t match up with the facts is just more climate disinfo. And all that stuff that beats up on Obama is just more proof that you are a right winger either just being a stupid dumbed down true believer or you are a paid shill of big oil and the GOP and their think tanks and front groups. Now that I found you out, don’t cry too hard.
        Here’s a google link to arctic sea ice loss charts and graphical images. Go post this link on your website and while you’re at it, post what the climatologists have to say about climate change. You won’t because any money you’re making off this BS would evaporate real fast when your backers find out about it.


      • miked1947 says:

        His name explains it all: Raymond has been De-Brained! That guy needs a Cranialanalectomy!

      • You are an idiot. All of the information I provide is accurate. Do you think that the National Snow and Ice Data Center is making fake graphs to dispute global warming?

        • Raymond DeBrane says:

          The chart you posted that is supposed to come from the NSIDC has been altered. Here’s a link to the one I pulled from NSIDC.

          I found that you have an article on your website that talks about climate science fraud. No, it’s you sir who are fraudulent. Let the climatologists speak for themselves on your website, that is if you have the nuts to put their videos and new articles quoting them up on your site.
          I see you and your followers love to insult people. I’ve heard it said that if you can’t get them on the science, then degrade and humiliate and insult them and call them names. That seems to get the attention off of the facts and on to the person who is providing the facts.

      • The NSIDC graph is from their web site, and I provided a link to it. What is wrong with you?

        The only thing I did was draw a horizontal line showing that 2013 is about the same as 1989. You are acting like a seriously irrational individual.

  2. Ian says:

    Whoa! Where Lewandowsky when you need him…

  3. jerry says:

    if I only had de brain

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